Last 2 days were Pongal celebration time and all my mom's side cousins came home and with all my contemporary cousins and some siblings around, their voice and the atmosphere was enough to bring the roof down . this is the only part of festivals i dont like( the noise) bcoz all my cousins come home as my grandparents stay with us ansd so it's a big family reunion on festive occissons .

exactly a week ago i was in hyderabad in one of my mom's friwnds (parvati aunty) place along with kishore,prassna and anand . she is around 45 years old and lives with her 80 something old mother .she has no kids and it's just the two of them . so when we guys stayed there for 2 days , she was really made busy with all the tasty cooking and other arrangements. at the end of our stay while we were leaving she and her mother felt very happy that we had stayed there and they felt as if their house had sprang upto life , amidst all these years of quiet and lonely existence .

i really felt great that i had lifted some one's spirits and made them happy . the reason i am putting this post is that , i realize the importance of a family reunion ( despite the noise) to keep the mood up .

i guess it's 12 am so gotta go and read ........as per my new schedule and sleep within the first few lines of opening the page !!!!!!!!!!
today the 17th was spent in the cool confines of my home . i decided not to go to college as the bloody atmosphere there is really boring and i thought i could do a litlle bit of studies in time 4 the so-called-midsems . The past few days have been pretty good especially after the hyderabad visit.

1 i've started to pay attention to my quizzical instincts and my vocabulary
2 i've begun to enjoy nights reading some papers rather than cover myself with the bedspread.
3 distinct and positive mood change w.r.t technical knowledge esp after the visit to IIT campus,Hyderabd where i learnt what a college was and here i am in chennai , living in my own lost world gearing myself to do my Masters in a reputed and cool institute .
4 become more mature in what goes out of the mouth , esp when i get angry
5 learnt to count 1 to 10 ( make that 110) whenever i encounter some real hooligans and cracked fellows from students to guys in the exam/attendance cell .
6 enjoyin music almost 3 hrs a day , with preservation of batteries !!!!!
7 typin my blog


today is day 4 in hyderabad and the mood is still on a high all due to the attention i seem to be deriving here :courtesy asking questions to the panelists . nuthin big , but it is these small tokens of praise and appreciation which accelerates the adrenalin'o'meter to it's rightful levels . last night was really boring coz we went to a restaurant called "snowy ....." anticipating a quiet environment , but the hotel food was so bad , that we had to partially abandon the enemy(food) before it ate our stomachs , < rather than we eating it>

jus happy to see ind at last winning ............


hi folks . i am presently in HYDERABAD attending the patrnership summit . today and yesterday have been interesting . here's a brief post on the happenings .
try checking the url www.ciionline.org and u would come across some one called Shaffer , who happens 2 be the ambassodor to India . yesterday i asked her a question as to how could India cooperate with the US with regard to solving Pak's internal problems , with the thing being that Pk has killed so many indians and left an indelible scar . so it deserved to be nuked . she replied saying that what i told would deepen the crisis and would lead to the world being a little volataile . but she fully couldnt answer my question , so i felt elated as I had proved my point . A little later i went and spoke to her personally at the end of the day and she seemed to talk in a very polite manner with a nice smile and told me she repected the Indian revengeful feelings but she asked me to imagine myself as a indian relations minister and analyze the solution . even then i told her that why should india help pakistan gain lost ground when all the pakis regardles of any talks still keep blasting different parts of India .

she thought for some while , but a CII guy came to her rescue saying she had to go for dinner and alas there ended my brief sojourn ...................................WELL THE ONLY GOOD THING BEING WAS THAT I WAS SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE (ONLY A FEW) WHO CONGRATULATED ME . the other consolation came when i asked the question when the chairperson told her" this is the answer the youth of india is waiting to know " . so at least some one took my question serious !!!!!

but today was even more exciting in the sense that , this morning one MR Richard haas , again one of the ambassodors spoke on US'S great help to India in the relations wrt Terrorism . that guy was going on "gapsa " wuttifying , so what in did was ask another question : INDIA HAS SUFFERED MORE DEATHS DUE TO TERROSRISMS FOR THE PAST 20 YRS AND HAS BEEN SILENT ABOUT IT . IT HAS NOT RESORTED IN ANY NUKING OR RETALIATION TO THE PAK ATTACKS . BUT THE US WHEN IT WAS ATTACKED JUST ONCE (9/11 ATTACKS) IT WITHOUT ASKING ANYBODY , STARTED THE NUKING OF AFGHANISTAN , THUS ESCALATING THE TENSION.


that question as soon as i finished , received a warm round of applause from the distinguished audience and the lunch session was all about handshakes with so many people (students as well as corporates) . so just got pepped up and a known figure!!!!

prassana today asked george fernandes a question on nuclear threats by pak to india on which geoprge's reply was a total anti=-pak answer saying musharaff was a mad and irresponsible man who makes stupid statements and probably is risking suicide as if he puts a bomb on india , india will still survive , but pak as a nation will be history !!!!



