There comes some point in life which may be called the "INFLEXION POINT" at a time when changes are rapid and newer techniques for success are called for .Life beyond the inflexion point may be either 10 times more rewarding or 10 times worse the current state. people who accept that times are changed and they need to reinvent themselves generally sail past the problematic "inflexion point " and the other's struggle to keep afloat , start to straggle and soon become a part of history . I thought this could just be a theory applicable to only companies , but realized that the student comunity offers more challenges while competing at that level .

well take for instance the CAT exam , every time I take a mock CAT I realize that my methods of solving a problem or practicing vocabulary are obselete by IIM standards ! ! ! and the national wise ranking would seem to suggest that my straggle is worth a serious look . It is during these times of tumult one has to keep courage and slowly but steadily reinvent strategies that are used in solving problems . at the end of the day , the guy who has succeeded , probably showed a little more grit in hanging there for a longer time with failures and raising the bar when it mattered .

One discovers all these thoughts only after a severe self reprimand when one sits down to do a logical analysyis of where the activities in life are taking him . All thats been said above is not by me , but my other half( not the better one ! ! !) my concience .

I find that currently i may hardly be a force to reckon with when it comes to tackling the combo of THE FAMOUS 6 (QUANTS,DS,DI,RC,VOCABS,LR ), but i've gotta go and sharpen my axe before i can slay the demon called CAT ! ! !

PS: till such time i slay the CAT , i have to get past the two smaller demons (but costlier by 1200 % than the CAT) , called the GRE and the TOEFL enroute to the CAT.

any of u people who are down and out preparing for these entrance exams , can share their current state of affairs with me and on this sobby article .

till then

it's sometime since i blogged . life currently is on a high reading many articles and being on the cat groups on yahoo , keep u awake like a hot rod on the arse .

my stomach keps me giving problems day in and day out , i donno why all of a sudden it's grumbling.

just booked for the TOEFL exam on the 11th of september .

well i seem to be jumping topics like hell , showing my desultory nature

err............ i am starting to blabber , lemme blog later


I am going mad at college , all due to some arseholes like BM( try and guess ) . Once college (BE) is over and i've got my certificates , I'l make it a point to thrash him black and blue .

There is absolutely no atmosphere at college and hanging out a 80% dumb crowd makes life even more sick . there are only few guys whom i can call decent enough to mingle with .

any more posts , and i will sound like " I am washing my dirty linen " on cyberspace


just as my friends ashish and kishore do i 've decided to jot down my experiences in hunting for a project .
It All started at ISG , where they do not offer student projects and the same at some unknown company . We are writing a test in a company at nungambakkam(name with held due to intense project competition !!!!) and today we landed up at tidel park.

last week 6 of my classmates(without me ) went to tidel only to be chucked out at the entrance itself , today we managed to improve by crossing one hurdle . that being the entrance . unless and until u know somebody inside , life is hell at tidel coz , each company has it's own security mechanism and see's guys like us , unwanted elements.

one cant even go into the lift as one has to clear a security zone ,which can be crossed only if u happen to have the company's swipe card and access card. lucliky we managed to go into sify , who asked us to come on friday .

but the only thing that went off well was our (myself,achut and joshi) lunch at the food court centre in pizza corner outlet at tidel , ground floor . we had a cheese pizza each and that kept our hopes alive of getting a project here. all the companies are ready to give a project as long u dont expect them to give u a place and computers to do it on.
their motto seems to be :DO WHAT U WANNA DO WITH OUR NAME ON IT (at home obviously), BUT GIVE UP ON THE IDEA OF DOING IT HERE.

Well , beggars are nor choosers and i guess , we've gotta be happy with whatever we get . lemme hope every thing goes well on friday .


finally the list of 10 is complete for the delhi trip and now everything depends on the P&P dept to sort out the money we guys have to pay for the marketing summit that we are scheduled to attend in Delhi on the 20th and 21st of august 03 . The only advantage of being in the college that I am is I have untramelled access to any of the CII events across the country and that is really cool .

the next two weeks are going to be all the more tiring as I have to hunt for companies for my project and the next 14 days we have our assmnt tests and mid sem exams ........ and most importantly that is precisely the gap i have to complete my quants portions for my mock CAT on aug 3 ...... That is some hectic work ..


i am currently immersing myself in this deluge of words from Economic times, Times of India and of course the 15th edition of Barron's GRE .

I find that my english which was stagnant for some time , is now facing an exponential increase in usage as well as knowing the meaning .... but it's gotta take some time to reach CAT level (probably a couple of more weeks) .

In college , we have to submit a mini project scheduled all too suddenly to be done in a month , other than the main project , and it is just getting a bit too cramped . but i guess i know my prorities , i am just gonna do the documentation and concentrate on my GRE/CAT preparation and leave the coding part to my fellow GRE candidates of my group Kishore and Achut coz they are more competent than me when it comes to the nitty gritties of the tech world


just feeling a little low as i see the competition for CAT , getting bigger and bigger. i've just gotta go at my own pace and see where i stand rather than rush with things . Our Chairman came and addressed us , saying that we dont do the events professionaly , as expected by the mngmnt . He said we should cll top level biz IT honchos for seminars and stuff rather than some local guy . It was nice to hear that at least some one in VT was talking like this , but given the current state of people working under them , I shudder to think this is gonna take a long homecoming .


Kareena kappor's latest quote went like this " I have only 2 friends, one is god and the other is Sooraj barjatya( the maker of MPKDH) . I cant help thinking in a similar vein as i keep fretting over something called a CAT exam on my blog. CAT seems to be my best friend and biggest enemy ( mock cat 1 !!!!) . A few days of sustained hardwork , i guess would drive away the CAT blues. (easier said than done) .

These days I am feeling empty at college , as no tech symposium posters are on the notice board . I am waiting for some respite from the drudgery of school ... err.... College.

Life is really moving at a frentic pace , thanx to the email revolution and the Bschool revolution as day by day , i keep seeing the voluminous mail i get from the CAT groups saying 3 hrs a day study , is not enough !!!( one struglles to make 2 hrs a day here) . I notice 1 thing for sure, this competition is either going to elavate me to the zenith of something called success or I may have to take to alms !!!!! in front of some "PERIYA KOIL".having only CAT in mind is a sure risk , as the nature of these Bschools admission is unpredictable , so i've been thinking abt a back up as my GRE EXAM( strictly only as a back up ) .

so waiting for life to unfold it's uncertainty's in the months to come ,but one thing is for sure , these moths of slogging is surely going to help me and i must conclude with a positive bent of mind , that I will make efforts to lock horns with the CAT and take it head on


phew!!! this is just where life begins for me . I am just getting 2 know the competition that is there for CAT , and belive me it's mind boggling. I still belive that I can make it to the grades of top b schools , by consistent hard( or smart) work . Just 1 mock cat is over and that pin prick is enough to get me going . I am blogging from Avadi , as i had some xerox work left and xerox works 66.67 % cheaper here than in the city .

I had my MOCK CAT on sunday and found that I was "mocked"by the CAT. attended college after bunking 3 days . well these guys in college( egg jam cell ) made me write the test paper 5 times forcefully bcoz i happened to miss the test yesterday.

thankfully tommorow is a holiday ,and that leaves me some time to get working on CAT.

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