a sense of elation - at last . I've got a call from Symbiosis (pune) , so I am heading to celebrate my birthday in pune this year . I have qualified in their entrance exam ,held on 11th , so have my GD/PI on the 22nd feb ( my birthday is the previous day ) .

so lets hope this is the beginning of a long interview list to unfold.

Whoverever discovered Probability and averages , .... I fully agree that the law of averages catches with u , some time , and to get this news after a series of of not-so good news is really refreshing



finally the folks at college found , that they had done something wrong and I was finally acquitted .....

so peace prevails at last
CRUCIFICATION is the the name of the game ....

I just figured out as to why extremism and hooliganism in India is on a high , especially among the youth . it's probably due to the fact that certain higher authorities flout the powers they have and dont think about the consequences the common people will suffer . It happens everywhere from the indian goverment with politicians,underworld dons and now for the past few years in education.

we've seen so many cases of injustice where the actual ciminal who commits the crime is seen washing his hands off the crime , after just doling out a few notes, while an innocent person is convicted and is made to suffer hardships . we see the same in our movies too , which has taken the role of providing tutorship to future law-brakers as a distance learning program would and has almost trivialised the question of justice .

when a student is not given a fair hearing and he see's injustice meted out to him in the most barbaric way , due to which his career has been ruined , he is helpless and takes solace in becoming an antisocial element , targeting the whole community at large , as he very well knows that he cant do anything with the perpetrators of his anguish. so he starts looting , for his sustenance and takes to drugs/alccohol to temporarily shift his focus from his problem(that's what the people who get drunk always say) . with that they develop a state of mind that runs away from solving a problem , to merely get a respite via forms of hallucinations by taking to drugs.

more so addressing the specific problem of such unfortunate students, we find that they mentally break down and are not able to face life , with a chin held high , as the Indian society tends to shun them away, for no faults of theirs ......and soon such students become a wreck and their lives are ruined ....all because of a few idiotic,corrupt,senseless,venal beaurocrats/academecians who take decisions as it suits them ....

Well if u r wondering why the heck have i turned a human rights activist !!!!!!!! , well thats because I have been at the receiving end of such injustice at college , where supposedly I have been suspended for MISBEHAVING WITH A GIRL ( I still cant stop laughing at the way they've framed charges without even asking or enquiring me . Well knowing the kind of college where I study , where the term DISCIPLINE is mistakenly used as a effective tool like the POTA to suspend students,fail them in their labs ,spoil their conduct certs.................upto infinity , I guess there's every reason for me to feel scared.

supposedly the girl wanted to gain some mileage by doing this and the management were helpless in this regard as she seemed to be intent on making a mountain out of a molehill( or more so in this case out of nothing at all ) , and just to appease the girl , they went to the limits of publishing my poster all around the colege , saying I was suspended for MISBE..............................(same old stuff) .

the objective of sending u ppl this write up , is not to gain any sympathy or project my college in poor light ( I dont need to do that-their actions justify it :-) ) , but mainly to just tell u ppl that there will be a tumultous phase in every one's life , where one is tested to one's limits and beyond , by some idiotic higher authority and that's when u feel helpless . It is in such situations u show ur fortitude to get through the problem , without fighting the tide , but going along with it , and waiting for the period to end , as there is little one can do to fight it.

This is like the case of a bruise on the skin where after bleeding the blot clots .just bcoz the clot looks bad , if we try to fight it and peel , there will only be more bloodshed and the wound never heals . Instead we shoul leave it to nature, which would cure the bruise , but would leave the stigma of a scar behind. The scar is like a certificate , which certifies that ,u have gone thru a bad phase, coming out a wiser person and u have left the worst behind you , only for the dawn of a better phase in life .


generally I am not an ardent devotee of any particular god , but circumstances have come in life where I , within my mind have started praying for so many things to happen for me , as these are places where effort matters only upto 20 % and luck takes precedence over the rest 80% .

these small things can literally make or mar my life , so here i am clinging on to faith to make things go smoothly , at least to a 75 % level of what i want .....................

These are literally small trivial things , but it's just that i dont want to publicise it , just for the fear that the process might be thwarted by the evil forces of the internet..

so any wellwishers visiting my blog , please pray that I succeed in my small mission .
if u wanna know what it's all about , well u can get to know about it in a period of 2 weeks ,--- these 2 weeks literally i am gonna live life in the fast lane ...........

I know the post seems to vague , but it's my state ofmind at this point and u will find relevance once i post the reason a couple of weeks later.

till then tata..................

adios amigo



6 oh ......... yes and attend college ......

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