IPL-All fun and no substance

The IPL is attractive, by mixing entertainment and cricket. I liked the music in the stadum, between intervals.It kind of keeps you pepped up on energy, but whats the point of preparing batsman friendly tracks with 200+ totals becoming a norm. Its just like playing cricket 2007 on my laptop, where the game becomes predictable. I guess we need more contests that would present an even contest between bat and ball. I still enjoyed some Jayasuriya's and Robin Uthappa's strokes.The sound of wood on leather seemed pleasant. I was also impressed with the way Manpreet Gony bowled(plays for Chennai Super Kings).

The heat and sultry weather in Chennai sometimes just gets to you. I had a nice view from the F stand(Covers-Long Leg view), but the heat in the stadium made me feel miserable. The cheerleaders team were pretty ordinary compared to the ones seen at Kolkata/Mohali/Mumbai. It was like Pamela Anderson against one of those Bahu characters.

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