THE year dats gone by

JAN 3 - elated as my paper on Energy conservation is selected at the National level symposium at MIT ,anna university,chrompet
JAN 4 - won first prize for creative writing at MIT ,chrompet
- sad as didnt make it to the quiz finals due to improper correction of quiz prelims .

JAN 25 -almost broke my back sitting the 100 rs stand at chepauk watching IND VS ENG and lost my voice for some time , call it the "sachin and sehwag effect " .

JAN 26 - Attended the odyssey quiz without a partner after exchanging 6 partners where each one pulled out citing some stupid reason or the other .

FEB 1 - my glimpse into what a BIZ-QUIZ is all about , attending ET in the classroom quiz .( not bad 9/25 compared to toppers 18 )

FEB 6,7 - participation in e-luminate ver 2.0 , symposium of Hindustan engg college, my first crash course in birdwatching.

FEB 12 - the bloody results are out .................

FEB 21 - it's my birthday and what better way to celebrate it ? went to hindustan engg college with prassana to the E&I dept symposium and again took a refresher course !!!!!.

FEB 22,23 - I realize i am in the midst of mediocrity in veltech ,as my team members dont contribute a an answer in the sports and general quizzes . the SACHIN TENDULKAR of Vel Tech ( ur's truly)is unhappy with the commitment shown by his team mates.

FEB 25 - the day cant get better, it's the IEEE assosiation of our college conducting an interdepartmental quiz and paper presentation . I easily win the quiz and come 2nd in paper presentation and the week begins on a good note .

FEB 28 - roaming out again , go to bharath engg college to attend their symposium and given the death knell when i dont see my name in the quiz finals , but see some one else from my college ahead of me qualify by a point .

MARCH 1 - i go to SIFY, in tidel park to invite the chief guest for our symposium KIRUBASHANKAR and find him to be a very interesting person .

MARCH 6 - VELSYSCOM 02 was our symposium for which i work literally in all the departments day and night , but the seniors pour cold water over my plans by behaving and interfering in true vel tech style .

MARCH 7 - my class in charge BALA (SALA) dosent sign my record saying i was late in submitting it and to add insult to injury he says he never saw me doing any work for the symposium and in front of my eyes he signs the record for other guys who were late saying they worked hard for the symp .


PS: - now that , the moron of a lecturer has been chucked out of my college , so no fear on the post of his name in my blog

APRIL1- fooled srivatsan and vinushankar by disguising my voice and telling them that they won a prize worth 3k and asked them to check their mail and gave them a nice shock

joined the BLOGGER bandwagon -www.katchucrap.blogspot.com - that's supposed to be my URL ...in cyberspace .

MAY 6 -Exams are over and i decide to watch a movie with my friends ashish,ganesh and prassana. we go for AAP MUJHE ACHE LAGNE LAGE which to date still hurts me as to how i could waste 45 rs on absolute crap . the movie is one of the worse made ,big hype movie......

JUNE 6 - College reopens and as usual the day goes on and on........

june 29 -Attend India's first online journals meet called the Blogger's meet in Chennai.

JULY 8 - The dept of E&I conduct a inter departmental quiz , a mixture of general as well as technical and I cling on to the "best quizzer" tag winning it by a big margin

JULY 26 - SRI VENKATESHWARA ENGG COLLEEGE, TIRUVALUR conducted their symposium and being 15 kms away from avadi , i decide to go and make a mark in tech quiz , gen quiz and adzap where the crowd gives a huge round of applause for me...

AUG 5,6,7,8,9,10,11- are simply the days i will treasure throughout my life as i tour SVCE,AMRITA(qualify in the the national level quiz finals ) , and OOTY with 6 of my friends with the tag "ON DUTY" .

SEP 6 7 - come 3rd in a quiz at jerusalem , win web designing and come 2nd in a quiz at raja rajeshwari engg college.

SEP 17 - I am invited to be the host of the mech dept quiz , but the guys feel the questions to be to0 hi-fi so i pull out 2 days in advance . on the day of the symposium , MECH dept finds too few participants so sends an SOS to all the classes that even students from vel tech can participate and i am there in the hall in a jiffy and it turns out that i win the quiz and a cash prize of 1000 rs . the last 2 months brought me more than 5000 in cash money .

DEC 30 - I again win the 4th sucessive quiz in my college and am happy , but disaster strikes in the evening with the results ...............

DEC 31 - reflect on the deeds and misdeeds of the year 2002 and watchin K3G

JAN 1- 2003 - i am presently typing this ............

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