I was quite suprised at the turn of events in chennai last weekend.I would have loved being there to see such a phenomemen of seeing the sea waves coming upto 10 metres.I was initially shocked receiving the news from one of sikkimese friends here at Infy on sunday that Chennai received a jolt at 8.9 on the richter scale.......but later after browsing the web..I found out that the epicentre was not in chennai.

But the sad point still remains that so many people passed away in this tragic incident.It pains to see one of the natural attractions of Chennai being submerged in water and ravaged by the killer tsunami.

I am planning to stay back till the 3rd of january ...as I am still to collect my release letter and the fact that Infy has its corporate awards function here in the amphitheatre in the bangalore campus and it's something I wouldnt want to miss,especially when NRN is talking .



I am learning what life is at infy.......bangalore initially was great fun ......keeping in view MG Road and brigade road.........and the weather........but nothing comes close to chennai .....I am just waiting to get back home.........as I dont have a house to live in here....just keeping my luggage in my friends, 10th century single room lodging , near office close by at electronics city.I had to shift from my previous place at BTM layout as the previous house i was staying was too expensive and was only for a period of 2 months from oct 22.....and life here at Infy is extending a little bit into 2005 ...so I am sleeping and having bath in office .

the place where i have kept my baggage reminds me of avadi where my college was and some classmates stayed there........with ditches running over and small houses networking into much smaller ones....having a near fuse tubelight...just having enough light to inspire maniratnam to start a movie . the houses here seem to have cleaned and swept ages back...and the bathrooms and toilets are having cobwebs .......and yuck...........cant talk further...and shops ...the ever ubiquitous tea shop or "potti" kadai...that is on the route from my friend's place to infy.....Inside these houses 6-7 people stay ,with clothes and unwashed socks strewn about the place lending a dirty smell where puking would be an understatement. Some guys in the adjacent room make their room with a heavenly touch as their room is filled in cigarette smoke as they unmindfully keep playing cards

..oh......I really miss the comfort of home ...all i have to talk to are the matrix like cobol screen which hardly seems to reply back to me as it cant understand my language and keeps saying "mac cc error " .......I am fed up and ...........slowly am gathering the pieces to make life better once again ..........

But life is slowly looking up with some great company at nights and wee hours ........all studying for the exam on 30th ....


S W A D E S ' E D

I am presently listening to the soundtrack of swades again and again as I am totally bowled over by the movie as well as the music ....and if time permits I might go for a night show of swades(re-run) in bangalore's posh PVR cinemas with my friends.We hardly have any work in office as all of us are keenly waiting for our compre results....as only if we clear the compre test, will we be posted to our respective IBU's(Internal Business Units). My friends here are busy watching movies from 9 am till 6 pm.

I preferred to go around the campus and enjoy the lush greenery of the campus ..as tommorow will hopefully be my last day in the Infy campus at Bangalore ,unless i happen to flunk in the compre ,as we are to proceed to our respective DC's tommorow afternoon.The results are expected at 9 in the morning.......so tommorow is D day .........in a way .

And the biggest scoop ....I have some how coaxed my HR here to give me a posting to Chennai...and guess what she has accepted it .so I should be reaching Chennai on the 23rd afternoon and joining office on the 24th in the retail department of Infosys ,Chennai(if all goes well in my compre results !!!!!) ,but there lies a catch ...I am on transfer to chennai only for 3 months after which i have to return back to the western coast of mangalore.

till then its the " T I M E 2 D I S C O "


COMPRE OVER...........

My final exams at INFY are over...but the results are yet to be out.They probably will be out latest by tuesday morning... so waiting with unabated breath to hear that I have passed the test.
As of now I am to report to the Mangalore office on thursday morning.but lets see what is in store as I still fancy myself getting a chennai posting in case the HR decides to agree to my request for a transfer to chennai on medical grounds.

