Images from the NDTV live shoot at Santhome Cathedral.Barkha Dutt was quite a live wire on the show. But if 2 people at the show were to be chosen contradictors of the evening..I would hand out the awards hands down to Khushboo and Barkha Dutt.Barkha started the evening questioning Khushboo on the alleged pre marita affair statement and how she felt after the public reacted...and it was apparently meant To soothen Khushboo's nerves ... but Barkha started to repeatedly stay on the same topic refusing to budge ,before she again made that statement "we are not here to make this a khushboo episode and we will dwell upon other aspects of the chennai conservatism " and got down to it ..by asking Khushboo again ...and coming to the same old "virgin-sex" conversation ...and ya ..Khushboo couldnt have asked for more,She started playing to the gallery.Khushboo's contradiction was evenm worse...she did a total volte face...by saying that she doesnt like girls wearing sleeveless tops ... now this coming from a woman who made statements saying that pre-marital sex was pretty much normal (I agree with her premarital sex funda...but dont buy her other no-sleeveless funda ) .At this stage sense prevailed ..and Jayanthi Natarjan was allowed to speak and she was one of the speakers who actually made sense.All the others were not that impressive ...but how can I forget mentioning about Tamilisai ..the BJP candidate ..staunch female who represented Tamilnadu for just not what it is .That female in a gawdy jigana saree and a unkempt hair with a panic strikken pottu/bindi bigger than the ball irfan got his hat trick ..and one basketful of flowers on that kali like hair..who demeaned the evry existence of women ...by saying "we are afterall women " ..I pity the womenfolk that such a barbaric ,uncivilised lady represents and talks on behalf of them.

Overall it was a very mediocre discussion with a khushboocentric angle to the whole discussion.NDTV seems no different from the rest of the TV channels by just focussing on media attention and glamour and not on content.This was more of a platform for Khusbhoo to fight some emotional demons ..and not a fruitful discussion...

Images from Barkha Dutts Show on NDTV "we the people " ...atChennai .That's me watching the cameras roll just before the show got underway.I was at one xtreme end of the audience so didnt get my share of the NDTV Audience that went Live on TV.

The SUN Index

How many of us have time to see the sunrise and the sunset,giventhe fact that we get up beyond sunrise after a late night at office and are unoblivious of the wonderful pinkish-bbluish-orangish sunset that descends on the horizon of every city.

Seems really strange and talking about sunset,I am reminded of my erstwhile roomie in Bangalore uring the Infy days,who used to remark that he never liked working after sunset,but sadly staying in the IT Industry and expecting to leave before sunset is like asking for snowfall in Chennai,unless and untill the company hires you to be on bench. This was taken outside my office from the 4th floor.

I also have bought a Canon A410 DIGITAL Camera and I guess I will be on a shoe string budget for the next 3 months as I seem to have spent quite a sum in the last month or so as adding to my monetory woes is a car patch up,after a small accident on saturday.I hear that It will cost 20k and higher to remove the dents..so that makes me grounded ..and Some guy seems to have pushed my bike at parking lot and didnt bother to see the damage ..as my Brakes are broken and so is my rear view mirror.I had to drive at 20km/hr from Santhome to Madipakkam after the Barkha Dutt shoot out for We the people. Ovreall the only feel good factor in the whole week was my new digicam,else everything else went according to Murphy's lawtesting my patience.I will put up the Brakha dut show photo's later in the day as I need to sort them out and reduce the file size to put i up on blogger.


We the People-In Chennai Today

The Barkha Dutt anchored talkshow 'We The People' is going to be shot in Chennai this evening (29th Jan). The topic is to discuss the much despised 'Dress Code' being imposed on the college students.Alaphia, correspondent at the Chennai NDTV office, is looking for enthusiastic opinionated folks to share your views in the program. As can be easily judged, there are lots of folks against the dress code. Since this is a sort of debate show, she is looking for someone who sees sense in the imposed dress code and can vouch for it. You probably stand a better chance of being on the show.Either ways, if you wanna participate, send an email to audience@ndtv.com with your interest and contact details.

