Inept Cricket

Whenever the Indian team is compared to Australia, as the only team that can can take them head on,I feel very queasy and something within me knows that this argument is hollow.This supposition was proved last evening on the final day against the WestIndies.

I felt Lara was quite hollow in not asking India to bat, as a follow on would have demoralised India,as they would have definetely found setting a target above 220 a little tough given the time left in the game and given India's penchant for gifting away games when they are forced to play for a draw.Lara adoped cowardice and went and set India 390 to make sure that the Indians do something extraordinary to win the game.The Indians much contrary to his expectations started off in an extremely positive manner going to Lunch at 109 off 26 overs.Sehwag especially looked in pugnacious form sans a couple of missed chances that seemed to be the only chinks in his armoury of strokes that were unleashed.

283 of 66 overs was by Test match standards a relatively tough task for normal safe playing teams.But given the delirious form Sehwag was in, I thought if Sehwag stayed till Tea,Lara would be forced to eat Humble Pie.But Sehwag's immideate dismissal after Lunch, seemed to make Laxman and Jaffer play with an extra dose of caution that hardly bordered on showing positive intent to win a test Match.It would have been great if Laxman had shown glimpses of his hundreds at Sydney and Eden Gardens.Instead Drab cricket prevailed,much to the delight of Lara..who seemed more than happy to draw the game.

Dravid, Laxman and Jaffer played decent cricket,but slowed down things too much and thats why the final target may have seemed imposing.In the era, where 400 plus totals in ODI's are not safe,India are not playing percentage cricket by confining themselves to the age old belief of not chasing to win on a 5th day wicket.

When the 4th wicket fell in the 71st over India required a 120 runs in about 18 overs which by Recent Indian Limited overs Cricket standards was quite gettable with our stars of the season(Dhoni and Yuvi) batting.Their approach was worse than Laxman and Dravid and made a paltry, niggardly 22 off the last 14 overs, which displayed a total lack of guts and gumption needed to pull of a certain victory.Such tactics are deplorable and would actually not result in any one being axed for lack of attitude becasue this is Test cricket.

A few years back Nayan Mongia and Manoj Prabhakar were accused of slow batting in a one day international at Kanpur,where India needed 50 of 6 overs and it ended up scoring only 10-15 runs in the last 6 overs, including a maiden last over blocked by Mongia.


1) Whatever new or different techniques Chappell may enforce for Team India, unless its gets over the fear of failure, it ishardly going to be a force to reckon with.

2) Virender Sehwag seems the only guy who even thinks about winning test matches.Not even Sachin tries to be positive in the second innings when chasing a total.The team needs more people who think positively and not play selfishly to get into form.

3) Stop respecting spinners like Kumble and Harbhajan, and look at better bowlers who can consistently trouble batsmen like Murali and Warne.

4) Play more common sense Cricket in terms of setting Objectives and look at wriggling out of tough situations than say the cliched line" the Boys did not play well"

5)Thank goodness I have almost stopped watching Cricket after Lunch( 9 30 pm) as these guys dont seem to be gaining in stature over a period of time.


Pictures from the Chennai Bloggers Meet

Meeting up outside the cafe


Shekhar, The CTS guy,Rekha and Sandhya

An IITian and Aishwarya

Girls from Chennai Outer(Anna Nagar)

The Bottom view of the Ascendas IT Park

A long shot pic of three takes

Me,Myself and Yours Truly

The Front view of Ascendas,(towards the end of the meet).

Aishwarya's take on me(picture courtesy :Aishwarya's w550i)

More Pictures and updates here and here


Bloggers Meet at Ascendas Tech Park

I had been to the Ascendas Tech park,which is located right behind Tidel park on a road cutting from OMR.Quite an interesting stat was the number of people who attended the meet.It must have been a little over 25 and for once I guess the number of females overtook the males,and though I am no feminist to be pleased at that,I still am pleased at the numbers,considering the fact the bloggers meet was an all stag meet,in all its previous avatars. I am right now waiting for a few pics to arrive after whichI shall collate and put it.Overall it was fun meeting new people.

The Detailed session and happenings with the pics would be put up tommorow.


Masala Groundnuts

Having Masala groundnuts(Masala kadalai in Chennai Lingo) has become quite a habit these days while travelling home after work.As soon as I head for the Egmore Railway station,from office...the very smell of onions, mashed tomatoes and the masala powder captivates my olfactory modalities and lures to me the haggling vendor who never gives me 5 rs worth of value every time.

Given the fact that my stomach grumbles like a 5 year old kid,crying to get his toy,whilst the parent( my brain) is emotionally blackmailed to give in to the cries of the little stomach.