So its been a good weekend so far...on friday evening I happened to watch "SWADES" ..first day release in a theatre called swagat in jaya nagar.It very closely resembles those horrible moss balls ,theatre of Avadi...and the theatres one would find in suburbs...Anyway I enjoyed the movie ...and if it were'nt enough yesterday i decided to splurge in a shopping mall called forum,where I went to the LANDMARK book store..purchased books and music for about 700 rs and decided to go for a night show in the highly luxurious and opulent PVr cinemas ,where the ticket price was 150 rs..More so like our STUDIO-5 theatre in satyam complex....(chennai).

The movie i went for was VEER ZAARA ..and it was another captivating movie....with some good compositions from A.R.Rehman.

More updates later...as I am just basking out here................wow ..life was never so cool.


N E X T C O U P L E O F D AY S ......................

i am busy preparing for my compre test.........

GOD SAVE ME ..........I am decoding hieroglyphic script........

I am framed .............

Yes this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

How terrible! For no fault of mine, I was dumped into this, I was framed. It still is a mystery. My involvement in the case was made up and I, a lay no man with no locus standi in the whole issue was pulled into it and framed. The pity is that even the Court is in a mood to accept it!

How terrible! When I wanted to be Open and frank about the system, they tell you that they allow all whistleblowers to be open and free, but I was targeted and Framed. But why me of all the greats? Why Me?

How Terrible! Now that I am framed I need to console myself, maybe try negotiating a settlement with ‘em. While they out-right reject any kind of such – un-professional – behaviour, I will still try my luck. My comrade in this nasty operation is a guy who was to be framed, but got it right, and was let open into the system, for free…..as kalyan puts it

If you are still not familiar with the event, I was put into Mainframes for training. That’s two months of coding in COBOL and its like *#&@%&(#^*. L and i have my exams in 30 hours



It pains to see the kanchi seer , being subjected to all this torture in jail,even though his conviction is yet to be proved and the courts seemingly not being able to arrive at a decision are adjourning and postponing his hearing.Apparently the police are not able to gather real evidence againts him,so they try to keep some commoner surfacing and saying that the "swamigal" had an illicit relationship and had behaved in a manner unbecoming of him...as is the case with the latest "monica lewinsky' ke" like usha. This case will finally end with sri jayendra saraswathi swamigal being exonerated of all charges and aqquited from the vellore prison(the latest shankara math).

It really is comical to see people like jayalalitha and karunanidhi talking ill about the respected pontiff....when they themselves are struggling to keep afloat in the sea of cases filed against them.they may have been acquitted in some cases,but thats only because they are politicians and can manipulate the judiciary as it were a magic wand.The Tamil nadu goverments insistence that jayendra saraswathi swamigal or a man in the street -all are equal before the law,does not seem to include the well-cushioned-political class...who are basking in the air conditioned corridor of their offices......losing count of the crime's they have commited.

It further pains to notice that some people here at work seem to refer to the pontiff as "avana jayendhran thaane" ,when he is such a revered personality...but more than blaming them ,when the media ...(Sun news or SUN tv ...whichever it was ) openly said that "jayendran" was caught...will the same sun tv.......say the same about karunanidhi .....like "karunanidhi matti kondran" ..no it would'nt , it would refer to him as "kalaignar karunanidhi ".it is that extra ounce of prefixing that respectful tag that is in question...and some people who without thinking a minute on what they are speaking "jayendran , athukku enna achu, antha case ". I guess people reading this blog can very well understand what I trying to say...as there is a line between making people understand my post by merely saying things in vernacular.