(Via Kiruba)


The "Pretty women "

The "Pretty women ", originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

The Shankar Mahadevan concert at IIT rocked big time.Moer on that a little later ...in the day.. This was a funny moment when the pretty woman song when from Kal ho na ho was sung by him...so he requested some PYT's (Pretty young things )to come up on stage ..and they had a blast ...but we as an audience sitting 10 feet away had a bigger blast watching the chicks dance (What 2 do..Boys will be boys )

Nagesh Posing for a Pic

Nagesh Posing for a Pic, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

This was taken after his lecture was over.I asked him which was his favourite tune/soundtracks among the movies he's amde.I was expecting "ashaayen "from iqbal ..but he said ..on personal reasons it has to be the soundtrack of rockford.

Another thing that I noted was he never expected IQBAL to kae such an impact as it did.He said that movies with an underdog mentality seem to go down with the Indian masses and he was suprised when a 6 year old kid, in his locality saw the movie and said "this movie gives me the powr that i can do anything" ..so this illustrates the power of the medium called movies and how it can influence people.

I felt Swades by SRK too had a similar feel about it ,but somewhere down the line the general audience,who liked the movie...didnt belive in its feasibility.

Nagesk Kukunoor at IIT

Nagesk Kukunoor at IIT, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

Nagesh Kukunoor's Lecture at the IIT as part of the Saarang 2006 cultural festival was a superb one.I left office at 12 noon ,thanks to a very cooperative team and boss,who encouraged me to attend his session after i had told him the previous day, that I would like to attend Nagesh's session.The best part of his speech as said in my previous post was his story,as to how he made it against all odds into bolywood in his own imitable style.One thing that I find in his movies are they represent the true emotions of the guy/girl next door and he stays far dancing around trees and the alps and cliched formula love stories hinging around opulence and sugar coated goddy-goody families ,where villaians dont exist.

I have seen all of his movies except for Teen deewarein, the last of them being OQBAL ...which he said ..was one of his "closest to heart" movies.

Some of the higligts of the session was when a girl asked him how did he frame the lyrics of the song "dil pe mat le yaar,haaath pe le " ...to which he replied .."sometimes u need to be a man to feel it ".Needless to say the whole audience was giggles all over..bowled over by the frank replies he gave.


Tete a Tete with Nagesh Kukunoor

I attended Nagesh's lecture at IIT Saarang today in the afternoon and have one word to describe that session "HE ROCKED". I manged to click him on my mobile ..when I spoke to him and he gave me one of those wicked smiles ....but thanks to my ever slow -Window's resembling Motorola OS ..that hangs when u take a pic...the wicked smile was not covered. Nevertherless His lecture today touched my emotions a lot ..especially when he told that "Unless and untill u have a passion for what ur doing , its not worth dragging urself to work" and thats how the Engineer turned into temporary corporate marketing and ended up doing what his heart wanted to ..." movies" . I could so bloody vicariously relate to this as I went through very similar emotions during my 14 month tenure faking to the world that I was a software engineer...by degree,when by passion I was more of a guy who liked to be lost in his literary world..and write and read a lot. I had to take the extreme decesion of quitting my software job,as I felt it was eating into my creativity and life in general.So Really enjoyed Nagesh's lecture and could relate to it a lot.Have a lot of work as now ..so will do a detailed post on this later...once I am home.


It's the Time To Disco

Well , Things dont get better... Looks like a walk down memory lane especially college days ...for the next week. From Office I get encouraged to go to saarang to attend some of the events , not as a sposnor ,but just to enjoy the atmosphere and of course to cursorily monitor the event that we are sponsoring at IIT Madras. Following this a couple of days later I am slated to go to my college to attend the alumni meet.

