My New Article on Chaminda Vaas

How-Vaas-Zzzat is the title of the article, and it was published a couple of hours back on Crickblog. I'd reccomend you to click here to read the article.

Back Ache!

Carrying a heavy 4 kg Laptop + other paraphernilia on a crowded Western Line with the mad rush has its toll on the back.

The Mohammed Rafi Song comes to mind when I look at my daily life.

Aey Dil Hain Mushkil, Hain Jeena Yahan, Zara Hatke Zara Bachke, Yeh Hain Bombay Meri Jaan


Excellent Ad

Chanced on This

Found this piece on my Professor who taught us International Entrepreneurship at Great Lakes. His classes were phenomenal in the sense that it taught us how business plans change in reviews and presentations to VC's and how an idea and can be pruned over and over again to make it look sellable!


The Race to be NOT number 1

I've seen people competing to be Number 1, right from School, College and obviously even the dog-eat-dog corporate world. But these days in the garb of being different, companies are branding themselves as number 2 and Number 3.

Sahara TV is fighting to be the number 3, General Entertainment Channel

Luminous Inverters does TV ads and proclaims that its number 2

Agency Faqs proudly proclaims that its number 2

Now, Who's queueing for Number 4?

Sutta Na Mila!

Heard this song when some of my juniors sung this full throated at Flames,Le-Meridian. Found it after 4 months on Youtube. Great Music, Great Video and "Hummable" lyrics. Reminded me of a certain "Abbey" in M.B.A. "Abbey" would be coming to campus on september 2nd as part of the HR summit! Wish I was back at campus to see that guy who wrote the incredible book M.B.A(Mediocre But Arrogant). There couldnt have been a more precise book on crazy B school life in India.

Go ahead! Scream "Sutta Na Mila" :-)


Dhoni- Time to Make a Man out of the Boy?

Dhoni must be in a fix after yesterday's loss, but I still feel that the test captaincy must go to Dhoni, and India, need to regroup their core unit to form a great team. Reminds me of the time of the mid 80's when the Australian Team had a absolutely new team. Great decisions then reaped in benefits as the teams after Border's men, went on to reach lofty heights. Building a team for the future, didnt seem to help the Windies much, as after Richards and Richardson, they just werent able to fill in the void.

I've written a piece on why Dhoni would be the right choice. Do flip through it when you find some time.

Best Way to Celebrate Independence Day

Sleep in a Non descript station(Canacona) on a wooden seat, trying to sip some warm chai at 3 am, even as the rains pour on the konkan Coast. Aaah my back aches post Independence day.


Anil Kumble- Has the Sun Set Over his Illustrious Career?

Anil Kumble has been India’s unsung hero, but is it time to salute this warrior and try developing more warriors in the current crop of fringe spinners? An in-depth look at his bowling stats reveals a lot more than just numbers would.......................
Read the full article here.

Forced by a Thief at an ATM.?

If you are ever forced by a thief or someone to take money out of an ATM machine, enter your pin number reversed.
So if your number is 1254 mark 4521.

The ATM machine will give you your money, but will automatically recognize thisas a plea for help and will alert the police unknown to the thief. Now isn't that some useful info for starting the week.

Update: Srini says that this might be a rumour!


Some Memories

8th, 9th and 10th August have some significance in my life. 8th August 2004, was when I got through Infosys on a cloudy morning in Chennai. 9th August, 2004 was the date of joining of my first job-Polaris(which I didnt go on to join). 10th August, 2005 was the day my Grandfather passed away. My grandmother is beside him in the picture. This was taken in 2005 through the first mobile camera that I bought, so a rare picture it is, found it on my Flickr account just yesterday. I immideately sent a collection of pictures to my grandmother(through Zoomin), who is in Chennai. I still remember the days my Grandfather would take me out for walks in Nanganallur, an area in suburban Chennai that i visited everytime in my Summer holidays. I used to make him buy Big Fun Bubble gums and Suadavali Pepper mint, and I enjoyed a lazy walk across the Malgudi'esque Nanganallur. Just miss those good old days :-)
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The week that was!

My mother seems to have taken a huge liking for the PJ's of these cartoons on 9xm

Evening at Bandra Fort, next to the constructions of the Bandra Worli Sea Link

Run for cover. The Rains are here! Thats me and my classmate Arunachalam!

Navneet's umbrella has just turned upside down in the heavy winds and rains that came down suddenly

and if you have some time,
do peep in to my new article on Indian Cricket
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Kuselan- Review

When I went in for the movie, with my friend Arunachalam(who had taken the pains of booking it), I expected a mob like frenzy for this Rajini movie. Nothing of that sort happenned. The back rows were booked, but the front rows at PVR Mulund were empty. Just a few cat calls as the movie flashed Rajnikant's name in the credits. The movie was quite a drag, but it was the slow moving drag nature of the movie that interested me, as it really peeped into the mind of the barber. The screenplay and the locations have been chosen very well, and though the graphics in the background does present a few gaping holes, its more or less been a good job done.

(On dinner now, will get back and write a detailed review)

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