The basic difference to the normal hot boiled groundnut and the masala groundnut is definetely the burning sensation that your lips are subjected to when I consume them over the 30 minute journey back home.The burning of the lips thanks to the rather explosive concoction of onions and the mysterious powder,makes me go after it,even when my tounge is an inferno,that struggles longing for h20 to be by its side.

That reminds me of the hot salsa burning kiss, that comes across in the famous penelope cruz starrer " Woman on Top" where the kiss is done after wetting the lips with the sublime burning sensation of chillies on the lip.Now any way such expectations cant be fulfilled at Egmore Railway station..given the fact that Chennai is such a conservative city.But all said and done...the pleasure of subjecting my toungue to all that heat,as my thoughts flow and newer ideas generate while I am at the station...somehow staisfies the craving of my stomach.

This craving for the groundnuts and the violent addiction reminds me so much of Shah rukhs wild obsession and attraction that he had for Manisha Koirala in Dil se..and the Dil Se Track on my walkman only increases my craving for the groundnuts

Incase you havent tasted the Chennai masala kadalai, I suggest you try them at the Egmore station,Marina and Eliots Beach.It has a special taste at these places where the


The Chennai Monsoon

It's just started raining in Chennai...as seen for the past 3-4 days we have seen partial showers and ominous signs of gloom as cumulo nimbus clouds hover around the Chennai Skyline,pretty similar to the way in which the spaceship surrounds an American skyline in the Movie Independence day

I happened to catch a couple of shots of the weather this evening from my office terrace.

Karan Thapar's Interview with Rahul Bajaj

This was shown on CNN-IBN's Devil's Advocate Program

Never have sparks flown so vigorously between an arrogant former CEO and one persistent and sharp interrogator(Karan Thapar), ahigh Profile Scuffle and I was flabbergasted after I saw the interview.I never knew that Rahul Bajaj was such a megalaomaniac who had such a huge ego complex. It’s extremely shameful to see such people try to guard their ego's with false statements and careless statements.Karan Thapar interview has simply shown that Rahul Bajaj does not have the emotional intelligence,to counter Karan's questions.Karan's verve of asking questions certainly is way too intrusive and has built up an image of the symbolism of arrogance and shamelessness, as construed by the general population, but if you ask me, he is one of the very few journalists that can rattle the politicians/bigwigs with his style of asking questions.

If I were a CEO/Bigwig, who's fooled around somewhere with the law, I would summarily reject an interview with Karan Thapar, rather than going on the show and subjecting myself to shame. The whole problem comes when people or ministers, who ignore this basic gut feel, and to protect their self inflated ego's get mired even more into the political quagmire/quicksand they stay in, when they attend a Karan Thapar interview.

Taking this specific interview into question, I liked the way Karan insisted with Rahul Bajaj, on topics like "Rahul's schoolboy like plea that he wasn't a politician' and questioning his political moves in terms of understanding the sentiments of the Maharashtrian farmers,when the suicide rates were alarmingly shooting up.Rahul Bajaj..seems to have given highly illogical answers to the following questions

1)Three months before,when some one asked Rahul Bajaj,whether he would get into politics,He said "Mujhe Paagal Kutte ne Kaata kya?,Mein Pagal hoon Kya " (Did a mad,rabid dog bite me and make me mad,why on earth should I enter Politics)...and now he's entered as a Rajya Sabha MP...so is he mad :-) ?

He seemed to be playing for time,by taking the irrelevant route by calling Karan Thapar names,and going on munching obstinately that he was an MP,but technically not a Politician.The most shameful and spiteful thing came up,when Rahul Bajaj,at a loss for ideas and words for counter attacking Karan, questioned him on his lineage in terms of Schools and also had the cheapish gall to say that He went to better schools than Karan Thapar.

Exact words : from the Interview:Excerpts from CNN-IBN LIVE

Rahul Bajaj: No I have not joined politics. I have joined the Rajya Sabha. I am delighted to be in the Rajya Sabha.

Karan Thapar: But the Rajya Sabha is a part of politics, Mr Bajaj.

Rahul Bajaj: Being a citizen of a democracy you are also part of politics Mr Thapar.

Karan Thapar: No, being a citizen of a democracy is not what joining the Rajya Sabha as an MP is. Why are you so reluctant to accept that? I have repeatedly heard you saying in interviews that independent MPÂ?s are not politicians but you are completely wrong.

Rahul Bajaj: I never said anything of that sort. I have repeatedly said that I have no desire to get into politics.

Karan Thapar: But you have just got into politics.

Rahul Bajaj: I have not got into politics. If I got elected in a party ticket or if I decided to work for a political party if I decided to work in villages if I decided to make slogans of garibi hatao, with no desire to do that, all that I will not do. I have not taken any obligations from any party. I donÂ?t want to be obligated.