Coming back to saarang,I've always enjoyed being at the music shows ... and just walking down the lovely road to the IIT gate itself can be a wonderful experience. When I was in college , the main aim of catching up on saarang apart from the events was obviously the chicks one would get to see and interact. I remember particpating in one of the informals last year which had a proposal contest where a girl would judge guys ,and pick the one who flattered her the most. The dame (that's self proclaimed from her ) was not impressed by some of my romantic one liner's ..and the rest of the crowd who recited dialogues from famous romantic movies "something like I will break the moon and place it in ur lap" kinda drooling talkultimately after avoiding all of us the girl fell for a guy..who just went to the stage and did a nanga naach by taking his shirt off and threatening to take his bottom part off. Obviously the girl had enough of what she wanted and she didnt want the lower floor being emptied in a common forum ,she'd rather have exclusive coverage of that event.

I remeber winning a gift certificate from LANDMARK last year at Saarang after breaking a Matka after being blindfolded ..and after several swings of the stick in freespace ..I did what afridi would do to rad and white balls of leather...and lo the matka or the pot instantly was a scattered jigsaw puzzle .

Saarang somehow brings back great memories of college and school days ,as more often than not that is the place I would invariably bump into former friends and get updates on which chick got married/hooked etc etc .

This year Shankar ehsaan and loy are performing and am waitinng to listen to their song fro rockford ..which I have special memories ..also because Nagesh kukunoor directed the movie. By the way Nagesh is speaking tommorow at IIT and I plan to attend the session coupling it with the Lunch time at Saarang. He is one film maker whose movies remain one of my favourites.

So a great week starts tommorow ... I will be uploading some photographs from the event ...


Please Help If you can

Dear Friends,
If you know any high school student who is a very high scorer and from a poor family, here is a great opportunity to get a nice scholarship to go to college.

Applications can be obtained by writing to
Mr. S. Ramanathan,
17 North St, Kalai Nagar,
Madurai – 625014.
Tel: 0452-2640678
Email- ramrajam2002@yahoo.com

Scholarships are given by NORTH SOUTH FOUNDATION OF USA, based on exam grades and family situation. The annual family income should be less than RS.38000 in urban areas and 26000 in rural areas. The scholarship amount mostly covers 100% of tuition fees and ranges from 5 to 10 thousand rupees per year. If called for interview, 50% of the travel cost will be reimbursed.



afridi, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

Shahid afridi seems to having some kinda of a "jehadist" attitude when he plays India.He seems to literally revel when playing against India.Most of his hundereds have come against our famed bowling attack across the 2 decades. I just happened to see both his knocks at lahore and now at Faisalabad,and was stunned into how this guy can just change the complexion of the game with his bold hitting.

One things with these aggressive pakistani cricketers is that they seem to come to form always against India ..the statistics of which made a certain Wasim akram to boldy go to the press and insouciantly remark "Whenever Pakistan needs form we play against India".India has seemed to be the punching bag that Pakistan seems to effortlessly hit upon with a ferocity seen in the eyes of a shoaib akthar or a sami.

Coming to Afridi's case ..this guy's hitting prowess is awesome.If only he gets stuck into the bowling and stays on for 30 overs ... a 400 score in an ODI is a possibility we can start expecting.This Pakistan team looks a lot hungrier for victiry and for once they dont behave like a bunch of jealous women.In those days ..a few years back...each player would start cribbing behind the captain's back and start scotching rumours within the team.Now I am glad they have matured under Inzy and are on their way to becoming a good team.

Any suggestions

I plan to get some good curtain material and upholstry,pillow covers etc etc later this month .I have noticed only a couple of shops in Chennai that have good colours and texture of such material.One being Kalpa Druma and the othe being Fab India .Even these were more so noticed in adverts in hoardings around Chennai.Any body knows any other shop that has good designs in and around Chennai(Even Bangalore OK )... ? If u do happen to know ..pls do let me know.

