Yesterdays CAT entrance class , was really an eye opener for me in many terms , the topic of compound interest seems to a litlle tough to manage when learning for the first time , but i found Compund interest pretty interesting , especially the sums which had to deal with more of logic than pure substitution of formulae. I've gotta work on that Today.

I am waiting for june the 2nd the day , i will step into college for my 4th year , coz our college is propsing to have a 7day working week( then what's a week !!! ? ) . under that Sunday will be functioning !!!

I hope all these info are only rumours and College returns to normal mode of working ...............


These days , the sea breeze sets in by 3 pm and after 4 pm , my place, Madipakkam has become a not so bad place to live.
The air that gushes across is heavenly and cool , and just an exposure of 1 hr to it can lull one to sleep. last night when i was sleeping and enjoying the breeze , all of a sudden my dream was cut short by the monotonous ring tone of my friend nirenjan .

I totally forgot about him , until he called me up , and we were yacking about blogs, "MPEG" and crap from 10 to 11 . Ihad a nice time yacking from 10 to 11 ........ until we decided to call a day and he LOGGED OFF TO BED( he's a real techno junkie )while i switched on the telly , to watch the aussi-windie match and heaved a sigh of relief after the windies finally beat the Aussies.

Yesterday i just noticed the amount of literature I have in my Attic [ SPORTSTAR editions from 1990 to 2003 ], 3-4 years of INDIATODAY and WEEK and loads of geofreey archer, sidney sheldons' and management books by imminent authors , that i often wanted to buy in lANDMARK , so i have decided to organize my very own LANDMARK to make the books more accesible .
currently i am browsing under the cool confines of this POWERFUL air conditioner at BRITISH COUNCIL LIBRARY( some kind of a refuge from the relentless heat!!!!)


These days , every morning at 6, I am at the driving school , a couple of kilometres from my place .
A very interesting guy there is the Owner/Chief instructor of the School. He teaches me Maruti 800
This guy's job day in and day out is to plead a 100 times between 6 am and 8 am , to press the clutch while putting the gear, taunting the learner in a harsh tone while driving, go to the RTO's
office to get liscences for his trainees and come back at 3 in the afternoon for further classes between 3 and 7 pm.

Now for a beginner it's a little tough to synchronize the gears and the accelerator within 2 or 3 days of the introduction. there are little nunaces to be learnt in car driving like pressing the clutch , while nearing a speed breaker , sensing people coming to the left hand side trying to overtake and a host of other's which are generally not thought primemost by a beginner as he concentrates only on making sure the vehicle moves in a straight direction and is able to drive on the road.

The Instructor , who is a seasoned campaigner in driving , dosent realize this and starts to raise his voice" EENA YA POREENGA, KOLAE PANRUTHUNU MUDIVU PANTIYAA" amidst a couple of instances of patience. It feels comical to see many 40+ Men being subjected to this , as they are not used to be in submission !!!.


this post is being made at 3 :3 0 in the morning , I am forced to browse at unearthly times as the speed at night is much better than during the day and also bcoz the cost is less on a dial up. have to go back to bed before i get up at 5 30 again to go to the driving class , where iam expected to attend an extra class in gears .........................


I had been to the cinema theatre(melody) to watch the latest flick titled "ARMAAN" starring preity zinta,anil kapoor , gracy singh . the movie hall was filled with just around 20-30 people only. i guess Hindi movies in Chennai are like sellling sweaters in Chennai very few takers !!. the film is a good one , but i guess it wouldnt make the money as Mumbai has planned a big theatre strike and Chennai wouldnt allowe it be more than a couple of weeks.

timing of the release here might cost the film dearly some thing like all the movies that were released during JAN end thru FEB and MARCH , where people were glued to their telly's watching cricket .

Whats more is that Amitab Bachan is getting a taste of his own medicene , as he with his KBC made people sit at home , and give a damn to the movies . now he is in a predicament where the wrong release time is not giving him a HIT , but i guess the icon he is , he dosent need a hit to tell us he is still thete.
well Chennai is a tough place to live in . every 5 minutes that i step out of the house i sweat profusely and i have to go in and take a bath again . I am hardly venturing out after 8 am,coz the sun blazes down and the humidity is very high . finally my music system is in place and has just come after being in cold storage ( under the garb of a repair).