Karan Thapar: Mr Bajaj you are wonderful with words but the problem is that you are short on logic. Parliament and being an MP is part of politics.

Rahul Bajaj: Where did you go to school Karan?

Karan Thapar: Is that relevant?

Rahul Bajaj: It is very relevant because your logic is illogical.

Karan Thapar:If it is relevant I will tell you. I went to Doon School, Cambridge, Oxford and I know a lot about politics.

Rahul Bajaj: I went to Cathedral, St. Stephens, and Harvard, slightly better than you in every respect. So I understand logic. But I am a humble man unlike you.

Karan Thapar: I am not sure you are showing humility at the moment. You are showing a lot of defiance.

Rahul Bajaj: The audience will judge that.

Karan Thapar: The world assumes and has done so for generations, maybe even centuries.

2)Questioning the Loyalty of his allegiance with the Congress/Gandhi Family

Given the fact that he had named his son Rajiv, second son Sanjiv, just like Indira Gandhi did, got his name, when Nehruji named him Rahul ...and after all those close assosiations,he took the route to the MP seat in the Rajya Sabha, through the BJP and Shiv sena, thus betraying the congress sentiments and relations he had for 70 years.

Rahul again was meandering on insane logic, by bringing personal ego issues and shouting in an obnoxious higher voice to use his superiority. My take is that people use such a mask, only when their character cannot protect their hideous interiors.Rahul Bajaj was seemingly more interested in scrambling away the questions that Karan Thapar had put to him. Rahul's jaunty way of answering questions was a mask, of still asserting that he could not be bullied into submission, but Mr. Bajaj if you are listening, EMPTY VESSELS MAKE MORE NOISE...and your case is no different. He could have chosen to calmly answer the questions pretending to be unflustered, as that would have been a fitting reply to Karan's barrage, just as Rahul Dravid deflates the bowlers confidence by defending the ball, like a wall. Attack only if you have the ammunition to cart the questions away, else let it go...and present a pallid face, which would at least not make you go down as deep as you have in the minds of the people.

It was interesting to see Karan Thapar catching Rahul Bajaj,who was like a silkworm, getting caught in his own web of words. If Rahul Belives Karan;s interview was a way to regale all the MP's in Rajya Sabha with his statements...I guess Rahul Bajaj has just had his biggest Faux-Pas

On the whole, it just shows how easy it is to bring down a larger than life image/persona, self proclaimed state-of-apotheosis-filled Politicians to its rightful levels of nadir.

My Verdict..Rahul is one of those MP's whose image has just been busted before the people by Karan,when he could have chosen to diplomatically answer and play safe. This typically like a no 11 batsmen trying to hook a Shoaib Akthar Bouncer when he cant actually bat for nuts.Thanks anyway Mr Bajaj, to show us your loutish...attitude Mr Hyde image before the people of Maharashtra vote in vain for you.

These are the Videos of the interview Video Clipping 1

Video Clipping 2


Trip To Rajamundry

When this came along as a mail, I was trying to locate reasons why my friend from Andhra Pradesh would play a May fool prank with me, but soon minutes later it dawned that he was indeed taking the plunge into nuptial bliss at 23,regarded a little too early by today’s marriage standards for men. He was the first guy amongst my college mates who was getting married, and didn’t want to actually miss out on the fun.After a round up on who was interested and who wasn’t we finally arrived at 6 people, which over the course of the month was shrunk to 5.

Some of my friends, couldn’t get a day off, and some were thinking why at all attend a marriage so far away from Chennai(The marriage BTW was in Rajamundry).

So When we met on Wednesday the 14th at 5 30, we were quite pleased to see each of us, who had gown busier over the span of two years and also wiser than we were, while being chaperoned at 4 years of engineering life. The evening started with each of cursing our stars that we had chosen to travel by 2nd class, as the heat and the humidity had us fuming, as we were now out of the cool confines of our Offices. Soon the heat and other complaints were trivial as each of us were engaged in hearing from the other about his/her work.3 new music gadgets amongst 5…and some time went in reviewing the gadgets that we had..

Pichika Prasad, a CTS employee, had brought his IPOD VIDEO, which looked stunning, but seriously flattered to deceive, as the audio can be heard only for about 5 hours which required an hour of charging. Second the sound effects were not as good as Sony..atleast while hearing via the earphones. So spending 13 k on this would have certainly been a “drainer” of an investment, but hey, Prasad got this as a early bonus, so who’s complaining?

Kishore had recently bought a SONY portable pendrive/MP3 Player which was small in size and delivered bang for the buck, with a battery charge that lasted easily 18 hours. The flipside to it was the fact that it just didn’t require electricity to enliven up the dead battery, but required a USB drive on a compute to have it charged. So on a long vacation, one may as well forget about charging such a device, incase the place one is going to has no internet centres.