Magic :

That is the one word to describe journeys at 6 30 am along the tambaram beach sector, the suburban arm of Chennai trains,especially at this time of the year.As I was resting on the door I saw so much of mist and fog othwerise rerved for ooty or kodaikanal,when the train crossed the Guindy bridge before saidapet.One adavantage of this mist is that it masks the dirt beneath the bridge,which could result in you puking ..right away , other than the fact that the mist looks lovely to watch.

Try watching this mist during january when your driving between 6 am and 6 30 am , as that is when it is most prevalent...more so seen in open areas ..and not in those densely crowded areas.


Busy at work

It's been quite a hectic week , and even though I work nearly 12-13 hours a day I somehow dont feel I am working that hard,because there is no boredom factor setting in. Ya excel work may at times be sleep inducing ,but only after coming here do i realise how potent a tool Excel is. The whole week was a little bad on the health factor as I was down with a running nose and light fever ..accompanied by a very bad throat.

I also managed to deliver a lecture session at the Rotary Club of marina at the Anna University auditorium and found it a god platform to convince people why blogging really is the "in " thing and how it can be used a corporate tool. It went off pretty well and am actually open to giving such sessions more to spread the power of blogging and of course improve my presentation skills.Thanks to Kiruba , I got a good opppurtunity to present myself at the Rotary club.

Its actually quite some time since i spent time yacking with my friends on the phone or even met up with them, so have plans to go out on the weekend with a few of my close friends. I plan to publish a short story every week , to add some variety to my posts and also write articles on cricket .. though the original purpose was meant for a few requirements at office.

Phew ...am just leaving office ..and I found this rather controversial but interesting article on the web via RSS feeds about how people in Egypt are planning to have sex with their clothes on and why masturbation is a crime in Islamic circles (Most funniest of reasons ...wastage of semen :-) )
At least If they had said the mind becomes corrupt or something on the lines of any PMK activist on anything remotely on sex...it would have seemed believable by indian hypocrism..but this beats me .Check the article here


Winter Cycle -

Perfect Solution to keeping your Butt warm on a Chill wintry morning. It doesnt get more innovative than this .


The Height of Cupidity ...

Well this happens to be an event at this years IIT Cultural Fest Saarang 06 .

www.Sulekha.com has again tied up this year with Saarang to sponsor the Blog-athon contest which includes

a.) Mobile Blogging - Take a picture, write a caption and send it.

b.) Blog on the suggested topics ...(click here to see the topics)

c.) Write on what you know/feel about romance in your life.

More about the Romance event which is an excersise to find out the Romantic quotient in a person and maps to find out the most romantic bloggers.Well for all those who grope around Saarang gaping at the opposite sex...Here's a great oppurtunity to find out whose Romantic IQ matches your's ...

Here are some of the suggested Topics

1. It was at Saarang... that I met her

2. It was at a lonely station that we met....

3. On how I proposed to her........

Well pls do spread the word around to other bloggers too .. "A lot can happen over a blog " .


Out of Charge ! INDIA vs PAKISTAN -DAY -0

Howzzat !!

Picture the voice of the appeal in full cry …when not just the bowler ,but also the whole nation in unison appeals .Does that remind you of a hundred Eden gardens put together ? When was the last time your blood boiled when a Pakistani cricketer did well and you did Gangulian antics while watching a match against Pakistan? Does it seem like ages? If yes.. You would understand the depth of the emotions that somehow seems to have evaporated after the Governments mutually decided to play each other on a regular basis .

India Pakistan clashes are slowly losing the volatility of their clashes and watching them play nowadays is like drinking Pepsi, after warming it on the stove. You get what I mean? I find the extra charge and zeal, just not there .Lets rewind back to the past when matches were more like war between the two nations. All the world cup matches in which we defeated Pakistan bore a war, especially the electric atmosphere in the Bangalore and Manchester in 96and 99 respectively . Remember the moment when Aamir Sohail was bowled by Venkatesh Prasad, a whole nation rose up to celebrate, the fall of the wicket ‘with vicarious joy of as if they had bowled Sohail..or the moment Sachin smote Shoaib for six in the 2003 world cup. Today ..Whatever an Akthar or a sami does by showing glaring eyes and mouthing foul language adjectives .it still goes nowhere near creating that emotional repository of pent up feelings like what was there when India played Pakistan on a Friday …at Sharjah

