Life's just logged on .....

Well my comp at home is finally working .... and am relieved to a large extent. I made a few visits to the doc ...and am on medications right now ...it's probably a mild stress related syndrome ..hope it's nothing serious.I might be away from work for about a couple of weeks more..while the medications are on. The fact is 60% of the time I look perfectly fine ...but tiredness seems to creep in anytime.I reflected over the fact that my lifestyle over the last few years hardly involved any physical activity...so it looks as if the software of laziness has infected my body ...throughout.

I had taken some interesting photos ..which I will soon put up ...sometime tommorow


It's been a long time Since I penned my thoughts through the keyboard.Partly because my comp at home seems to be beyond repair as my hard disk seems to show symptoms of a cancerous virus that is emaciating the Gigabytes of data that lies stored within.At office Ihave enough work to keep me on my toes ,coupled with some health woes ...that seem to have shown up some alarming signs.I plan to take some time off from work to take a break to sort out my health problems next week. Nothing scary ...but still , It is wise enough not to comment unless the doc delivers the final word.

Life otherwise is moving on slowly unravelling many mysteries ..along the way...


Prolonged TRI-PAN-O-SOMA

It's been roughly 16 long years sinced I became addicted to this habit of mine and still find that it's quite hard to come out of it.This habit of mine ..has defied maths and logic and all theories surrounding human health.It's coming at a time when my professional life requires me to be an insomniac for the next few months ....but am getting nowhere near that direction..simply bcoz of my rendezvous with sleep.

If u are still wondering what I am talking about, it's my predeliction towards dozing .....and the term TRIPANOSOMA ,means the african sleeping sickness ...which was what I learnt in class 7 , when my teacher assosiated this syndrome with me....in class .... taking a humorous dig at my "instant dozing "skills. I seem to doze of in a second ...whenever I tend to think about something deeply ...and that sure has attracted a lot of flak since childhood.There seems to be general lethargy that seems to drag on whenever I reach home and whenever I stare at code ..on my desktop after a heavy lunch. There are other occaissons where I may have slept well the previous night , but even then ...the phenomenen of sleep keeps seducing me every time into it's lovely world , where every thing happens ....(like code compiles,runs and shows 0 errors ...and other wannabe things " ) .

The sleeping problem is actually much serious than it sounds....as some of the docs said they've never heard of such a thing before ..... If anyone knows a good doc around ..do push in a mail at kartik dot kannan at gmail dot com ...and I'l be glad enough to see my addiction assuaged to an extent .

Other wise Life is moving on ..quite fast ...at quite bovine at times...just like a sine wave ....and my playlist too hasnt changed much through out the past week ,may it be on my walkman or stereo system.

Bhool Ja (shaan )
Tanha dil (shaan)
Girlfriend (boys )
zara zara (RHTDM )
Yuhi Chala Chal (Swades)

Sadly my computer at home has been down for about 2 weeks , yet to recover from the load inflicted by it's client (me ...) during the last few days of june ...as the broadband festival was nearing an end.


Exit .....

Suprisingly, there was not much speculation and brouhaha over vivek paul(former CEO of Wipro) quitting wipro for Texas systems as was witnessed when tremors over the ambani empire broke out.Wipro's stock seems quite secure ...unlike Reliance,where the share prices were affected when the rumours of a "power battle" between the ambanis was to follow. This is probably because the Majority of wipro's stocks (well above 80 percent ) is held by Azim Premji , the Promoter.

So how much would that news actually impact India ,rather than just impact Wipro ? I personally believe that these high honchos who ultimately resign for greener pastures are doing India's GDP a great favour by moving out of the big profile companies and joining smaller ones or venture into starting newer ones. How ? one may ask.... well it's just that these people (say for example ...Vivek paul ) steer the company they head to a level from where they can hand over the reigns to their juniors who can mange the show without much difficulty,as the only thing required from the people who take over would be to follow the exisiting structure in a disciplined form...It is because there are such highly enthusiastic people ....that one finds that people tend to shift over companies,as they realise that intellectually not much requires to be achieved , after framing and implementing the core business or logic.

With WIPRO an estabilished Brand, there probably seems lesser challenges for Vivek paul ,so to fuel his thirst for dynamic challenges ,he feels a change to a smaller/different nature of business
would provide him a situation to start all over again. Thus he starts or helps another smaller company to scale over their existing levels.

A sinilar case is Phaneesh Murthy,former Infosys head of US operations ...who now has leverages all his kowledge and experience at Infosys , now by heading I-gate Global solutions.

So the next time u read a headline saying some high profile honcho has quit a big company, it may be the company's loss , but is India's gain .... if the larger scheme of things are looked at.

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