well EXAMOPHOBIA is at it's worst for me . i have this very bad habit of keeping things for the last moment and that really shows in my exam paper !!!! the other exams from no- 3 to 6 have just been ok with no-3 and no-6 giving me nightmares ............ all that matters when it comes to writing the madras university BE exams , is that u have to present it neatly underlining all important points ( no matter what crap is inside- JUST FILL IN THE PAGES) . Well all i can say is that when this is the case most of my college guys make sure they know the subheadings and topics to spin their story in bits and bytes. this is where i lose out, and the difference is a whole 9-10% !!!!

all i can say of exams is that it's 2 weeks of tyranny writing it, 2 months of tyranny waiting for the damn results 2 months of tyranny preparing for it and this cycle repeats twice in a year !!!!!!!!!!!!

1 more enemy to conquer ......... err........ lets say 1 more enemy to visit and make compromises, and then thankfully we break for abt 17 days.
so i guess i shall be back on 31st of oct. till then CIAO
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lazyness + overconfidence = bad day at the office

well today we had DBMS exam and since i had read around 6-7 chapters deeply in the study hols , i thought i had an edge over my classmates in terms of knowledge ,so spent the 1/2 day holiday in watching Amisha Patel in Humraaz and the next half dozing but alas all that went in vain today .
i came in the morning with a couple of units to finish off in a relaxed mood , saw most of the guys having a "made easy series" book in their hands and they told me that they had read all the 5 units .I envied them at that stage coz i had put in roughly 30 hours to read DBMS really in depth(even then i finished only 3 units) and here these guys in a matter of hours finished it, thanks to those stupid local 30 pages book.

well that made me tense bcoz , 2 units meant 24 marks and i didnt want to miss out on it , but i still had to do a little revision of what i had previously studied , so here i was -1 hour to go and i had to make a tradeoff between -to be read - and -revise already read- . the next one hour i tried loading my brain with all kinds of stuff and i was literally blank because of my stupid tradeoff , when i went into the hall. it took a lot of time to remember things that i had studied and in the end the exam turned out to be a case of sour grapes for me . i was just not able to think and concentrate and just wrote mechanically what came to mind . out of 80 i guess i will only be able to manage only somewhere between 40-50 ....

a real bad day it was .............. and i am now determined to put this debacle behind my mind and focus strongly on my forthcoming exams .


maths is over and i am gleaming with joy as the subject DISCRETE MATHS looked a little tough before preparation , but yesterday's paper was a absolute sitter , but even then i have made some unpardonable mistakes. but all said and done , considering the tension minutes before entering into the hall , i am happy with the outcome of the paper. yesterday was a mixed day in terms of fortunes as the law of averages caught up with me in the afternoon. in the ecstacy of finishing the exam well i forgot my hall ticket inthe class bench and in realised that when i had travelled around 25 km from my college( somewhere near ambttur -anna nagar). I immideately called up my friend aanand who stays in ambattur , as he took me in his vehicle from ambattur to college and my hall ticket and gel pen were lying safe in the 'dustbin'-(courtesy AAYA).

well there is a limit of forgeting things and i exceeded that , bcoz knowing my college's attitude they would make me run pillar to post to get a duplicate hall ticket . gotta go to study after i decided to invest my time last night watching the ravishing amisha patel in HUMRAAZ on ZEE.


well i am in the process of taking short periods of studies in between long hours of breaks ! !!!! . well gotto step on the gas in terms of studying ,.. i guess that will be all for the day ..........


started some thing serious with maths and VLSI , with a bit of OS as a topping !!!! . the next few days are going to be in solitude studying for my exams after which i have a small plan to freak out somewhere in a hilll station , time permitting . anybody from our college wanting to join me can do so by contacting me kartik_kannan@rediffmail.com.

nuthin much to say , i've gotta get back to my table .


well my labs are over and i am euphoric over my performance in OS lab. so gotta get ready for the main exams that start on 17th .
i got a wonderfulexternal examiner yesterday who was very student friendly so unlike the female we had for DBMS . that female i heard was from Sairam Engg college ( that is a another cracked college ! ! ! !). well all is well that ends well . last evening after college i went to Udayam Theatre along with my friend prassna for the movie RUN. well the movie was pretty good with Vivek's comedy being rip roaring... i've some day gotta have a compilation of his comedies . they seem very logical and all the jokes are intelligent jokes!!

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phew..................... i had a really bad external examiner today , must be a real psycho the way she asked questions not waiting for me to finish it. here i am , my voice fully in a triumphant tone ,called the examiner to check my program and verify the output and she comes and puts in garbage values ( like putting characterers inn space of numbers box) and says my program has one error even though it works to perfection. that really had me pissed of , as i was expecting her to sign and put a 40/40 for my expt , but all i could do is just gape in disbelief at her audacity to point out that stupid unwanted error!!

well tommoro0w is a holiday and i've gotto prepare 4 OS lab .so bye to blogging .
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