pamela anderson is all over chennai ( i mean it's so "hot" ). i definitely would like to seek respite from this weather , retiring into the cool confines of a hill station somewhere . but for now its just studying ................. the exams i have done so far have not been bad , but if i am to improve my percentage i ought to finish portions more quickly and not keep them for the last minute(nuthin new ). micro procc,ds,oops and toc to follow , somethin like walsh,ambrose,dillon,black,prasadto follow like the tailenders . these subjects r scoring subjects , but must never take them lightly (just as in the proverb--PARTHAL PUNAI PAYINTHAL PULI),


i am back again at it,
this site for noe only contains weekly updates , but as soon as exams ar over my site will be flowing with info all around .
have communication engg inn a couple of days and in between DS i also have to attend the prelims of BBC mastermind AT NARADA GANA SABA. donno whethre i will go as the devil of DS (bala) haunts me, but the devinely face of sidharta basu pulls me with a forcethat is greater than newtons 'gravity' .so i guess i should retire back to my study and aim for higher grades rather than roaming around in cyber space .................


i am back again after a brief interlude as i was busy preparing for those nonsencial practical exams.my mind is now at ease with just the theory exams to follow.i had a nice time in the evening playing cricket after something like 6 years !!.nutjin much seems like SATYAM IWAY is all set to close shop for the day so i gotta rush back 2 milestones(3.2 kms to be precise).there will be a lot more on my site once i get another internet comnnection.

so its goooooooooooood night to myself


i spent the day "figuring" out how i am goin to battle out DATA STRUCTURES on my most hated rendezvous of bill gates lab as most of the damn bloody computers hang terribly .
the other half was spent on the bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
so here i am with my first message on blogspot, with nuthin much here as my greycells arent in the best of form after battling april fools day

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