Dummies Club?

As a kid, I used to laugh at Yellow and Black books at the bookstore which had the series " DOS for Dummies". I thought they were meant for the mentally deranged ones, until I struggled with LOGO in Class 6. Dummies were no more aliens, they were part of a hep, cool community of people who were real, and could not flirt in the computers vocabulary(and more importantly like me).

Over time, I realised how useful books in these genres are, as it helps somebody to develop a comprehensive understanding of a topic, without bypassing assumption buckets. The learning is complete, since you start from scratch. One of my friends from my Engineering College(Vivek Thangasamy), has written a couple of books in this genre on Sharepoint, and its interesting to note the effort that it must have taken to written it down from scratch for the user.

This book shows how SharePoint seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft technologies to provide competitive edge for the business.  he book assumes no pre-requisite for the developers to start the SharePoint Foundation 2010 development with the help of materials covered in this book.This book is packed with all the ingredients to act as the launch pad for the beginners to the world of Microsoft SharePoint development.

Do check the book out, if you aspire to learn the ropes on Sharepoint. More details here

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