The Third gadget, of course, self pompously declared was my New Sony Erickson walkman Mobile which delivered around 12 hours of music(with the phone also on).This being a phone also helped as apart from the USB Charging , it could be charged via an adapter also. The quality of music, was observed by some to be better than the above 2 devices.

The review team was basically Prasad,Kishore and Vinu,while Prasana Kumar and I decided to get out of tech mode and enjoy the scenery outside the train, that only a second sleeper can provide any day. I also devoted some time to reading a few magazines that I had purchased. and the evening went away in a flash, after which I finally called it a day by laying my body to rest on my trekkingbag.

After a good night’s nap, thanks to the chill winds which neutralized the sultriness inside the compartment I got up at about 5 15,to start gazing outside the window, which has been my single biggest interest while traveling in trains. I always make it a point to get up early and get on to the window seat…and feel the chill morning breeze across my face, seeing all of India’s rural villages ,which otherwise has been a image formed typically as expressed by R.K.Narayans Malgudi.From Childhood, I have found keeping my eyes at the window panes, and tying to observe whether the train curves, and when it does so, the beauty of the curve being passed on from the engine to each of the coaches, before they take their linear positions is really noteworthy.

Other things that come randomly in my mind are thoughts about what if, I lived in this village for a few days, how would life be…and these questioning thoughts seem to crop up and end with every passing station. The quaint silence of lonely platforms, the music that the rail echoes hooting through villages that the Maps would pass off as a mere blip in India’s geography and the folks in the villages who, innocently wave at every train passing by, as if they just won a million. These simple feelings mean a lot to me, and makes feel like I am connecting with the soul of India, especially traveling by second sleeper.

The other contrasting feeling comes when I happen to see many parallel railway tracks, and pullulating masses of people waiting to pounce upon the compartments of an already overcrowded train. People board the train…standing and perched on the minute inch spaces that the footboard gives them, while they get lost with some intermittent chatter.

But these days, such emotions are not really felt by one and all, as every person aboard on the train seems to be meddling with his mobile, sending messages of talking on the train. The Mobile seems to be a person’s mute companion in today’s train journeys, more than the beauty of the scenery that’s outside.

I got up at this small station called ATTILI at around 5 15 in the morning and likened it to be one of those really lonely stations that Sharukh Khan had himself making tea ,in Dil Se…but the station was not quite complete..as it’s only in films you can expect some one like Manisha Koirala at such a lonely station. After Attili, the next major observation was to spot the train if it stopped at a wayside station…where some morning Tiffin would be available as my stomach was grumbling with hunger…as the previous night’s food was bad, forcing me to abandon the 30 buck Biryani.

In a not so long time frame,we reached a station called Kovvuri which incidentally was a part of the name of the wedding Boy.It was his native place, more so ancestral, where he wasn’t living anymore. We guessed that and with a sprinkling of Cumulo Nimbus clouds hovering above the place,the village in all its greenery was a lovely sight to look out, but the sun God had other ideas, who sent the sun blazing in an hour.

We Reached Rajamundry at about 7 30 in the morning, passing by the Godavari river which looked absolutely stunning in all its splendor was standing on the door, more on the footboard, while the train crosses the huge 2 kilometer bridge over the Godavari. It felt like flying over the ocean when viewed at a distance, akin to the Titanic effect, caused by Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet.The Godavari has a bathing area, where people can bathe at ease, allaying the fear of strong river currents. which more so operate a little deeper from the bathing area, which I hear is quite fatal for people attempting to swim the Godavari.

My to-be-married friend(Siva Subba Reddy) had arranged a Scorpio for us,and the journey from Rajamundry to his village was roughly about 40 kilometres.So as we got into our respective seats in the vehicle, and the AC was switched on, our enthusiasm levels which should have kept us glued to the local scenery, was lulled into sleep with each crevice of the Scorpio pushing out air,that was so cool,so as to put a house AC to shame.


Flashback… The Gift..

As we were Pretty confused about what to gift my friend Subba Reddy,we decided based on the general rule in marriages that 50% of the gifts get left behind,and 50% of the remaining gifts are discarded due to redundancy of gifts,we should be getting a gift the couple would definitely use and a gift that the couple would remember u for when they were happy.

Now mankind is such that, he/she amongst their moments of happiness, the best ones are celebrated when they have a romantic dinner at home, or in the bed…in their attempt to contribute to building India’s demography. So we decided to get the couple the following gifts

A Bed Spread with 2 Pillows, a set of 6 bowls and a set of flavoured Chocolate,black currant flavoured KS Condoms was what we settled for finally. To add to that was a huge 2 feet by 2 feet Expressions greeting card which had the photos of all our batchmates and our wishes(mostly sent via mail by the folks who could not make it).