I have enrolled myself for a 4 wheeler driving course . so i get up pretty early and the classes start at 6 30 am where i am pushed into a 800 Maruti along with 4 other aspiring learners. among them is a girl doing her 2nd year MCA , whom i find extremely irritating .
She is what i would call the exact chennai girl who goes more by the statistics of marks rather than enjoying life . she studied her school and graduation in a school called Prince Matriculation in Madipakkam (Chennai) , which churns out fagged out students with marks in the higher rungs of 98.................100 and claims 100 % results .

well I am not against the marks , but the way in which girls from the state board school of thought behave. just imagine the school expects parents to daily sign in the diary that they studied from 4 am to 6 am and did not go out anywhere in the evenings . secondly boy -girl interaction is limited inside their so called "campus" as that might come in way of they missing 1 or two marks scoring a sad 290 out of 300 rather than a brilliant 295 out of 300. the level of strictness is very high and these people who run such institutions wreak havoc in the name of discipline and these idiotic students follow them blindly like slaves all in the pursuit of that extra one mark, which put them on the success highway of engg/medical , but are disabled in handling life and seeing the sunny side of life .

I started laughing at her state of affairs , and a heated debate continued with her which left me exasperated ...... there's more to come on my blog , where i would take a moment or 2 to higlighten the exact typical chennaiite girl .


today was spent with vinushankar at home . he brought home a b>"juicy mango"< , which we are about to eat .


what's up with chennai ?
all of a sudden chennai 's max temp go's to 31 degrees and there is no glimpse of the sun for the past 3 days. chennai is like ooty with sunshine curently . this weather is ideal to switch on BRYAN ADAMS and keep listening to enjoy the atmosphere.

well i had a bi monthly bill running into 2-3 k regularly as the no of calls made by my family + my extragavant ventures on cyberspace would take the telephone bill soaring and make my parents stare at me when the telephone bill came home.
but now thanx to the new policy of the telephones depatrment (BSNL) the pulse at night is 10 minutes long and i can now get to some proper browsing . earlier with the 3 minute pulse i had to download any article i needed to read and read it offline and even then run a bill into the 2500+ range .

now it's fixed at 750 bucks and thankfully it has reduced the frown on my parent's face and dosent neccesarily burn a hole in their pocket ....
I had this thought today about the feel good factor that dominates most IT companies today with posh buildings, tinted glasses and more of glass as the wall than the traditional cement. 10-15 years ago , i remember my mother's office had one sick and noisy fan , and some dour tables as the lunch room and of course the dull economic single coat painted walls , but today all that has been replaced by some buildings that make the work environment a different zone . hats off to the inventor of such a corporate strategy , who sensed how much this feel good factor could increase productivity at work .

there are some companies who belive that a relationship between an employer and an employee is as good as a husband and wife relationship (no flirting funda here) in the sense that the keyword in a relationship is "TRUST" and some companies like Satyam go a step further by having a policy of not maintaining any "attendance register" as they belive that their employees wouldnt cheat on them ..... way 2 go


well i've settled well into the holiday mood with 3hrs of solid sleep during daytime and 3hrs spent with my girlfriend ( my walkman) on my terrace from 10 pm to 1 pm . had been listening to some smooth piano instrumentals , which i had purchased in spencers the other day .
had a sumptuous feast at pizza corner with a big 6 slice cheese pizza and 4 garlic bread slices all by myself . all this courtesy my mom's complimentary ticket coupons that entitles me for food anywhere in a TICKETED restaurant .)

I am on the look out for some companies to get some training and basic knowledge of the practicalities of the software environment.so if any guy who happens to check this blog , have any influence in a IT company pls mail me at katchu21@hotmail.com and lemme know .


it's taken some time after the exams got over for me to post my thoughts . well the day the exams got over , my friend prassna and i rushed from college to seek solace in studio 5 (satyam theatre) from the hot sun. we bought tickets for lord of the rings 2 , which was supposed to be a continuation of the first movie ...... and that's where boredom started. i could figure head nor tail of what was happening in the first one hour as monkeys, bearded men, monsters heroes villains all looked alike . every now and then people did the war march from one place to another .. the crowd was fed up with the movie sans a handful who were engrossed into this "magic" film.
the movie was all the more strange bcoz it had no heroine ( thats one reason the crowd was angry! ! !) . even i was waiting with unabated breath to see some beautiful lasses since i had paid 70 bucks for watching that drivel .

the other 4 days were spent couch potatoing . i find that there is nothing worth watching on TV these days . i managed to see BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM AND BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY , both of which were entertaining .

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