so boring : - ( 10 days at home ..................... i'm waiting to get the plaster off my hand , so that i can go 2 sify and get started on my project . well the second factor that makes things that xtra bit boring is the CAS regime in Chennai , coz i cant watch all the cricket being played ...............


so long .......

it's been auite a while since i posted messages . I attribute it to the laziness and helplessness faced by me with an immobile hand and a terribly ravaged stomach .

I happened to attend yesterdays ET quiz here in Chennai , which was excellent , just a pity I couldnt actually watch it till the end , as i had to shuttle back in time for my classes at adyar.

but the good news is that college for we final years is closed for abt 10 days , beginning today and reopening on 29th of december....

nuthin much 2 blog abt , as loneliness is killing me at home . i gotta go and eat at a new venue ( the bathroom ) as one never knows when the next bout of vomitting is slated to present itself in it's fullest fury ......................


G R A F F I T I C O R N E R ..... ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!

the growing fad these days , in college and among my friends is that my sling or the plaster
of paris wounded round my hand has seemingly become the graffiti corner for many to scribble down their signatures or put up "get well soon" and "keep it up" messages . well now that the plaster is full of blue ink , i guess i must pen down my "autograph" on it , before the sling fades into oblivion ( or more precisely chennai's kooum ( thats where one's dustbin in chennai is disposed -a-la stored ) )

initially it was irritating , but now i've got used to it !!!!!!!

yesterday was the inaugural mock XAT at TIME which went of pretty much fine . i need to fine tune myself to the XAT FREQUENCY mode of preparation, which is a little different from the rest of the exams . for me it's more like india playing on home soil ...... so gotta prepare my spinning trio of quants ,verbal and gk to extract maximum on jan the4th . but for now i've to prepare and revise the basics for IRMA and symbiosis , the double header on sunday...



Apparently an alternative solution to the use of scientific method of XRAYS and POP)PLASTER OF PARIS ) is called [PUTTHUR CUT] a rather crude way of joining the bones where they break the already broken bone to a predetermined level and do some action on the part of the broken bone and lo- it cures in a week (unlike the POP where it takes 4-5 weeks ) , but the flip side to it is , the fact that it is damn painful .......

anyways got2 know abt this crude method after the bike accident from ppl in college and in an around my place ...

just waiting to break free from the clutches of this sling .............. as i have 2 think twicw before doing anything that involves the hand ...........


It's certainly been a long time since I blogged , all due to some spirited last minute revision tests for the CAT exam which unfortunately (or rather fortunately ....?) got cancelled . Soon after the exam i decided to go for a movie with my friend , but on the way I met with an accident on my bike and the end result .............my chin was cut and a wrist fracture on my left hand .

Life currently is damn frustating as with one hand so manythings look dificult to do .... like ranging from flipping thru the pages of a book while eating , switching channels while eating and of course locking the door. the hand aches every now and then when i try to move it . so as of now i am in quite a sombre mood .

well , dats all for now , gotta go and take a shower ( 2 days since i had one !!- due to the plaster of paris/sling etc and the dressing on my chin) .





Life is like walking on a tight rope as for now as I have just got the news that all the B school entrance tests are going to be unified. So that is some cause for worry.

19 days to go , or 19*24 hrs to go and decide my fate . I have now started to enjoy this as I realize that the difference between doing excellent and bad , is all in the mind. last nights 4 hour session on geometry by Raghunath sir , just elucidated that.

regular practice and exam oriented shortcuts are just the need of the hour .

The next 10 15 days are the ideal test of my managerial skills , as I have the task of walking on a tight rope seeing the goal of reaching a destination called the CAT which is some distance away ,shrouded by clouds and in between that are the other B schools , but since a thick cloud cover or haze of doubtis there I cant see it .

My bag on my back are my university end semester exams and the final sem project , and the resources available are 24 hrs in a day , with the only villain being sleep , which seems to be the only factor that can stop me in my tracks ..

well for all that fundu imagination .............. pls just a visulisation .......... I havent gone mad ...............


As each day passes and the deadline of nov 23 passes ,my heart skips a guilty beat . Hey it's not that I am so bad w.r.t to the CAT , but the funda of being bad at both college as well as CAT is the fear that lurks inside me. My MOCK CAT rankings have offlate been going down .

Well , all i can say is that I may be down , but not yet knocked out by the parchment paper funda .(scroll down to the astro post to understand what I mean )


Well this is teh first time since joining college I am absolutely cool abt my univ exams . I have literally been roaming around adyar for the past few days, slept in solitude,listened to some soulful music and er....... just remebered "I HAVE MY UNIV EXAMS" . I'l have to go full steam tommorow and complete the portions for MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS ..........

Seriously speaking all these exams are all crap!!!