This photo below shows Kishore adding the final touches to this hugecard in the train… before we got down at Rajahmundry.

We reached Reddy;s place at about 8 45 in the morning,after snaking through the farms and roads.
There were hardly any pompous signs of a marriage going on in their street but for the fact that the place inside the big house was crowded.Once we neared his house there were a few pandals that were put up.

As soon as we got off the vehicle the people around gave us a strange look gaping at us,as if we had flown in from the US for the marriage.The very fact that we had traveled 600 km’s to attend their wedding made the guests, get the feeling we were pretty important folks, and given the ear gear each of us had in varying forms of what we called Music gadgets,we looked as of we were from mars. Nevertherless, some of the folks who had sent the cab, were expecting us,and welcomed us with utmost respect and hospitality inside the house and asked us to go see the groom.

As we stepped in to catch a glimpse of the guy,we were quite shocked to find the groom cloaked in typical AP style White and white…with sandalwood pastes smeared on both sides of his arm, just a bowler would wear sweat bands around his arm. There was this person near him, who at regular intervals was spraying a room freshener around Reddy..and the grand chariot, the guy was seated around. He exuded a pleasant smile on seeing us, and promptly instructed one of his cousins to help us settle down in a guest house near by.

The road to the guest house resembled much of Malgudi with open pyols and long walkaways with open gutter flowing as swift as our cooum in Chennai plies through the heart of the city.

The one thing that really impressed me about the place was, its pure simplicity,however bucolic the people were,the great thing about them was their simplicity,when they spoke to us and the way they helped us settle down.The Village was all green around,with lots of tall coconut plantations,all around us.The small 4-5 lane village 32, kms from Rajamundry had its own charm of giving you a good siesta,as there are hardly any noises coming from traffic or any sound of any loudspeaker.If ever peace had a sysnonym, then I shall geographically point to this place.The place,being a prime village,offered a world that was quite common, 50 years ago,but since has dwelled into oblivion,to be seen only In rural areas today.The simple joy of seeing and spending time in with abandoned temple,hoses with tiles,dilapidated constructions .. houses with open verandahs brings back great memories.Infact such housing can be viewed in certain areas of Mylapore and Triplicane today,which still retains the olden day charm of a city that was called Madras.

We also had a peek at his room,which housed a Television that seemed ages old.It didn’t exactly feel we were in a museum,but somewhere along the line seeing the virtual time warp around me,I was never against the fact that it could pass of as a museum.

After a few gulps of biryani,some more biryani, rice and some sweets,We finally got an audience with the groom who not to long ago..was a happy go lucky bachelor …but now…is a few hours from a very important event in his life.Was he tense..no… (Ofcourse not, I hear that the ‘performance ‘ round comes only after 2 months,as currently aadi masam is on, more so a time when incest is not the in-thing ? ).

We shifted focus to our college days, when Siva Subba Reddy was a very studious guy in terms of G.K(Girl knowledge).There was nothing that he didn’t know about our class Telugu girls and he simply was their man Friday…as far as our class was concerned.The one thing with Telugu folks is that they are a bunch of really sweet and united people.There were a bunch of 7 telugu girls sitting adjacent to me, and usually during lunch time the girls were interviewed by various guys spanning various departments,who worked hard to make the girls interested in them.Reddy was a born flirt,as he had this charming nonchalant way of making full use of the 30 oddminutes of lunch time much to the discomfort of other Telugu guys,who were waging a losing battle wooing the 7 princesses from Goltiland. Reddy with our class girls was like Pakistan playing at Sharjah on Fridays,virtually undefeatable.

But as platonic love takes time to withstand the 4 rigorous years of engineering,Reddy soon lost all his firm footing,after college got over…Soon Reddy realized that his target customers would get back to hi if needed and decided to expland his business by taking up an IT job, which ultimately is the passport that stamps on his brand value in terms if a Dowry.

Reddy soon got a job with TCS..and when his parents just thought about starting the process at 23 to have it sealed by he was 25,his overzealous parents took just 2 weeks to get the fish,instead of the budgeted 2 years…and Reddy, though was surprised at the turn of events,conceded to the pleasures of connubial bliss.

Reddy evinced interest in his “kadalai corner on Alamathi Road” (any similarities to any other fruit shop in Chennai is strongly not recommended),but said he was happy marrying and seemed pretty much unflustered ,given the fact that only about 8 hours separated him from tying the knot.

The conversation between us lasted a good 2 hours,initially having everyone participating
but a few conversations later,presumably angry that our conversations were breaking right into kishore’s and Prasad’s siesta time,Prasad(Exreeme Left) and Kishore(extreme right) seem to abandon their mental prescence by closing their eyes,bowing to soporific pre occupations.

