Kyunki saurav bhi kabhi "dada" tha

The recent news that indicated a split between saurav and the coac greg chappell ,soes not seem to augur well for indian cricket.

I personally feel Ganguly has crossed the line by going public with greg's comment on his exclusion.If ganguly was that determined about getting his place in the 11,he should come out all guns firing ...and silenced the critics with his bat doing the talking.But instead the "prince' decided that ..he would use a few political gimmicks that would win him some sympathy from the public at large.

I feel chappel was right ..in asking ganguly to step down as ganguly was more of a liability in the team,than a member who was contributing.Ganguly has to digest the fact that his days in the sun are almost over...and he seems to play with a fear and premonition that is totally uncharecteristic of him.

His frequent statements of him being "temporarily" out of form...does not go well with me..as a guy cant be out of form for 5 years. He has scored 5 centuries in the last 5 years...all coming at points when his form was hitting nadir.. with only the hundreds against england at leeds and the aussies at the gabba being knocks he dominated against a quality attack.

recollecting...his other 3 centuries have been against NZ and ZIMB coming against some lacklustre dibbly dobbly seamers...

So I personally feel that neither do stats save ganguly nor his present form and given the fact that youngsters like kaif,yuvraj and badani are on the bench because ..ganguly is unwilling to hang his boots..indian cricket portends a not-so-safe future.

Contrast this to aussie and pom (england) style of leadership/selection criteria ...wheer some one as reputed as steve waugh ,mark waugh ...were just shown the door ...as the selectors felt they were inmpediments to the growth of young blood in the team.

Our captain ..here with a so so record gains sympathy from his supportesr with the claim that he is india's most succesful captain....but 10000 miles away someone with a 80 % success rate ...like ricky ponting has the damocles sword hanging over his neck after a pulsatingly close and nerve wracking series...

strange are the ways of the yardships ...selectors use to select people..

Talking from ganguly's side ..the fact that he had moulded a side from scratch and converted them into word beaters ..is true ....but those acts of the past cannot be a ticket for the future...and it is this feekling that ganguly is not able to digest...his ego ..is not allowing him to progress any better

so all i can say ..my dear "PRINCE OF CALCUTTA" is that the days of the "RAJ" are over ...and its better u hang up ur boots...when the going is good rather than being chucked out.


faux paus !! nearly

faux paus !! nearly, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

A couple of days back at around quarter to 9 , I was sandwictched between the huge IT company buses and right in front of me stood a leviathan of a vehicle .... and my eyes couldnt stop noticing reading the sign as "STOP CELEBRATING WORK " as i read it in a hurry ...and it immediately didnt make sense ...and that was when I realised my folly ...

CTS,TCS and a few other IT companies seem to crowd the road ..after 8 30 am on sholinghallur on OMR ..but the blame is to lie more with the infrastructure division of tamilnadu than these companies...and that's one chink in the infrastructure in Chennai...which otherwise has no major traffic jams on it's IT corridor as compared to the horrendous Hosur road traffic..where...I guess the only improvement that can be done is to make the whole hosur road ..a WI-FI zone so that people dont get hampered by the traffic jam's and can work from the conveniences of their buses ..ignoring teh traffic jam (this was one of the burlesque suggestions regarding the hosur road mess.


dark clouds hovering above

dark clouds hovering above, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

I was as usual going through some specification document....which had monotonous lines of rules all over it and just when work..seemed boring...I got a message from my friend , asking me to take a peep outside....

I immideately moved the curtains out of my building window....and all i saw was a layer of black ....fluffy .clouds threatening to conquer chennai....

Clouds of doubt !!!

The dark cumulo nimbus clouds in chennai are like the proverbial beautiful nymph that bewitches one by her beauty and makes people anticipate and expect more....succintly to put it in tamil "asai kaati yematharadu" .The kind of darkness that engulfed chennai ..looked more like some alien spaceship had taken charge of the sky ...threatening to give mumbai and cherrapunji a run for their money ..but alas the chennai clouds only flattered to deceive.Though I got wet on my way back....the rains were not as severe as the clouds portended to be.

mY New car-santro xing

mY New car-santro xing, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

Well some good news ...earlier his week.On vinayaka chathurthi day ..A brand new santro xing was the latest addition to our home.In a few days once the Rc BOOK AND INSURANCE arrives,I should be taking the car to office instead of the bike.It's a lot safer travelling in the car, than in the bike and also means lesser backaches and strains...

another angle of my car

another angle of my car, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.
We settled for a white color after flirting with a greyish blackish blue..and a aqua marine green for our earlier cars.

the vagaries of the human mind ....

19-02-05_2022, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

That shot of me was taken by my cousin some time back. These days I have been wondering while going to bed....what the power of the human mind can actually do. Success in any field is totally dependent ..on how the mind percieves what we would like to do in our chosen activity.

