well 4 gone , 3 more to go ... whenever the exams turns up , my laziness tends to increase and a sudden premonition seems to grip me post 9 am on exam days . it is due to this "PHOBIA" that i tend to forget answers , try and think as if i were penning down a poem . and write slowly , thereby wasting time . the paper's in RMT, ACA and CC/CN were all easy , but i guess with a little more reading before the day of the exam ,and avoiding the 9 am disaster syndrome i could acquit myself better.

i am blogging after a long time .. so happy to be back in cyberspace.


well the exams start on wednesday and i have a double header on thursday , so i am preparing like a maniac for both those exams.
i heard TV TODAY and AAJ TAK are covering BLOGGER's from Chennai tommorow evening at 5 30 at "amethyst" a joint near sathyam cineplex off peter's road ., but i guess with the exams coming up , going there is a bleak possibility..............

preparations are slowly taking shape , i 've taken 5 days ofor RMT and DM , but havent managed to allocate time for any of the other subjects , so i guess after the RMT exam , i have to really concentrate and push myself harder( easier said than done).

my telephone's out of order and my comp's moved to a new place , which dosent have a telephone line in that room. so any message to be passed on may be via e-mail to me.


There seems to be some sense of desparation , in the preparation this time. i daily keep a log of no of hors studied vs no of effective hours of studying . well all this bcoz i've always managed to miss the bus , as far as scoring is concerned in Madras university BE exams, partly due to my college's internal system and some "amazing" correction by Madras univ and ...... some laziness on my part.

today finished a chunk of RMT with the PERT,SIMPLEX, and sequencing stuff, got started on GRAPHICS programming in java. The only subject yet to untame is DSP, which is should be starting in all earnest in some time .

I am feeling like Saurav ganguly, a good player , out of form , being sorted out by the pace bowlers (MADRAS UNIVERSITY IN SEM 3,4,5) and handled some rough decisions by the umpires( APNA COLLEGE ) , always saying to myself " FORM IS TEMPORARY CLASS IS PERMANENT" and waiting for the right time to run into some form . well now the spinners are bowling (MADRAS UNIV 6TH SEM) and i guess it's time for KARTIK "ganguly" to aim for the stands .

till the next post , it's me saying a pensive BYE .


I a, just short of going nuts, i tend to put in as many hours of sleep as i study . here are some stats

i got up at 3 15 this morning , studied upto 5 15 , got up at 7 , read the news paper till 8 and studied upto 10 30 am. then came back at 12 pm and slept till 2 pm , until a phone call woke me up and studied for an hour upto 3 , and slept from 3 to 5 pm. .......

bugged with such a schedule tonight , i've gotta pull up the socks and do some serious studying. i some times fall asleep whenever i am too involved ,


well the SS lab went of fine , but todays lab was a tragedy , as i couldnt get the output after doing the program for about an hour . was so shattered coz the network connection to the server didnt work and i didnt even have the chance to show the last minute - output . came home in a dull mood sleeping throughout the journey from avadi to velachery .

the next few days are damn importnat as i have to gather all my books , sit tight in one place and gear up for the coming theory exams. till then it's ADIOS AMIGO

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