After reliving some college memories and bachelor jokes,we decided it was time, we leave the boy alone and we did some wandering near the cocnut groves and the paddyfields nearby, unmindful of the 40 degree heat that the Sun was spewing upon us.It took some time to decide whether we utilize redy’s cab or walk the distance, and though we had a car,thanks to our only telugu speaking translator Prasad, all he could manage was a banal”oodhu” which means “no thanks”.He tried saying the same,when we were offered cool drinks..but I didn’t let “oodhu Prasad” rule the roost…and intervened in the nick of time to pour some 7 up into my parched throat.

After some wandering, in the self proclaimed jungles,we settled near a place where a few buffaloes were tethered and proceeded to rest for a while.I for once, could not bear the heat,and was puzzled whether my body got hot due to fever or was it the Sun God’s prank whilst the other 4 were randomly speaking about unfinished code that was waiting for them tomorrow at office

Finally at about 4 pm, we left for the wedding hall,which was about 9 kilometres from the village.We soon realized that the reception was in a hall,while the wedding was in a rented portion of a nearby temple.

To energise us back,we got treated to some sweet etnder coconuts sold at 5 rs ..when in Chennai I pay routinelt anything between 12-15 rs for the same quantity of tender coconut.

As soon as we reached the reception hall, a glaring movie promo type picture greeted us and we were quite taken aback by the combination of computer graphics that had the couple’s photo engraved on huge vinyl sheets.

As Reddy got busy checking all arrangements , we headed to some nearby barren temple tank,where we basked in the twilight with reflections of the day and our plans and promises to meet again sometime to take respite from the humdrum of modern day life to something as what we were doing in an agrestic place as Reddy’s.

A couple of hours later, after helping the groom hide his paunch and dressing him up for the evening,we waited for the moment to give him his marriage booty, so that we could indulge ourselves with the food. It didn’t take too long,and we were there in a flash, to give him all of the gifts that we bought.In the melee of the photographer asking us to make unreasonable and unnatural phrases, the Groom totally forgot introducing us to his bride..as he was so engrossed in keeping the gifts in serial order and posing for the photos with them. Nevertherless, I guess seeing a set of mischievous guys beside hi, she must have understood that we must have spent some part of our youth with him and must have sighed…about the remaining part of life..which she had too (jus jokin).

The ANDHRA MEELS(Intended) was very tasty,but we were dead tired after the endless roaming we did throughout the evening.

We boarded the train half alive and the blazing humidity and heat didn’t seem to have us too happy about traveling second class.The return train was from orissa and any train from the east that comes south comes with hardly any water in the washbasin/toilets , unclean pathways and cockroach infested sleeper berths.We braved all that…and rehearsed the maxim…said by my nepali classmate in college(Ashish Rai).

“To Travel with Indian passengers in Indian weather in Indian class (II Class) with Indian toilets can be quite an ardous task”.

All of us had no option but to go to sleep with bare minimums on,due to the oppressive heat and lack of air movement.One marriage was just over we had one more to attend net morning……

Gosh…Too Many things..Too Little time….



Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are ringing pretty loudly this month with atleast 3 marriages that I am aware ..of my classmates who are going Nuptial.It's been a totally different experience to see people who were your classmates to now get married..it either feels I am too young,or they are too old.Girls marrying at 22,23 is pretty much sane,but one of my male friend,whose turning 23 soon,is all set to enter connubial bliss in less than 48 hours.I am attending to back to back weddings in the next 2 days.The first one is a Gult-Wedding in Rajamundry,and I would be travelling with 4 of my classmates and meet some more coming from Hyderabad for the wedding.It should be a nice feeling of reunuion,for the next couple of days,and as soon as I reach Chennai on Friday,there's a wedding of a classmate,gossipmate and ofcourse officemate for a while too...and I expect to see quite a bit of my college crowd there.I expect my camera to be pretty busy lapping all images from the enxt 2-3 days.

I went shopping yesterday to buy some gifts,and was totally confused on what to buy...and ended up buying things which otherwise..no one would..atleast in a conventional Indian Marriage.

What did I buy...? Stay tuned...more updates in a few hours from now.


Chup Chup Ke

I had been to Satyam Cinemas Yesterday evening, more so to try and see whether i could get tickets for Fanaa.But in todays fast moving buck world,even Hindi Movies are getting sold so quick in Chennai,that one has to be ready with option 2,just in case option 1 is sold.Our option (Kishore and I) was to go for any movie around the 6 30,7 o clock time,and the only thing that seemed to be worth spending was Chup Chup ke,a movie I heard just barely 18 hours before,when I saw a preview/Roadblock happening on the Sulekha Home page.

Kareena,Sushama and Neha, the trio were hot enough to convince me to immideately buy the tickets,given the fact that Fanaa was houseful.What transpired after that is what follows.