Magazines ...try and sensationalize this issue by trying to go overboard by revealing only one side of the picture and trying and speaking to irrelevant people and finding newer witnesses...rather than speak to people of the mutt or related persons

Jayalalitha sure knows how to call the shots and command attention.the pontiff's political connections have proved to be a like rubber soles on a granite surface,where he made a few post poll utterances about jayalalitha and Also entered into active politics with respect to the babri masjid-ram janma bhoomi case.The anti-conversion laws that the pontiff advocated,seemed to draw an empty vote bank for jaya in the recent elections and the politicain that jaya was...made the pontiff for violating the "law of the political jungle"-IF YOU ARE GOING TO NURSE A SERPENT IN YOUR BOSOM,DONT PISS IT OFF.

what happens of we people who are in tamilnadu.....governed by people who are more bothered to avenge their share of political problems against each poiltician...when each person comes to power he/she makes sure that the oppssing ruler gets embroiled in all kinds of police cases ,wealth cases....u name it...and amongst all this it is we people who are affected as we have to chose between the devil and the deep sea ,when it comes to voting.For the past 15 years and the years to come .......I dont see this DMK vs ADMK political battle for power ending....this seems to have more fireworks and intenseness than a India Pak encounter. Worse ...is to come is evident when u have people like rajnikant who is expecting to contest to become a chief minister.He keeps denying the claims......but produces movies which hail him as "thaliavar" , "leader of masses" as his recent few movies having political undertones suggest .Some of his movies like BABA....PADAYAPPA are sure giving his indications of entering to the gallery of political lions . I think a few more movies ...too had some poltical dialogues linked with it...but am not able to remember the names of those movies as I am not a very avid watcher of his movies(never did conform to my taste).

coming back to the original point it remains to be seen what happen's in the pontiff's case...at best what can happen is rajnikant can star in a movie as the pontiff and the climax can feature rajnikant becoming the chief minister getting support from the president of mars and venus and bush coming and shouting "enga sanga thalaivar rajni thaan....." ................... whatever ------- RK Narayan's classic "SWAMI AND FRIENDS" be rechristened in this kali yuga as "SWAMI AND FIENDS "



yesterday morning when I came and sat at my cubicle,I was browsing through some material for our project , with the m,usic in my headphones on.All of a sudden shrieks were heard all around....some frantically happy and some with a frown on their face..I happened to turn around..and see my friend madhu who glanced from her cubicle with a frown on her face and I heard her saying that she had a got a posting to "angalore" and so had I . I thought it must be Bangalore.........and was a little sad ...but nevertherless happy that I didnt get PUNE or some other far off place.But my so-called -little happiness was shortlived as I discovered that it wasn't B"angalore" but M"angalore" . I am now posted in the retail division and I guess I have to soon acclamtise soon to being a Mangalalorean.......who has extensive knowledge in mainframes.

I report there on the 23rd of this month and have no active swaps as such......... tell me which sane trainee would want to swap mangalore with chennai/hyderabad/pune/bangalore ?
Anyways I was initially a little sad, as still some visits to the doc are pending in chennai with regard to my stomach operation that was performed in may.I have spoken to my HR regarding this matter and she said she would look into this matter,and gave me the info that Chennai DC has no space right now...and it would be a little tough for me to get chennai.....I guess I gotta take life just as it comes...

I have a week to go before my comprehensive test......and I am in the process of preparing for it...meanwhile I have to subject a small project in mainframes.....which is also going on parallely.
so life's just chugging on.......on a shatabdi like Infy express.....


oh...........no agony reloaded..........I have got Mangalore as my posting..............not even bangalore............ :-(

feel like kicking myself on my stomach.......I have been
good news and bad news

well i cleared the test with the required A agrade and the bad news is that I have been allocated bangalore as my posting...........boo hoo not chennai..........well all i can say that the girls of bangalore are damn lucky to still have me here.......!!!! :-)


I am presently listening to the instrumental soundtrack of KAL HO NA HO ,which seems so soothing and calming to my ear,as I have just written my test for DB2....and i desparately need an A grade in it...to compensate my C in cobol...or an A in CICS ,the results of which havent been published yet. Its damn unnerving waiting 4 the results as If i dont have an A my CGPA out of 5 WILL GO DOWN MARGINALLY FROM 4 TO 3.93...which means I have to attend a round of VIVA VOCE after the compre test,which I heard is just done to screw people as it is a very tough round....and failing which I am put on the long cycle.I just dont want that happening....Life is suddenly so tough as i know the agony of a 79 and the ecstasy of a 80 in the results of the two tests awaited.

