The last 2 days had been spent sleeping over my CAT material ,pillow and biscuits.
These days , I seem to lie down whenever the phenomenen of sleep hits me !!!

I have an all India mock CAT tommorow , but seem to be wasting my time in shuttling between my driving school and home , all for those extra classes in driving maruti coz my est is scheduled in a couple of days .
I feel so releived at being offered no post in our symposium, coz CAT pressure is really getting high. from here on my blog will be a dedicated CAT /GRE blog with special usage of those unheard words. it's a kinda practice for me in terms of usage and for the reader too.


Life's really boring for now , as in college , practically nothing happens as far as three subjects are concerned. regularly due to lack of staff we are dumped in our peripherals lab .
How long will this go ? Well 60000 rs toward my engineering education just seems to be going down the drain.

Well , something to pep me up is the general quiz , hosted by the E&I dept in our college on tuesday. the prelims are tommorow . I only hope and pray that I qualify for the Finals and go on to win my 5th succesive VEL-INTRA QUIZ( so far it's 4 out of 4) , bcoz this time we have around 150 teams in the prelims .


Kiruba's speech yesterday was really good in the sense that he combined practicality , with a tinge of humour every now and then to ensure that we were all awake . The best part probably was the mini adzap session we hads with each team trying to put it across each other .

Today was a really long day at college as most of the time was spent roaming here and there collecting names for the symposium . The headache has just begun and it getting bigger with guys like selvakumar , arun and of course , the idiotic class B CSE final years , behaving kiddishly. to add fuel to the fire is our very own ARRY , messing up things .

The better part of the evening was spent in mount road , in Altosys , a software company , hunting for projects , along with achut


I happened to ponder , as to what was the most foolish thing I ever did amongst all my shenanigans , and the numero uno feat was ...............................................

I tried doing a "madhavan" /"vivek oberoi" humming "endendrum punnagai(alaipayuthe)/ "oh humdum suniyo re(saathiya) with the music blaring on my walkman as I drove the bike at 50kmph one fine day , All of a sudden the music was interrupted by a thud and my ears being given a jerk and i realised that the walkman was probably loosely attached to my pants, and it fell down on the road ...............

Many vehicles missed the walkman , by not much, but it was scratched here and there , bcoz of the fact that it fell down at such a speed.

To this day I regret that as my SONY walkman , still dosent have the radio functioning bcoz of my act ! ! !




Sometimes when we see succesful people going about in a Mercedes Benz or in a Ford Ikon it dosent take us long us to say" what a lucky guy" . What we actually seem to be missing to see, is just the effect of years of sweat and toil behind the guy , who seems to be travelling in a luxury car. Such is the power of perseverence , that it can be looked as a tool that can combine hardwork, dilgence patience and consistency and transform into a potent form of something as as sweet as the nectar of success.

Perseverence in itself a virtue that encompasses insistence ,hardwork,resolve,determination and diligence and finally this capsule when rigorously followed over a period of time , results in oppurtunities for mankind to excel himself in .Generally mankind measures the virtues of life in a very objective manner and perseverance being the stepping stone to success , automatically becomes a very high priority among the virtues of life , in such a way that all the other virtues tend to tag along with the important virtue of perseverance . So to say perseverence becomes the very hinge around which the door of human virtues moves back and forth , time and again.

We shall see an example of perseverance in shorter and longer perspectives .Take for instances day-to- day instances like the recently concluded World cup that was won by Australia where Australia easily won all the matches it played . It seemed very easy to sit back at home and say that they won because they were lucky .. but a behind the screen look tells us that they worked 7-8 hours on their fitness, batting and bowling and being mentally tough. Even though they were caught in a couple of dicey situations , they some how managed to wriggle out of it due to sheer grit and determination to succeed .Thus perseverance is purely of an offscreen activity that projects the person involved in hardwork in a better light on the screen .

Now , take for instance the very case of writing this article , which requires a certain amount of dedication to sit down and organize the thoughts and ideas and jot it down on paper and then later to rearrange the ideas in such a fashion to make the article look readable . This hardwork is spread probably over an hour and if the teacher who goes through this article finds this piece if writing interesting enough and she gives an A grade to me , probably somewhere among the last benches one would find frustrating rumours doing the rounds " what a lucky girl....................." . so the next time you see some thing flashy or good , try thinking how much of dedication and hardwork went into making it so good and with that I would like to conclude that , yes Indeed , Perseverance is the hinge of all virtues

2nd week since college reopened and still we are no where , as far as the initial objective of completing the portions well in time , is concerned. we dont seem to be having staffs to manage the department as 3-4 of them have decided to take a week off and the newer recruits seem totally out of place . Sometimes it really pinches me that to hear this drivel in college(or rather none) , I actually burn a hole of 60 000 rs anually in my parents pocket. I guess my engineering is highly screwed simply because of the lack of competitive flavour , in students and the lack of a proffesional college like atmosphere, which makes me really lackadaisical at my work .

