N 81 RIP?

My Nokia N-81 is starting to show signs of senility. The phone seems to be acting up wierd. I am scared about giving it to the Nokia Service Centre as they sometimes stock it for 2 months and then decide that nothing can be done about it. The cost of repairing the Nokia phone may be 60% the cost of the phone, and that data is not too appealing to me to repair it.

Maybe I need to look at more phones in this segment, as a back up. I'd like to have my hands on the i-phone, but the cost of the iPhone is what draws me back. All said and done, I have to start researching on models that are similar to the N-81, as I fear its days are numbered. Lasted 20 months(Make that 18, it slept for 2 months in a Nokia Service centre).


All Izz Well!

Just watched 3 idiots at a theatre in Karur. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. The movie was a little stretched and was dramatic, but it sure was enjoyable. I'd rate it 4/5 and I am sure I will go again to watch it in Chennai. Have watched 3 movies in the last 10 days and liked every one of them. Paa,Avatar and 3 Idiots. All Izz Well!


Need the Backpacker Breath!

Earlier, Whenever I used to feel worn out with work, I planned a trip in a jiffy and was out breathing the air of a backpacker, who absorbed every new experience that came exploring the unknown. That high kind of annulled the impact of stressful work. Now when you have more stress coming in from other quarters(work/home/ambitions/commitments) and backpacking not being possible, due to various reasons, the outlet for letting steam out is blocked. Waiting for an opportunity to do solo travel, where you don't have to worry what dress you wear, how much money is there in the purse, where you stay...and a 101 other mundane things. I just realize that corporate life, married life and a travelers life are like 3 different axes, and the solution to a satisfied life lies at the vortex of the three axes. If you go ahead in one axes, the lack of travel in the other 2 axes, would make you worried, and sometimes worries compound faster than bank loans :-).


2009 Shall Pass, So Shall my Lethargy

2009 marks an important year in my blogging history. I have only penned 46 posts, and most of them have been travelogues or ranting on my busy state of life. This year I truly became 'just-another-average-workaholic-B schooler'. I must have hardly made an effort to go beyond work. Maybe It had to do with a bad team to work with from January to April, and then from May to December, I had to commit to Airtel and Vodafone, an average of 3000 minutes of airtime in the name of my wife :-).

I even stopped putting the effort to follow/watch cricket, and that is quite a change. 2009 made law of diminishing marginal utility of cricket attack me. I have hardly been the guy I wanted to be this year. 2009 signified a year, where I just lived, vegetated and observed life as a spectator. The general enthusiasm I carry has been lost, and I sleep more at home. When I sleep, I just cant respond to an alarm, and a year of sleeping in simulated 18 degrees centigrade has made me fear the night more and take refuge in sleep. Its strange to see the changes that have happened in my life.

I guess whatever happens, happens for the better. I have grown sick of my lethargy, and have started to search for the enthusiasm levels, that I have generally grown up with. I am searching for the old me, with a few changes. Hope 2010 looks up, and I get past the mental block of just being lethargic and being the 'average joe' who worked,slept and ate.

An ODE to the 47th post of the year, and this actually is the lowest number of posts in a calendar year. It was 62 when I started penning my blog in 2002.

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