The Verdict- Movie is watchable,with some very good slapstick comedy being performed by Rajpal Yadav,Paresh Rawal and Shakti Kapoor,pretty different from the mundane genre of Johny Lever Comedy...but the lovely comical pace of the movie was inevitably strung into the ever cliched Bollywood formula of 2 heroine one hero ...ending...

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The Movie starts with Shahid Kapoor,being chased by a few money brokers (in some lovely locale in the western coastal part of India).He has a few loans that sum upto 13 lakhs....blah blah blah...and he is forced to jump into the ocean to give up his life as his father(Anupam Kher) is unable to pay the debt that his son Shahid has got rather deeply mired into.Now the catch is ,Shahid has a 13 lakh LIC policy on his name, so he tries to commit suicide to allow his father to use the LIC money to pay all money lenders.In the process,there is appalling gloom at home when the they hear Shahid commiting suicide,whereby his love interest,Sushama Reddy seems to play a typical Female Sharukh-Mohabbetein typish Charecter,where she only needs Shaid's memories to build castles of Love in thin air.Sushama or Sushma, was once a very hot skimpy clad VJ on Channel V,who was once the very apple of my eyes..after 11 on V,but actually looks like Shaid's Badi didi...in other sense,pretty old...(Or is Shahid a Kid :-)? )

Given the fact that this is a mainstream Bollywood movie and not a Ekta Kapoor serial,Shahid Kapoor is alive miraculously who is swept away by a wave that does not obey Newton's law,and is mysteriously transported from the western Coast to the far east of Calcutta...where the fisherman(Rajpal Yadav) mistakes him for a fish and nets him on his boat.

Now if this was a Movie made by Balaji Telefilms,then the Hero would have died,quite contrary to Bollywood expectation,but then due to popular demand via sms(where apparently Ekta has a SMS lagao Movie Banao Concept)..the script would then be instantly changed in Movie halls via modern technology where Shahid is alive,but due to shaid being booked for dates in a different production house,some other actor replaces shahid...and Ekta stiches the story with a science fiction feel to it saying that As the guy was swept by the water,the tsunami currents in the ocean rim emits radiation that can change a man's face...and the hopeless hordes of housewives watching this would actually be discussing this in the next Kitty party..to show which one of them is actually more tech savvy. Phew...Does Ekta know the art of elongating movies...?? She can start the EKTA kfoundation kfor KMaximum KElongation kof ka kStory kConcept kfor kMaximising kMovies.Take this with a pinch of ksalt.

Anyway getting back to the movie...After landing in Calcutta the comedy that happens between Shahid,Paresh and Rajpal Yadav is rib tickling and had me in splits.Paresh happens to bluff to OM Puri, the Local dada,that Shahid is his Nephew,and sells him off temporarily to gain possesion of his boat,that is held captive by Om Puri,as Paresh owes him a loan.The idea is that Paresh gets his boat back and a chance to earn some money in the enxt few months,while he loans Rajpal and Shahid to OM PURI as servants to partly offload the loan.

Then as usual love happens and shahid who now decides that he will never go back home,starts to enjoy life with Kareena and Neha,who plays the arrogant usual modern day supportive sister.Then Shahid discovers that his parents are still suffering as the insurance money is not yet doled out as Shahid's body is officially not found.So Shahid sends Rajpal Yadav to act as the insurance agent who delivers money back home.So is that a "all's well that ends well?" not yet...with 3 hot babes,2 comedians, a 100 extras in an oversized opulent family of the HAHK Types(Hum Apke Hain Koun),all the charecters need to get some decent coverage...and the movie needs to run a 150 minutes..so after some needless elongation and typical bollywood action where Heroine 1 discovers Hero is alive and kicking with heroine 2, rushes to the marriage mandap of hero 1 and Heroine 2 only to discover that Hero 1 has some "majboori" and curses the hero....who then discovers cold feet...and makes obnoxious faces trying to wriggle a tear or 2...where all of a sudden the people in the marriage hall...who are supposedly dignified...notice heroine 1 and decide Hero has comitted "double paap" and leave the hall,with disgust at not getting done with the marriage and not being offered sweets...whilen pretending to show anger for a Couple that lacks Indian Values of abstaining from Polygamy.In the Process,Big Goonda Bro of heroine 2 sheds emotions and does a volte face...to the hero saying first love is best love ...and wishes him all the best,where once he says that,he hides his face to suggest emotion,whereas its for the failure of glycerine to arouse the passion in his eyes...putting a crocodile to shame.In this midst heroine 2 who is confused from childhood,about adding 2 and 2...now does the second volte face of the evening with her glycerine filled eyes suggesting sadness and tones conveying a monal lisa type hajaar meanings, to confuse the boy further.