Just as the system of PERCENTILE scores go in most entrance exams , the benchmark for judging the beauty of a woman would be Aishwarya rai , undoubtedly .... and this comes on the blog , coz I am watching "HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM" one of the films that catapulted her to fame in 1999 .
her lovely green eyes ,slim and tender figure, ladylike way of speaking ..............................it just goes on and on and on...............on . a little further on this topic , my blog for all u know may be tracked down by sushma swaraj(or Ravi shankar) and would meet the same fate as the banning of FTV .
well if any female wanting to apply if they feel they are in the 90 percentile category , lets make this blog as the medium of communication ...! ! ! !


today my stomach played truant from 4 in the morning, so couldnt go to college . it was a pity that the ache left me sleeping till 9 am , after which it was GAYAB. today's leave gave me ample time to work on my CAT preparation .


Today I had a first hand Glimpse of what goes thru the mind of a recruiter. I had been to India Software Group , to get some advice as to what recruiters expect from freshers as well as tech guys who apply for jobs, along with kishore of my class . I am really thankfull to kiruba who made this possible along with the HR manager Ms Sandra. and their recruit Ashish . They were very forthright in giving their views and gave a clear picture of how to go about hunting companies and getting down to orient ourselves better to get a internship during our 8th semester.

came back home , in a very happy mood wiser from the meeting with these corporate people . it's late 11 now , but i guess for a CAT aspirant , there is nothing called "proper time or raghukalam " as I have to write a mock CAT right now from 11:30 pm to 1 :30 am ...... phew quite a schedule ...........


I spoke to soon, err ............blogged too soon , about my new HOD whom I had praised in the last blog turned out to be a 1 day wonder ! ! ! today the guy not only had me in splits , but got on my nerves as well . This was with response to a question on "availability" in distributed computing ?
( more of general term "availability" than in technical jargon ). I happened to answer " the amount of optimum resources required at a particular time to either be supplied or......" . I said it in this form because i didnt want to use the word "availability" in the definition as it would look cheap from an engineering student's point of view .(some thing a la MS ARVIND'S definition of BANDWITH : width of the band !!!) My HOD stared at me and said that I always make it a point to say some thing that is precisely wrong .

I was still left wondering what could be the perfect answer to such a question , but that was interuppted by the same question , forwarded to one of those Andhra girls , who sheepishly smiled and after bilnking into the sir's face , said a stunner "SAR ( sir in Andhra slang!) AVAILABILITY is what iiis available" and belive it or not , the sir in response to this congratulated the girl by saying it was a brilliant and precise answer , much to my chagrin .

He then turned to me and said , that i should learn from her , how to be precise and I was fit for nothing!!!! . I got bugged by that statement and retorted back saying that "Any tom dick and harry can answer in that way" to which he turned his face ( I guess he had got an over-dose of a language called English , and decided to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL by facing the blackboard .

Well just as life is like two sides of a coin , my better part came in the CAT classes , later in the evening where I did the english test much better than I had expected to do and my preparation on the CAT front is getting slightly more organized , so that feeling at the end of the day , left me smiling at the vagaries of life that strikes a person in all magnitudes all too suddenly !!!!!


College has finally started and so has boredom.The heat in Chennai is just too much and today , since the staff meeting was supposed to take place , we were dumped in the computer lab , which did not have the AC functioning and the door too was bolted. We were told that the AC was functioning , despite repeated requests from the guys ,as were literally getting wet with sweat.
The classes have not begun in full swing and there is always this sense of idling around in class . We have a new HOD and i started liking him for 1 reason , he was the first HOD in veltech , who has spoken about conducting a symposium , addresing us on day 1 and he also becomes the first HOD to spot me napping in the class ! !

our symposim is slated on the 8th and 9th of august this year which may clash with the symposium of Amrita engg college, coimbatore . (not that it's going to deprive us of our crowd for our symp) , but we would love to be there in coimbatore attending their event than organizing our's in the midst of all kinds of troubles , that crop up here in the course of our symposium in the form of budget allocation........etc etc .
We had a lovely time last year , when we( achut and myself) qualified for the finals of their national level techquiz but came 4th out of 5 in the finals after closely fought rounds and to really lap it up we were enjoying nature at it's best as the college is surrounded on all sides by mountains and the mist covers the college till 9 in the morning . we had a royal time in ooty a day later , with 6 of us deciding to take a break from college .

well i am really interested at the prospect of doing something for our symposium , purely from a technical point of view and also managing the whole event . i guess none of my current 4th year batchmates are going to be that interested in this as they dont realize the latent oppurtunity that lies within of this being a platform to test our programming skills practically . well I guess I'l have to take up the mantle , this time again , hopefully with the secretive support of 2 -3 mates of my class

secondly last sunday i happened to attend a math workshop for solving the CAT , which also had succesful guys from the IIM's speak to us. i met quite a few engineers , who like me are in a way intested in their engineering , but somewhere along they played the fool, enjoying life the way they wanted, paying little heed to their engineering , and of course made their way into the IIM's . hope i too follow their path of making to the IIM's after a not so enjoyable bout of engineering !!!!

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