My brain is just not functioning......and to add to the misery was the rumour that our postings would be announced today.even that hasnt come......the last time I remember I was on such a brink of dissapointment was in my 7th semester......where we had an interdepartmental quiz...in which I had performed badly and for the first time I faced an elimination in the prelims as far as college quizzes were concerned(I had won every single quiz till then......) and the 6th sem results were to be announced that day......and I had my doubts regarding a subject where I performed badly......so would it be elimination + arrear that day? :-( changed to :-) in a few seconds ....when some of my friends who had seen both the results told me that I had been succesful that day.....and at that moment my joy knew no bounds....it was as if the the seeds of doubt that had been planted in my mind were uprooted instantly..........and had got what I wanted........

But will history repeat ? only time will tell.........pray 4 me.......ppl



I just gave my cobol retest today and the paper was much tougher than the main test....and so the pressure is increasing for me to get an A grade in the 1 remaining test , that's DB2.....failing which I would be put into the 4 and half months long cycle....

the funda at infy is as follows
:6 individual subject tests: at least B grade and if a C is obtained then it can be compensated by an A in one of the subjects.
1 comprehensive test in which atleast a B (65 and greater ) is required.

I have now got a C in cobol and desperately require an A in the next test on monday to avoid "follow on " . complicating matters further is my visit to chennai this weekend.On the other hand I desperately need a respite from this programming world........(whether i code or not )

Last night I stayed back at the campus as i just didn't feel like going back home.I wasnt coding........just as I was browsing through the servers on the bangalore network , one good soul had put' 7 g RAINBOW COLONY", a new tamil flick on the hard disc.....and I didnt miss an oppurtunity to see the film.I saw it all alone on my PC ......as the sound isnt very loud on the speakers here,so had to insert my earphones.

I have been given a huge manual for which I have to learn code at home to start our 2nd post project on monday.Next week would be the last week I would be in bangalore,burning the midnight oil over pieces of code,as I by 21st december I hope to have my return ticket to chennai,which I hope they will post me.Bangalore is a lovely place ,but staying alone is really boring..for a "anything -but-organized" guy like me . Hey but home is equally boring...but atleast I dont spend 66.67 % of my salary on eating and rent.But I've heard from my friend who works at the Chennai Infy DC, that life is all about minding ur own business , unlike Bangalore DC where there is so much of "entertainment" at the work place..

just as the proverb goes , neccesity is the mother of all inventions....I am learning.....CODING IS THE MOTHER OF ALL TROUBLES...........


So training classes at Infy finally ends.from tommorow we have a post project blah..... blah..... uptil 12th of december .......and we have our final comprehensive test on 16th and 17th december.Last night as i was travelling through jayanagar.....the chill winds of bangalore(18 degree) reminded of the lovely time I spent here in this garden city.Well actually I haven't ventured much into bangalore,but the city's lovely settings have really bowled me over,but nothing quite like chennai.I just happened to stumble upons krib's post on a "trisha video" which he saw....and that for sure would hae set the cash registers in burma bazaar running.

I would to know my posting in chennai by the 6-7th of this month.I am planning to come 2 chennai this weekend to meet family, as I hear that my dad is posted to good-ol delhi .......so its more of a reunion......and the fact that I have to sign my bond letter at infy.My first salary has been credited and I am slightly over the moon, just thinking of plans to blow it up.........

hmm...lotsa things are in the pipeline.......but somehow I am also a little cautious...as I dont want my money go down the drain....so rightly to put it in shah rukh khan's words it's seriously "THE TIME TO DISCO " .I plan to buy something tommorow evening ...after office before I board the bus to chennai.

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