Agreed we need peace to prevail between the 2 nations , but those peace and friendship initiatives have robbed the cricket aficionados of the jingoistic zeal with which we used to sit at home ,bunking school/college/office over the years. Nowadays India Pakistan test matches and one dayers seem to be highly predictable as they are played on pitches that are just venues for leather hunt, a good example being the first ODI match at Karachi ,last year when Inzy’s men almost created history chasing down 350. Gone are the days when we looked forward to matches with enthusiasm and fervor and fist punching when Pakistanis get out. Please do not think that I want people to be more vengeful when playing against Pakistan..it’s just that the special kick the two teams used to command not so long ago has vanished .Now its reduced to a mere question of toss and whichever captain wins the toss seems to take advantages of the pitch conditions and the game is reduced to a sickening one sided contest. That was how most of the matches over the year have been ,sans a few which were extremely high scoring thrillers with one side handicapped by factors like due , pitch becoming bad etc etc .

Now if the same standards are maintained , then I really doubt whether India-Pakistan contests would have any significance like the Ashes had recently. Importantly if we need to reinstate the same levels of fervour , then all we need to do is to play between long intervals and play on neutral pitches that offers no particular assistance to a home side and which plays true and making sure that other external factors like dew ..and other sundries do not affect the game. So I close this post on a sad note reflecting the actual state of affairs of Indo –Pak cricket which seemingly remains masked and shrouded under the so called media hype..which the media plans to

May the luckiest guy win ….. ( I mean the toss, that’s good enough to win the game in this series )


Chennai becomes Ooty as a think blanket of fog develops around the city and all of a sudden you feel Chennai might soon start snowing (that's what I thought in Childhood,when Bhogi was not known to me ..as all I was bothered was only the "pongal" they made ..as it satisfied my tounge and tummy ). Over the years , due to the awareness drive by the NGO's,Police and Goverment about the ill's of burning materials and causing pollution , many people seem to have stopped burning unwanted material...and the smog on the road on Bhogi day seems to have considerably reduced .

Another reason to celebrate is ..of course the fact that Indo -Pak cricket series kicks of today . Our Company has relaunched it's cricket page at www.sulekha.com/cricket . Incase you are an avid cricket follower who wants regular updates on scores , then just try the above URL as I would be glad to recieve your feedback on the page.



The mother of all cricketing battles gets underway daya fter tommorow , but its a little sad that DD would not be covering it,but contrastingly ..I am happy for 10 sports , that it is having exclusive rights to teelcast the live feed , as I felt DD was bullying it's way into forcing Ten sports to share its telecast over the year's....and this is actually , in a small way victory of democracy.

I feel DD should have got into an agreement with Ten sports ,where they telecast the live feed,but have no rights over the ad spots..leaving that a replica of what comes on Ten sports..just incase the goverment was really interested in the larger scheme of things of making people view a historic series (Thats's how each series is termed).

Anyway ..I would not have a problem ,as I have a set-top box.My intuition says India is going to crush pakistan in both the tests and the Odi's as I see a positive esurgence in this team, and the win-more- hungry attitude ..that has never been reflected before ...sans a few moments under Ganguly.

My team would go like this

1 Gautam Gambhir
2 Viernder Sehwag
3 Laxman
4 Tendulkar
5 Dravid
6 Ganguly
7 Dhoni
8 Pathan
9 Kumble
10 Zaheer
11 Agarkar

I would also by writing daily blogs covering the series on sulekha...so will do a parallel post on blogger too .


Have we forgotten to smile ...?

