My mind seemed to be in a pensive mood throughout the day, i was struggling with the lab programs coz most of them had some typo errors in them so was waiting for the official set of programs (tested and debuggged) to arrive via e-mail. my SYSTEM SOFTWARE lab is on monday, but i have booked myself for some engagements on saturday< blogger national discussion panel meet> and free CAT math shortcuts in Loyola on Sunday from 10 to 1 . no guy in my college would be attending these meetings , coz they apart from studying , follow the least risk policy as they dont want the schedule to be crowded. a typical VEL guy would be scoffing at me for attending "unwanted" things , instead for studying for the lab. so this kind of a feeling a year back would grip me and i ould just think from a "VEL" menatality and not go for any extra actvities. but i am happy that i have freed myself from the clutches of that type of thinking and am acting according to my heart.

so gotta come home and do some coding for the lab, while i attend my TIME CAT class . Kishore and ashish would not be comin for the meet tomm and that's kind of sad , bcoz these are teh very few guys in our college who have some spirit , when it comes to enjoying and freaking out. Arvinfd said he might make it , but his coming is a big IF .


hmmmm jus saw a MICROSOFT ad saying " buy 5 liscenses get the 6th liscence free".It's sad to
know that such a big software company is doing all these bargaining stuff, as it is not able
to tackle the menace of piracy. well me being a S\W engg , i can feel the pain and the sleeepness
nights that goes into making a software, but what do students do to to help the cause?

a biz of a different genre - buy a cd , GET ALL THE S/W FREE and to avoid online support
(botheration rather) CD KEY'S are given as incentives every month to keep the "customer" happy
my lab exams are round the corner and i have just started to dig deep into the underlying code,
and discovered i am on the tip of the ice berg as far as portions are concerned. so gotto step
on the gas and do a "ricky ponting " tommorow to finish the portions .


Well the bubble had to break some time after it flew like a gas filled balloon across the grass laden fields of SouthAfrica. The Indian bubble strayed a little too long near the colorful kangaroo , which decided to have a peck at the bubble and made sure that the balloon never took off from the ground , something akin to the kangaroo viewing the bubble as a dangerous insect to be crushed instantly before it inflicted the venom of pain.

well how does it feel to play second fiddle ? in a team game it's always the problem of sharing
the defeats or victories amongst ur mates. the rise to fame of an individual is dependent on the fortunes of the team , and the individual some times gets his place in the sun, but a team victory is always hailed as priority . Isnt this concept of team sport killing brilliant individuals like Sachin tendulkar,Brian lara......... just because the other ten that make the
team are mercurial in their execution.

Imagine that WORLD CUP of cricket is similar in stature to the WIMBLEDON and a player of
Sachin's stature is playing in his first "wibledon finals " whereas his other sport counterparts like Tiger Woods and Pete Sampras have already climbed the great wall of fame winning in innumerable finals . some times sport is cruel when team work is involved . i can fully empathize with the feeling of Sachin , as i echoe the same sentiments , languishing for that perfect team to make the transition from the nadir to the zenith .



well our model exams have finally ended that is a big sigh of relief as the exams for me and many of my classmates would start the xam gazing into the paper as if it's a huge hospital bill , begin scratching our head ........., slowly we remember that "oh this was probably taught when we were roaming around in that college attending ..... symposium. 9 30 is the time i shoot out theb answers on the 30 pages booklet. every time i write an answer i feel guilty that i am expanding it by a factor of 5 , leaving big gaps between lines ( call that neat ) and by the time i finish 2 essay questions my steam runs out . i have to refresh my memory and extract the bits of xtraa info that is there among the hidden files in my H drive( hypothallamus). during model exam i essentially have no hard disc only a RAM which registers the info scanned from 7 am to 9 20 am . so the RAM needs to be refreshed , so i do a CTRL ALT DEL and close my CPU by shutting my eyes for abt 20 minutes . thsi process is repeated for every answer that is after 10 30 am.

the system scan after a hard fought battle to recover data , crashes at 12 pm , when the memory is switched of from data in the text and new data about what the CPU ( my brain) is to doa fter 12 30 is entered ( like where to eat , what to eat........what should be the playlist on my SONY player this evening in the bus .

well this CPU just needs an upgradation to a hard drive from RAM , and that will be installed from march 31st temporarilly upto april 30th ( scheduled date of egg jams).


i've just recovered from from a severe stomach ache that i had over2 days , with frequent bouts of vommiting . donno whethet it's due to food poisoning or some thing that i drank . my stomach suffered from acidity .......... felt like ONGC had opened it's branch right here in my stomach and had all it's "industrial waste" let out thru my mouth( vommit).

another slender factor that spoilt my mood was the prescence of Mandira Bedi , the world cup anchor on SONY TV . her comments are so childish and it definitely puts SONY in a spot of bother , comparing to the analysis probided by ESPN STAR.
Mandira Bedi is proffesional in dropping her neckline , which she thinks will have viewers glued to SONY MAX, but i guess the viewers are all hardcore cricket fans and they dont need to see Mandira's treasures to watch the MATCHES.

tommorow our model starts , and i am yet to touch the books as i was unwell over the past 2 days .


finally the lab record is over in time , thatz suprising coz i finish it in 14 days days after time of deadline , but now it's over quickly, thanx to anand and co as we did the print outs at his place , rather than fight for the solitary printer ( the comp that has all the programs with all the neccesary files , next to a working printer) in college with 240 potential candidates to have their codes etched in B4 shets


can some one pls tell me how do i get a proper counter on my site and a comments page coz my blog setting says that the code in the settings shouldnt be greater than 500 characters
yesterday , we heard some big changes made in the coll internal system. heard that a pass /60% in the class testas would give us full marks and there are marks to be added for people winning in symposiums . SONE KA SUHAGA is what it can be described , but one has to keep the fingers crossed as the academic cell is yet to confirm it.

yesterday was a legalised bunki from college. it goes like this

the 1st period was boring , so i stealthily took the HINDU from my classamate and browsed thru the second page , where i came across an ad showcasing MAC,ADOBE and HP along with a seminar . o got the permission and beliveit or not the college transport dept alloted us a TATA SUMO to ferry us upto avadi . the MAC and APPLE were amazing in looks as well as functionality .came home to see the "indian buterfingers show " and woke up this morning to the good news that India had beaten kenya .

well i'm pumped up about the blogger meet tommorow and i wouldbe having 3 guys from my college comin there
myself , kishore and ashish rai

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