My marriage got over a couple of days back. All excited Now! I am all set to go to Lakshadweep and spend some time with my better half for the next week or so. I plan to catch up on lterature pertaining to Bombay to read on a hammock there. I plan to read a book on Dharavi and complete the rather famous "Maximum City-Bombay-Lost and Found" by Suketu Mehta.

Here are some images from Mumbai that havent made it to my blog in the normal course of picture sharing. I shall soon be uploading my marriage pictures.

View of South Bombay from Elephanta Island

Local Train Approaching VT Station

The view from the sea of Taj Mahal Hotel and Gateway of India
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A little bit of Chinnaswamy!

Went for the auditions that day to Benngaluru, and went through rounds of article writing, article editing, GRE type vocab tests,Quizzes and a personal Interview with Anil Kumble and Ray Jennings. Didnt win! but got myself a bit of chinnaswamy stadium...err...confusing? Read on

Got a KSCA white cricket ball autographed by Anil Kumble, the RCB T shirt and a bit of grass from the stadium as mementos. Felt good, met like minded individuals and made new friends. It was a good day out, being a prospective blogger for RCB! The better guys won!

The only regret was that I didnt get the mischief gals or Mallya's cheerleaders to interview me. But Chalega! Had a good time at Bengaluru for the 23 degrees of temperature,which was a welcome respite from sunny singara Chennai

Couple of Pictures(Courtesy Kunal Kamdar)

Me, Kunal and Dharma- Team 1

The Souvenier from the Royal Challengers Banglore!


Heading to Bengaluru

Today is the D-Day for the final Audition for the Royal Challenger Blogger Contest. I have a 8 50 am flight from Chennai. My team comprises of Kunal and Dharma from Chennai, who play the part of a fan and a photographer. It's been a good 3 weeks since I signed up for the contest, and frankly I seem to be more interested in following a team in the IPL, than randomly watch a match. I was a confused Indian, not being able to decide between whom to Support (between MI and CSK). RCB is the team, who I have the hots for at the moment.

Will update with pictures, soon on my blog.

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