As each day passes and the deadline of nov 23 passes ,my heart skips a guilty beat . Hey it's not that I am so bad w.r.t to the CAT , but the funda of being bad at both college as well as CAT is the fear that lurks inside me. My MOCK CAT rankings have offlate been going down .

Well , all i can say is that I may be down , but not yet knocked out by the parchment paper funda .(scroll down to the astro post to understand what I mean )


Well this is teh first time since joining college I am absolutely cool abt my univ exams . I have literally been roaming around adyar for the past few days, slept in solitude,listened to some soulful music and er....... just remebered "I HAVE MY UNIV EXAMS" . I'l have to go full steam tommorow and complete the portions for MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS ..........

Seriously speaking all these exams are all crap!!!

WHY ? later


Hmmm ,....I had been to sify today for writing a test for recruitment for the post of ENGINEER trainee. Donno how they got my name amongst their big database. anyways the test was just simple mathematics , but the only problem was they were recruiting for that post , to be joining woork a few days from now. I seemed to be the only guy , in final year, as all others were freshers with a resume in hand.

In a way I am glad I didnt get selected (donno yet no call has come till now) , bcoz they have scheduled the HR interview and the tech interview tommorow and I cant afford to while away my time as my UNIV exams are approaching this saturday for which I am yet to properly start.


well 15 days have gone by and I yet have to start with my univ exam portions . I these says am drowned in either sleeping or listening to music or doing something related to my MBA entrance preparation. I have a written test coming up in SIFY this monday for recruitment. donno how the paper is going to be ? anyways Just hoping that these people ask me questions that I am familiar with and not grill me with unknown technical jargon !!!

well I happened to finally get my CAT hall ticket and the exam is scheduled at rajarajeshwari engg college (a horrible college ) , which is very far from my home .

looks like I gotta tag up with some body to go there.


Astro funda's daily keep dropping in by mail , and also in the newspapers and mags , but these sunsigns are rather for the week or for that particular day. Just imagine if u had the story of ur life told in an abstract manner right in front of u , and u had to hear something that didnt seem pleasant . then those unpleasant thoughts wud poke one'self for the rest of his life.

It was some time back in my 12th when my parents went to the astro guy in kanchipuram over some job prospects /career move , inwhich by matter of sheer coincidence my horoscope was revealed to me . It said I wud struggle with education unless I worked hard at it . and after that day till now , that kinda still haunts , but i've grown a mature guy in, not beliving these astro lifetime predictions .

i belive that whatever happens in one's life is solely due to his or her actions and unmindful of that they put the blame on stars and sun signs . I have grown to belive that I will fight against my sun signs and prove them wrong .

some astro guy said I might do an MS in USA ., but here I am , strongly trying to refute that by persuing my field of interest "management' . what happens in two months time regarding what I am going to end up is soleley in my hands and not the roadside astro guys or the horoscope chart.

This infact is one of those factors that charges me up that I have the oppurtunity to change my destiny and simply not follow , what is laid out on a parchment paper miles away at kanchipuram.

This article has been stongly inspired by my friend KISHORE'S astro post . looks interesting , but I was probably in the same state of mind as he currently is when i entered college . I certainly am not against what he thinks , but wud prefer If he actually spoke with himself and asked himself where he wud fit in life , rather than relying on astro (urf nadi josiyam)

So if anything plesant on the astro menu comes up on a platter take it by all means , but incase something turns sour , My word aof advice is ask ur heart where it wants to go and try and fight against nature to see thru ur goals , and if still dosent happens then , just sit back and watch life unfold , with the parchment paper in hand !!!!!


bad health

for the past 4 days , my only companion has been my bed and the bathroom , bcoz I fell sick with a host of problems. Onmonday my stomach grumbled and it started paining and continued till tuesday. meanwhile common cold decided to give me a visit and along with it for this festive season ,it decided to bring along it's relatives "fever"and "headache".

now the "stomach ache" after celebrating an early diwali in my stomach , bade my farewell yesterday , but the other troika seems determined to feed on my resources.

So just waiting for an oppurtunity to drive out these unwelcome guests at home . trying my level best with proffesional agent 001 "CROCIN" and 002"PARACETAMOL"

till I get well , it's me saying bye :-)


It feels so good to be in a relaxed mood. This kind of a calm that has descended is probably due to te fact that college is over as far as this sem is concerned and I am fully free to devote time to my MBA entrance preparations, which incidentally got a major facelift on friday , when our faculty showed a few shortcut techniques in maths.

Whatever he said , regarding the fact that shortcuts are a result of tons of hours of repeated practice is so much true . I've started quants in earnest , hope to reach full steam in the days to come .

The best way to enjoy something is to fall in love with it , and for sure I seem to have fallen in love with the format of the CAT . lets hope it rubs off in me getting a seat in one of the most coveted B schools .



yesterday afternoon my parents went out , visting all our relations and it was a kind of mini family get together . I couldnt go coz my classes were there in the evening and since I had already taken a hiatus of abt 5 days for my lab exams , i didnt want to miss any more classes .

My parents called on told me that they wud becoming in late , so I had to fend for myself as far as food was concerned . I had no clue abt what I was going to do . called up a couple of friends and enquired abt recipies and one interesting combination suggested was "apples with chaat masala " , seemed mouth -watering but since all the shops were closed at 9 pm ,i had to do with whatever was left at home.

I had seen my mother making bread toast before , so I switched on the gas And the amateur that I am , I put it in high flame mode and started toasting the bread slices.

Initially the slices took abt 30 secs to toast , but since the heat increased , I didnt notice that and the next slice became as hard as wood , with a highly blackish tinge .
I had toasted abt 5 slices and was smearing chocolate jam on it , just when i noticed that the bread slices were getting toasted in just 10 seconds unlike the previous ones
As i took out the over toasted bread and kept it aside , too much of smoke had emanated in the kitchen , as i was too liberal with the oil and in the next few seconds I felt as I was in an imaginary heaven , with the kitchen filled with smoke thru out . It took some time to drive the smoke out !!!!

so there ended a comical day at the kitchen with 6 slices of over heated bread , being my dinner .

HURRAH!!! the labs are all over and this time it went off well . the only lab where I gelt a little uneasy was our mini proj lab , for which luckily the external didnt turn up , as our project on "design of database" was likely to be scrapped bcoz 8 other grps in our colege selected the same project and the External a couple of days back had rejected 2 projects in database because it all had the same concepts.

It was our on HOD who was the examiner and this guy started questioning us in a cynical matter , by just repeatedly asking the same question " IN WHAT WAY IS UR PROJ DIFFERENT" . for that Achut,arun,kishore and myself had to do a mini "ad-zap " where we projected our database proj as the best and why it scored over the others. it sounded like a bitter battle to defame the other grps who did the same proj , but hey , we had to to this coz , other wise we wud have been rejected .

so we had a nice experience in advertising and marketing , before we actually embark upon to pursue a management degree !!!!!

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