It's quite some time since I logged on to bloggers's coz my comp's giving me problems . I am just waiting for my univ labs to get over , so that I can copy the data on my system to a CD and then format the whole damn system which is replete with viruses from A to Z ............

My labs start on monday and go uptil wednesday . so i guess my next post will contain titbits from the lab .


well life's really cool , lying on the bed at home around 9 am when my head tends to droop if I was normally at college . I get to sleep more peacefully at home . no lecturer can disturb my slumber and ask me questions..

I am my own master till the 17th after which the real grind starts . My labs ,records and other college related stuffs are still to be finished . More than that since I bunked the test on Monday , I'l have to write it 10 times before entering class. That means i miss my attendance for whole of thursday (damn !!!!!!!)

I just hope I am able to cook up some reason for my attendance which is around 65 now, coz my univ exams are in jeopardy incase i dont have 75 .

jus praying Providence to help me out with this !!!



Well , just 3 days er......... 72 hrs remain between this very moment and my GRE exam . Jut got into the groove of rembering all those words.. I seem to be applying a management approach to it rather than an enginering approach. If i see one word in the book , I look for synonyms and antonyms , in my ENCARTA and thus by seeing one word I find 10 related ones. Efficiency is increased 10 times or by 1000% , but it is offset by the onerous task of rembering them , so the effiency funda goes haywire .....................

anyway , hoping that by wednesday , I am able to do justice to my GRE exam and join the leaugue of my fellow GRE takers like kishore,nirenjan and achut



It really pains when one pays 6500 rs to sleep during the TOEFL exam . I just did that , as I found some of the passages on the Listening section a little too boring and dry , so i decided to concentrate a little harder by closing my eyes and litening to the audio with rapt attention, but alas !!! as i shut my eyes , i dozed of for about 45 seconds and I missed out on the audio and the questions . This miserable feeling carried over to a couple of questions and that was enough to spoil my day .

I ended up with a net of 200-257 which wasnt bad , but it sure ain't a reflection of my true potential . looks like I have to forget it as a bad dream and get on with the next exam the GRE on wednesday .Till then ......................................................................................it's tata to blogging



Seeing the Chennai'tes react to the opening of BOYS was really depressing ,as I had just been to the movie a few days back and the movie is really cool and is all about college slang and the attitudes that float in todays generation . People in Chennai get too serious, forgeting that it is just a movie and it's meant for 3 hrs of entertainment .

Their logic of banning certain scenes of the movie( BY some PMK party leader ) seems highly skewed in favor of the vote banks . If people feel that BOYS is going to influence the youth of today to be rebelious , then they are in for a big suprise , coz todays generation is a much more candid ,intelligent and double faced generation (a-la jekyll and hyde) with one face at home and other with friends and the movie is just a reflection of the times of today .

This kind of political party interference has been going on in India for quite some time (WATER,ELIZABETH,....... to name a few) . India just dosent seem to be mature enough and still prefers the unrealism of goody-goody family soaps and movies with the same old formula uncle -aunty romance via villain to the sombre realism of lives . some of the good movies that have bucked convention over the years are HYDERABAD BLUES,ROCKFORD,YEH KYA HO RAHA HAIN, THULLUVATHO ILAMAI,BOYS, THE GURU,BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, AMERICAN DESI and the whole genre of cross over films . these movies have leant a new touch to story making

when is India going to mature enough and be bold to watch movies that talk ingenously abt sex ? well my guess is as good as yours !!!

I guess India has to be cleansed of all these 60 something politicians and instead young blood has to replace them in creating a society that thinks straight and honestly . This infact might be a good GD topic to debate for cleansing India of it's ills that plague it currently .



Yesterday's Mc was really bad as i flunked terribly in the english section , and as usual quants and Lr were equaly bad , but the major casualties were in english that and that caused some alarms to be raised just a couple of days before my toefl exam

Currently I am in the process of filtering out B school applications and applying only to select schools, which i realistically feel I might make it thru . So i have finalised abt 15 applications , the prominent ones being MDI,MICA,IMT,IRMA,FMS,IIFT etc ,. I will be applying to probably a couple of A GRADE Schools also .

For the next 3 days I've decided to stay at home since I have my TOEFL on thursday( 9-11!!) and i've gotta complete my records and other sundries .............................


MC 7 RESULTS ARE SUPRISINGLY OUT EARLY my rankings and percentile are slowly improving , but if there's one section on the CAT that i dread it's gotta be quants .If i had done a few quants sums , my ranking wud have been in the order off 700-800 , but due to lack of quants prep my rankings hover between 1700 and 2800 .

anyways I guess quants will have to wait until sep 17 , when my GRE gets over . life presently is teally cool , with me learning so many new word origins and usages of the englisg language .

yesterday I had been to BOYS at udhayam theatre . the movie is a good time pass to while away 3 hrs ,and very specifically caters to the interests of teenagers . this movie is stricly forbidden for parents ( see the movie u'l know why !!)

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