There are times when I come back from work , (may it be sulekha or erstwhile Infy )... I tend to come home and pick a book to read or watch some tv while having my dinner.A few minutes after dinner my mind ..full of fatigie glaring at the 15' monitor is soon lulled into sleep and after my eyes fights a losing battle with the mind , I hit the sack..and wake up next morning ..with a tired groan..of having to get ready and go to office when i feel like lazily lying in bed for some more time. When this happens over a period of time , I realize that life sometimes ...is not being lived the way I want it to ...in terms of experiencing emotions.How long is it that I actually called up an old buddy and spoke of the good'ol times when we were in college /school ...for more than 10 minutes ... pretty rare .More often than not , the friend on the other end is busy trying to get interested in coding an applicatiuon for a client whom he has not seen ...and for which the client pays mind boggling sum ...and in this fast moving world ..not suprisingly we dont have the time for even speaking to our friends .

This is how a typical conversation would go amongst my friends and me these days (sans a few who wouldnt mind a half hour vetti chat ...thanks to an infy corporate mobile connection )

Me : Hi da

He : Hi ...

Me : Enna da ...no calls from u ...naye ...could have atleast sent some sms

him : amaam...could have sent ...

Me : But why ?

He: never struck me i have to call


He : Work is quite tight da .... so i didnt call

Me : what about the weekend da ?

Him : I was in office learning ...some new programming language da..

Me : cmon da..i know ur working hard...but keep some time for personal life da

HE: ille da ... i cant do that da , PM wont like da

me : (thinking ...how times have changed ..PM is more important than ur life ..sheeesh).

ME : How about a holiday on the weekend da ?

him : No da...that would mean I would come in late on monday ... so PM may not like it and it may affect my apraissal in the long run.So let my apraisal get over and tythen we will think about holiday.Now only work.... nothing else

Me : Dont u feel bored sitting in the office for hours together ?

Him: No da ...wat to do..? only till appraissal da

6 months later....and an appraissal later ..

Me : Hi, Ready for a holiday ..

Him : Holiday ... hmm... why do u want to meet ? We keep in touch via email no ..why waste money going to someother place ....

Me : Gosh .... I must have gone mad..sorry to contact you ... ?My mistake ...

thinking : how is he going to even satisfy his wife and raise children ..in due course when he has no outlet for enjoyment and is so drowned in his work ?

Then I just happened to read this piece on the net ... and it has conveyed what exactly i wanted to say


I am just quoting from a person's blog

Can we smile for a while? Leaving aside all our worries, tensions, desires and all such preoccupations, let’s just smile for a while and see. This universe as it is a vast and all encompassing. We remain but mere specks of dust in this vast universe. Whether we receive all the glory and success that anyone can dream of or whether we are condemned to live a wretched life, we shall all pass away. Nothing remains. Everything around is constantly dying and we are spending our time here fighting to gain kingdoms! When we ourselves shall pass away, how important are the kingdoms we gain here? Nothing remains! Some one thinks good about me, someone else sees me as a crook and when I myself am to leave the world very soon, how does it matter who thinks what? Should I fight to establish myself as a great man now or should I rather live this moment conflict-less-ly as anyway it’s going to pass away?
Praise or blame, both shall pass away. Success or failure, I shall soon vanish and no one knows where. Lets stop fighting for petty and temporary successes and failures and lets smile for a while, coz this smile we cannot smile tomorrow. Coz tomorrow this moment won’t be there, for us to revert back and smile instead of fight. Let it not be that tomorrow on our death bed, we recognize that we have lost the whole life fighting for things that do not accompany us at that moment. We have come crying into this world, let’s not leave crying. Let us learn to smile.

There is an interesting story about a zen master who was dying. When his disciples ask him to give them his last message and he says “Usssh! Listen to the squeaking of those squirrels”

J so simple it is. Are we here, this moment? We cannot live this moment tomorrow. Lets therefore live it now, it shall pass away J.

