Hooked on to the Following Songs

Work seems all the more interesting when some lovely songs play in your ear on a cloudy afternoon, when the sky threatens to cry.

Device- Sony Erricsson w 550 i Walkman phone
Medium- Fever 104 fm- Bangalore
Venue- My office where I intern
Nature of work- Analysis on the web

To Phir Aao-(Atif Aslam) The Remix from Awaarapan
You know what it feels like- Enrique Iglesias
Teri Aankhen Bhool Bhulaiya- Bhool Bhulaiya
Yeh Jo Des hain Tera - Swades
Dil Ne Tumko- Shaan from Jhaankar Beats
Saawariya Saawaraiya
Ajab Si Om Shanti Om

and another song called " Kya hua ki Jivan Chooti" from Ek Chalis ki last local...on right now!


B School Love

Came across this article on Rediff. Good read and pretty much bang on, and loved the finishing line which had Shaadi.com starting a service for B schoolers to marry. Call that a Niche- high value- big deal- segment for Shaadi.com, if it kicks off well. I have seen many couples on my campus and I perfectly agree, how B schools act as a perfect ground for romance to breed, given the togetherness in so many tasks and events. Study groups offer a great chance to get closer with the opposite sex, and explore the person inside out. Though engineering offers 4 years of bonding, the maturity levels of the B schooler are a tad better and there is more stress at a B school, than a T school, so more oppurtunities of chilling out.

I am a little starved for time, will delve deeper on this when I get some time.


Fever 104

I am hooked on to this radio channel even as I continue to furiously typing reports at my company(I am interning at Bangalore now). The day starts off with me sending some report and finding more reports to be done. Its been a cloudy day so far, with the rains commencing in Bangalore last night. I dont have an umbrella, so might peep into shoppers stop next door, to get an umbrella and get a break.


I walk a Lonely Road........

When I heard this song from Green day, from Meenakshi, (my colleague at my former work place), I was instantly attracted to this song for the tune and the 5 words that it had before the ring tone was converted into a call. A further 2 months saw me searching for this song, and I finally found "Bouleward Of Broken Dreams", on my trip to Goa, when a friend had it on his MP3 player.This song signifies, to a large extent my idea of being lonely on a trip. I have grown to being alone at home, being a latch key kid, and so travelling alone to a movie, holiday or any place, is something that I have got used to.

I am waiting for the next break I would get to take a break...even if it is as small as 1 day.I am glancing at Karnataka maps to zero in on places of interest, and given the current gang of folks I reside with in BTM Lay-out, each one with diverse interests, its tough to organise a gang tour.

I love travelling alone simply because

1) You can experiment by staying at a crazy 40 bucks a nite shack
2) You can travel by what your pulse says and not by the polled opinion of folks around you.
3) You need not carry the headache of waiting for your friends to get ready at their own sweet time.
4) You dont need to hear the tantrums of bad rooms, unhygenic places.....blah blah blah
5) You need not feel bad, about posing in every picture that friends take like a expressionless statue. You can infact hone your photography skills by focussing on the world around you.
6) Directionless travelling is the biggest fun in trips as it leads you to meet something in life called "variety" which was missing in your mundane life so far.
7) Freedom from restrictions that each friend has, or concocted safety ideas that a person may have.

My take on travel trips is all about getting out of your comfort zone,and feeling a lot different every time you hit a place, and just laze around places. Make your mind think wild, so that you do things, you would otherwise not think of doing in a constrained "corporate" life.

Right Now, thinking of 1 day trips like

1) An unreserved train journey to Mysore
2) Sakleshpur
3) Mangalore
4) Hampi
5)........I do a lot of talking, why dont you help me here?


In Bangalore for a Month

I am right now doing my internship at Bangalore. Will be in Garden city for a month. so hope to meet a few friends and escape the heat of Chennai. Looking forward to some lovely, chill 6 am walks with Kishore da playing on Radio City/Mirchi.

Bangalored for a Month

I am now in Bangalore, doing my internship at Reach Technologies. I joined a little late, by a couple of days, due to some health problems. As soon as the Rajahamsa bus landed at KG bus stand near Majestic at 5 am today, it brought back a few memories. Exactly 3 years back, I came to bangalore on this very day, to join Infosys. I was also not keeping well then, recovering partially from TB of the colon.My classmates, interning at Reach Tech, were staying in a house in BTM Layout, and when i boarded the local bus from Majestic to BTM, memories came back like a flashback in a movie.

The Local bus stand was still the same, in the sense that al the buses had routes written in Kannada, and the bus stand had all routes and numbers in Kannada. All I did, was go around like a mute idiot, uttering BTM BTM, and some sane person led me to platform 13. Then 45 minutes later, I was deposited near the BTM layout bus stand, exactly where I was living 3 years back. Priya bakery, the samsung and sony shop, advaita petrol pump on 16th main and Udupi gardens...everything was there, without an iota of change. My friend picked me up and drove me to his place at 7 am and all i did was snooze for three hours after which I got ready for the walk to my office. My office is located just off Bannerghata Road.

Work life is said to be hectic here, and I am only waiting for a free sunday, to sneak in a short in-a-day holiday to break away from the malls/crowds and the cubicles.I need to make a few critical decisions about certain things in my life that I am passionate about.I am at this juncture of life, where I am 50% done with my MBA, and need to decide which companies to I decide to apply for placement and which sector do I want to apply.I am slightly tired of working for these conventional services company, where I dont see my work adding value to the company, so might not join a 50,000 stregth company. It would be interesting to see how things pan out during the internship here at Bangalore.


Merchant and Bankers Rowing Regatta-2007

It's good to do a long sports show!, as it acts as the right buffer when you fall ill at home, on a house arrest.

These are my latest sports shows, that I shot 2 weeks ago, right after class on a saturday afternoon. This Rowing show was my first show that deviated away from cricket, and it was fun doing it. Watch it here and here

3 weeks back, I also did a 20-20 victory review. Check it out at at

Part 1 and Part 2

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