Whether the boy takes heroine 1 or heroine 2....is all what the story is about,and by no means have they resorted to innovation by introducing one more despo hero who is all set to marry a hot swelte,low necked Opulent Churidhar Babe.You would obviosly realize that when it's time for a group photo...its the THE END, or when a track is repeated in a slow frame , it ephemistically means...THANKS FOR ENDURING THE MOVIE...HOPING FOR YOUR CONTINUED PATRONAGE TO SEE MORE BANAL BOLLYWOOD STUFF.

Oh...considering the 150 bucks invested...the movie is worth a see for Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav...and If you feel shahid-Kareena-Neha-Sushma are going to do some regular gyrations,with skimpy clothes ...You are mistaken...they are the bahu's of the opulent Royal Family,who indulge in part Bengali-Part Gujju Che... dance..where shades of Karan Johar's world come alive.

There is neither Physics nor chemistry between Kareena and Shahid...as thats what they seem to be saying in the above movie promo.Sounds like "Sex, No NO... SHHH WE ARE INDIANS".Kareena with her role has been grossly underutilised and so has Sushma Reddy.Overall passable and watchable.


Kiss Me/Kiss me not

Kissing has been mankind's only way of sharing whatever food they ate...from the same plate ..oops palates..Since the times of Adam and eve. Adam and Eve didn’t have nice Gautier furniture to stack their food items and dint have containers ..so they decided to share every morsel from the lips...before it parted into the throat as into the deep depths of the human body for digestion. But over a period of time mankind discovered that the lips were more luscious and tasty than the food they shared.....and thus was born the concept of kiss,. supposedly modified in France, as it is more popularly known as the French Kiss.

The Indian's even though were far smart in inventing the zero and Kamasutra, didn’t have proper growth and expansion strategies to their love making techniques...and came up with the poor kissing technique where the USP was on respect more than passion...and it was called 'Kissing on the Cheek’, which later in my times...was the consolation award for the guy whose proposal was not accepted...and this was given as freebie award during the Indian Raksha Bandhan festival,which was the first girlie tool to pronounce her verdict against the men who don’t matter.

Anyway we've digressed a little 2 much. Kissing then started to be the new status symbol of having got it from the GIRL THAT MATTERS...and soon it was not so coy of kissing in college or school....but having to do that in short 2 minute recesses seemed to create anxiety levels in students to put up great performances in shorter time ...thereby increasing pressure to perform....in activities...other than mundane academic conquests. Then the focus shifted to Parks and public places where usually no sane guy living in the same city comes...and that can be a huge plus point for despo couples waiting to eagerly practice lessons learnt from desi magazines like Femina,Star Dust ...and the lot in the park's.

After such strenuous sessions of "jhadon ke peechey love" came the era of Camera Love when they did all that more exploration... trekking on each others au naturel body. in front of the proverbial 1.3 mega pixel camera and some in front of the 70 mm camera.

Mallika Sherawat and Zeenat Aman being pioneers of kisses on the mega screen with Mallika doing as many as 17 in her debut fim titled Khwahish. These were paid Clicks..oops paid kisses (am incensed with Google adsense..forgive me ) but another market emerged thanks to the 1.3 Mega pixel Digicam without any fee...and lo Delhi's Palika Bazaar and Chennai's Burma Bazaar became listed on the BSE ..as the MMS generated so much of instant revenue for them.Cell phone companies and Service providers wanted to cash in on the moolah,by making a national MMS contest,but the goverment gave them 2 options...1 to pay 200% entertainment tax or give them the sole copyright for the clippings..(just like they blackmailed TEN SPORTS) and neither of them happened. Just then some tyical Madrasi parents claimed that people caught in the clippings were doing "something strange and new" and wanted to stop all this "asingam"(shameful things).The intelligent government, that it is ,sensed opportunity to woo the educated class vote bank. by proposing the idea of banning cell phones....in campuses...even extending their rule to cover Nokia 1100 and 3315..which apparently has just a monochrome display system..but given the intelligence systems the government has...it was construed as a smart move... by even the opposition party :-) and thus government addressed the kissing problem by banning nokia 1100...ya if u feel you have understood the reason behind this please nominate your application to recruitme@idioticministers.com (BTW I just earned 10 cents for promoting their recruitment drive on my blog).

But we youngsters were smart (Sorry, I havent yet kissed in my life, the we was used euphemistically),we automatically discovered alternate venues for practising google search inside the opposite sex's mouth...and discovered cinema halls and lonely railway stations...and now the Goverment has passed a decree to even expect entertainment tax on kissing in Delhi.Check here....Boy I must say PC, our fin guy, knows how to extract money from the despo community....

will the tax widening of 900% increase prevent kissing? Well to know the answers stay logged on to this space to catch more action.

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