I have seen the vagaries in perception when the mind is conditioned to repeated failure...and the kind of image beating that happens when repeated failures pass along the way is horrific.. I have been through positions of extreme success and extreem failure and as I look back at small instances .. where I have failed miserably ..I realize one thing .My mind seemed to have a pre conditioned safe paying level..which was percieved as difficult ...and as time went on since success was not knocking at my door..I became conditioned to failure...in those related activities..and now when i look back ...those activities look so easy now... but somehow eluded me ..because of my attitude not so long ago.

When I also look back at some of the successes ..I find that those were due to untiring unrelenting efforts....that were put ,along with a great attitude ...all because ..I was interested in that activity...and went in a perfectly executed and organized manner ..because heart of hearts ..I wanted to do that .More than that It was that I was a little familar to doing those activities...so i knew what it took to get there ..whilst certain other activities....that were relatively new ... I wasn't quite sure what the path looked ..like and where the destination would show up..so I meandered along a beaten path struggling to be safe ...with my state of mind resembling the state of unrest one has , after having fallen in a sticky swamp. Living through with such a sick feeling has blunted all the edges of my other skillsets....and led me into a path which i belived to be amaze which i could never get out of ..

I was like the guy without a directon in life ..like the proverbial blind man searching in a dark room for a black cat which is not there!!! ...

but slowly but steadily ...life has changed for the better with each passing day ...and as the time ticker says 73 days to D day !!! I realize i at last see light at the end of the tunnel...and this glimmer of hope .. has resulted in me recollecting some of the lovely moments when success chased me ...so that I am able to correlate and get the feel good factor back...

Though this thing of attitude determining ur altitude is a cliched term ..I am realizing it practically ...in realtime .I know a lot of water has flown under the bridge ...due to some negative mindset...but still with 73 days to D day ...anything can happen ... and this feeling of slowly evolving euphoria...has just started like a fire...and I only hope it spreads like a rage .... into a bigger forest fire ..thus defeating the demons of the mind.


Katrina ....the truth that was'nt told

I came across an interesting article written by ross gelbspan on the herald tribune , which was also featured in last sunday's Deccan chronicle OP-ED page. The author reveales a strange villain as the sole cause of such natural calamities . It is simply said that most of the natural disasters in recent times ranging from the tsunami last year,snowfall in los angeles,drought and forest fires in spain,heat wave in arizona,the mumbai rains...to the new orleans tragedy ...all are attributed to global warming.

Global warming ....is it where it all stops ...not many bothered to ask the underlying causes for the global warming to be so pronounced in recent times... and the main reason is that the coal and oil industries have spent millions of dollars to keep the public in doubt about the issue.

The reason is simple...to allow the climate to stabilize requires humanity to cut its use of coal and oil by 70% .That of course,threatens the survival of one of the largest commercial enterprises in history.Reportedly EXXON MOBIL ...has spent more than 13 million dollars toscientists who were public dissenters on global warming.

I am shocked to also hear that the bush government has been a haven of sorts for all these coal/oil companies ,who've flourished in this poiltical climate ,while common man ...on the otherhand ..is slowly falling prey to natural calamities raised by the issue of global warming.


alaipayuthe !!

alaipayuthe !!, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

Yesterday after a long time I was at home in the evening , so chanced upon the movie "alaipayuthe" on SUN TV...

I have watched this movie so many times that I know the dialogues so well,but even then ...couldnt resist the temptation of watching this movie.

There's one thing that I learn from this movie .....

and that is ..

the college going chicks are far better on the beach -tambaram sector than on the beach -avadi sector !!! after extensive research conducted from 2000 - 2004 ...where I was also partly occupied for about 8 hours in a day in a dungeon ,supposedly where people believed that I was mastering the art of computer science engineering.

I've always loved travelling in the suburban trains...and this movie is all about a love story that started in the suburban trains ...so I instantly relate to this movie ... and secondly given the fact that maddy's charecter in the movie ..closely resembles mine (name: kartik, cool , loves being practical and simple , follows his heart ...,is not a regular temple going samathu iyer pullay , naughty at times ...and fun loving ). No please dont infer ...that I plan to run away from home ... (all thats only in movies !!! :-) )

..Alaipayuthe ..anyday would be a must watch film for me...

So had some good time pass yesterday !!


what's up with these ad's

what's up with these ad's, originally uploaded by kartik kannan.

I see quite a lot of disguised double meaning ad's these days on hoarding's in chennai ,without the name of the product for which it is being advertised.This one was spotted on Old Mahabalipuram Road.





Instant Road cleaning tactics

I happened to see this sight as I was driving along the thurapakkam -chrompet link road. I just dont see the point in that lorry carrying water as in about 2 hours of travel all the water would have been exhausted ...

More than that the water spilling on to the roads ,,poses grave threats to bikers like me as it makes the bike prone to skidding on such a wet/slippery surface.

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