Hey! What was that?

Spotted in Chandivali-Powai Road, Mumbai.

Love the Spellings people use!

Spotted in Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

When I first saw this, I only saw it as "Free Virgin" and stopped my vehicle midway to spot this. Now dont ask me, why I did that :-)

Spotted in Madipakkam, Koot Road

What? A ministry for Holy Spirits also?

Spotted in Bazzar Road, Madipakkam in an electronics shop

Now thats a easy fake to identify! Sony Vaio laptops, I've heard of, but what's with Sony Vaio earphones, and that too one's that come with NUDEx technology! Look closely in the bottom panel of the hanging box, it says N U D E ex technology. So here we have porn earphones! Can some one call Shakila Khan to sell this :-) ?
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Valentine Weekend!

I usually assosiate Valentine's day with a day, where I write articles on how cool it is to be single, and basically not let the world know, that I happen to be part of the brooding singles club. Well, post marriage the only aphorism that comes to mind is "The Grass on the other side is always greeener" :-)

My wife and I examined a few options on 13th feb, and I got to know that Valentines day features Valentine's eve dinner and Valentine day brunch only. So, I decided to spend the Saturday night at Radissons, a decent hotel quite close to my house. 20 minute drive and we were at the place, without any of the usual tensions we have in getting ready, getting stuck in traffic, not knowing the route etc etc. The mood was great entering in and it stayed so for the whole night(and even upto the next morning :-) )

That's Janani, having a look at the red heart shaped baloons and the swimming pool around us. It was a nice setting at the Radissons. Not too many couples. I remember seeing 12 couples out of a probable 50 seats, which meant I could spend some time peacefully without bumping into people.

I still remember, heart shaped baloons meant extreme laughter for me, especially after watching Saif Ali Khan, bitch in 'Dil Chahta Hain' about the guy who tried wooing his love interest. Now the times have changed and how dramatically!

They served us some golden wine. Too Bitter, just that it makes for photographic memories. So thats why it features here

The hotel waiter's took a picture of both of us, and gave us a print copy of it in about half an hour. What was so coincidental is that such impromptu photo prints have happened when I have worn the above shirt. The last time it happened was in Bombay, at 'Hawaaiin Shack' when we got a instant print at 1 am.

We were one of the active couples, who danced a bit, answered quiz questions and so the host, gave us another Radisson Lunch coupon worth 1200 and a optical shop voucher worth 1500, which kind of gave us back in kind, the money we spent on the valentine eve dinner(2500). It was a nice experience basking in all red and pink around us, while we soaked into some pleasant romantic music. It was a nice experience.

Next weekend(which is Feb 21st) will be another long dinner/lunch with my wife and mother, as by sheer coincidence, my parent's wedding anniversary and my birthday fall on the same day. By the time, I enter office next week, I would have grown 27 years old and a little poorer on the purse :-)
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