Kabir Says,
“Maya Mari na maan Mara, Mar mar gaye sharer
Asha Trishna na mari, keh gaye kabir”
[Niether illusion nor mind died, only bodies kept dying
Hope and yearning did not die, so says Kabir]

Its so beautiful. “Maan” is mind. it drives us away from the present. Asha is hope and Trishna is yearning. Constantly yearning to gain kingdoms and glory, we miss the present moment. At the end if we ask ourselves we recognize that we have not lived through our 50 years of life, we were running after a golden fleece and the 50 years just passed away.
“We see people dying every and yet everyone things he wont die. This is maya”, says swami Vivekananda. Its not that we literally say that we won’t die, we act in such a way. When we travel by a train, we know that everyone in the train is merely our sojourner. They will all leave very soon and we cannot hold them from leaving. But when we function in this world, our whole outlook is as if we are going to stay here permanently. This is Maya. As long as our mind drives us, we miss the present moment. And mind is able to drive us coz we are in the grips of maya … the illusory idea of finding permanence in the impermanent objects of this world. Asha and Trishna are the two wheels of Maya that drive us. The moment we drop Asha and Trishna and accept this moment we are free.

Mind is a continuous flow of thoughts. Maya is our identification with the continuous flow of thoughts. The “I” thought is confused for the true I. This is Maya. As a result of this, the “I” thought drives us mad. We start yearning for a better future, dissatisfied with what IS. We start hoping for a better future, dissatisfied with what IS. In a spiritual quest the first step is to accept the present as it is. The present is what is, - we as we are with all our good and bad qualities are unique creations of God. This recognition and acceptance of the present as it is, is the crux of the whole religious system. The dissatisfaction with the present, is due to ego. In the vastness of this universe, we are too puny. It is as if our existence if not at all significant in the complete picture. And yet, its amazing how we see ourselves as so “Big”. All our thoughts run around this “I”. Its amazing how much of our time is spent worrying about our image as it is projected in this world. Everyone should think good about me, this is Asha, hope. Why should everyone thing good about me? Who am I to dictate what others should think about me? There is no rule that everyone should thing good about me, and yet, due to ego we see ourselves as much bigger than what we are and want people to think good about us.
Let people think what they think – this is acceptance.
I did what I thought was right, and I am now what I am – this is acceptance.
When we are sad, we need not fight the sadness. Let us allow it to flow and say:
“I am sad, this is coz I gave so much importance to such and such a thing and as a result I am suffering”, this is acceptance.
If Asha, hope can be given up we are free here and now. Hope for a definite future is born out of a tendency to find security in a specific type of future. This “fixing” of the future is really dangerous, coz because of it arises all our suffering. We seek security in the future, coz we see no security in the present. We see no security in the present coz we depend upon something which changes with time and seek permanence in it. Obviously the security we are seeking is in the wrong object. We cant find security this way. This is for sure. For time does not give us any guarantee that it will not destroy the objects we depend upon. Within the realms of time, we cannot find security. Time and Maya are just two words for the same thing. Our bodies are dying constantly and we are here worried about a pimple on our face or a scar on it! The body is dying and we are worried if someone thinks it is beautiful or not! Two puppets on the canvas of time and space argue about their respective greatness, time passes away and soon both vanish into nothingness J

Asha, Trishna na mara … keh gaya kabir … when kabir said this he was, now he is past. Just like kabir who said this is gone, we to shall pass away and with that all our dreams and hopes. J

Let us smile now and be alive in the present.


The week that was !!

Well last friday could be aptly called D -DAY ..if i was Hitler . 3 results bombed ...CAT,jmet and Nmims .Nmims was quite close ..with me missing the cut off by 1. something nett ...but as the saying goes ..if.u miss ..u r on the wrong side ...of success...and XAT today was no better.

The work schedule also seems to be quite cramped as I am learning ways to finish my work as quick as possible and without mistakes.The whole of last week was a good example of practising time management ..though with less flattering results.

And finally when I found time to see a movie on my DVD player ..I got a really rotten movie called Blue Lagoon from my friend,whcih explores life marooned on an island...the story intially was all set for an adventure ..but sadly it never took off ..and after 2 hours of patience...I succumbed to the world of slumber even as my dvd player finished running the 3 hour marathon in playing the ful movie.

My comp at home is as usual giving me the niggles,so that explains why not much activity is seen on this blog.


Playboy to go desi ....

If u think it's good news ..think again ... It's actually not so good.... It's like being allowed to go to a wine shop and not allowed to drink wine ... does that ring a bell ?

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New Year Resolutions and much more

Frankly speaking I have never made a new year resolution..because I never felt the desperate need to do something..with full gusto ..as any given day as long as the required work caught my attention , I would devote myself fully to the cause and immerse into the work.But as years have gone by I realise ..new year resolutions are more so long terms plans...which if executed succesfully ..instills a sense of confidence which is pretty much unparralled. I have never done anything so far in my life with a long term vision ..so I have decided to focus my attention this year on things that I dont like generally .,or things that I might have chronically avoided.. so that I start liking them and become more enlightened by the year(Coding ,english grammar .......)

My immediate long term goal for this year was fuelled in today's morning's train journey from Guindy railway station to Egmore...when i saw literally every one from a student to a hawker dabbing away sms'es to beat the monotony of the train journey. 5 years back Could we have even expected us to have cell phones , leave alone the hawkers ..? Those days having a cell phone was a huge status symboland was largely seen as an elitist possession...as very few had cell phones then..and very few saw the need of buying one and speaking across to their dear ones....as the popular excuse was ..why a cell phone ..when I can use a PCO for 1 rupee.... fair enough .... !!!

But then came along the Ambani's ..who decided that instead of tageting the elite ...they would target the middle class segment also ...and lo they started a revolution by creating the need for having a cell phone in the minds of every indian ..across the width and breadth of the country. So that revolution left me stunned ...as people who chasticised me for having a cell phone (I used one in college from 2002)..were now behaving as if cell phones were the very oxygen of their existence. The mobile revolution has gone to the extent of PCO's actually complaining to the goverment as they hardly get customers ..as every Tom,dick and harry has a mobile (ubiquitously it would be Nokia 1100 ).

Coming to my new year resolution on a long term basis ...I plan to make the common man blog .... it actually sounds interesting as my mind is flooded with plethora of idea's to go about implementing it...just needs some fine tuning and practical thoughts + a certain objective minded creativity to hit the target.... so 363 days of fun ahead ....


Which Came First ?

The Chick or the BABE ?--->The argument continues .....

God created man ..and since man was feeling lonely and was feeling bored of being gay and same sex marriages...they decided to have some more features that would enhance man's desire ... Man after having driven autos and pumping horns ..wanted a similar device ....and lo god ..incorporated ..his requirements and also fed him lactose with the same intstrument incorporated in the top floor of the new human being caled female.... and slowly when mankind could not do work in 24 hrs ..he added 12 mour hours on alternate days ..and thus arrived the 36-24-36 funda.... God knew that men loved trekking in caves around forests ..and so created a jungle in the new human model called female where the man..used to park his vehicle to rest in peace.

now when the new human ....i mean the female was created ...then a sheep passed by and the man was reminded of his teachers poem.."Ba Ba ...blacksheep" and started singing BA " ..before ....the female came in front of him ...to ask him clothes ..to cover her body...and when man saw god's latest creation..he stood dumbfounded ...and was gazing at God's structural marvel....which was later the reason attributed to every man's success...and uttered just one word..."B" ...seeing a B shaped body part on the female...and thus combining the "BA " and the "B" ..the word babe..was coined ....and ever since ....when soon enough the chick also came into being ....mankind has been fighting world wars ..since then...in deciding...whether the Chick came first or the babe...

I heard that George bush..is spending... millions of crores in trying to ward of the WMD (Weapens of mass dstruction- (a.k.a) the eyes and lips of a woman ) as it is proving to be too distracting for american presidents to stay put with work.... much to bill clinton's consternation.

(This was typed in response to a query in a discussion forum. on sulekha ..some things may not fall in place ...this was whatever I could think of in 5 quick minutes ..so dont mind the crap )

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