WHY ? later


Hmmm ,....I had been to sify today for writing a test for recruitment for the post of ENGINEER trainee. Donno how they got my name amongst their big database. anyways the test was just simple mathematics , but the only problem was they were recruiting for that post , to be joining woork a few days from now. I seemed to be the only guy , in final year, as all others were freshers with a resume in hand.

In a way I am glad I didnt get selected (donno yet no call has come till now) , bcoz they have scheduled the HR interview and the tech interview tommorow and I cant afford to while away my time as my UNIV exams are approaching this saturday for which I am yet to properly start.


well 15 days have gone by and I yet have to start with my univ exam portions . I these says am drowned in either sleeping or listening to music or doing something related to my MBA entrance preparation. I have a written test coming up in SIFY this monday for recruitment. donno how the paper is going to be ? anyways Just hoping that these people ask me questions that I am familiar with and not grill me with unknown technical jargon !!!

well I happened to finally get my CAT hall ticket and the exam is scheduled at rajarajeshwari engg college (a horrible college ) , which is very far from my home .

looks like I gotta tag up with some body to go there.


Astro funda's daily keep dropping in by mail , and also in the newspapers and mags , but these sunsigns are rather for the week or for that particular day. Just imagine if u had the story of ur life told in an abstract manner right in front of u , and u had to hear something that didnt seem pleasant . then those unpleasant thoughts wud poke one'self for the rest of his life.

It was some time back in my 12th when my parents went to the astro guy in kanchipuram over some job prospects /career move , inwhich by matter of sheer coincidence my horoscope was revealed to me . It said I wud struggle with education unless I worked hard at it . and after that day till now , that kinda still haunts , but i've grown a mature guy in, not beliving these astro lifetime predictions .

i belive that whatever happens in one's life is solely due to his or her actions and unmindful of that they put the blame on stars and sun signs . I have grown to belive that I will fight against my sun signs and prove them wrong .

some astro guy said I might do an MS in USA ., but here I am , strongly trying to refute that by persuing my field of interest "management' . what happens in two months time regarding what I am going to end up is soleley in my hands and not the roadside astro guys or the horoscope chart.

This infact is one of those factors that charges me up that I have the oppurtunity to change my destiny and simply not follow , what is laid out on a parchment paper miles away at kanchipuram.

This article has been stongly inspired by my friend KISHORE'S astro post . looks interesting , but I was probably in the same state of mind as he currently is when i entered college . I certainly am not against what he thinks , but wud prefer If he actually spoke with himself and asked himself where he wud fit in life , rather than relying on astro (urf nadi josiyam)

So if anything plesant on the astro menu comes up on a platter take it by all means , but incase something turns sour , My word aof advice is ask ur heart where it wants to go and try and fight against nature to see thru ur goals , and if still dosent happens then , just sit back and watch life unfold , with the parchment paper in hand !!!!!


bad health

for the past 4 days , my only companion has been my bed and the bathroom , bcoz I fell sick with a host of problems. Onmonday my stomach grumbled and it started paining and continued till tuesday. meanwhile common cold decided to give me a visit and along with it for this festive season ,it decided to bring along it's relatives "fever"and "headache".

now the "stomach ache" after celebrating an early diwali in my stomach , bade my farewell yesterday , but the other troika seems determined to feed on my resources.

So just waiting for an oppurtunity to drive out these unwelcome guests at home . trying my level best with proffesional agent 001 "CROCIN" and 002"PARACETAMOL"

till I get well , it's me saying bye :-)


It feels so good to be in a relaxed mood. This kind of a calm that has descended is probably due to te fact that college is over as far as this sem is concerned and I am fully free to devote time to my MBA entrance preparations, which incidentally got a major facelift on friday , when our faculty showed a few shortcut techniques in maths.

Whatever he said , regarding the fact that shortcuts are a result of tons of hours of repeated practice is so much true . I've started quants in earnest , hope to reach full steam in the days to come .

The best way to enjoy something is to fall in love with it , and for sure I seem to have fallen in love with the format of the CAT . lets hope it rubs off in me getting a seat in one of the most coveted B schools .



yesterday afternoon my parents went out , visting all our relations and it was a kind of mini family get together . I couldnt go coz my classes were there in the evening and since I had already taken a hiatus of abt 5 days for my lab exams , i didnt want to miss any more classes .

My parents called on told me that they wud becoming in late , so I had to fend for myself as far as food was concerned . I had no clue abt what I was going to do . called up a couple of friends and enquired abt recipies and one interesting combination suggested was "apples with chaat masala " , seemed mouth -watering but since all the shops were closed at 9 pm ,i had to do with whatever was left at home.

I had seen my mother making bread toast before , so I switched on the gas And the amateur that I am , I put it in high flame mode and started toasting the bread slices.

Initially the slices took abt 30 secs to toast , but since the heat increased , I didnt notice that and the next slice became as hard as wood , with a highly blackish tinge .
I had toasted abt 5 slices and was smearing chocolate jam on it , just when i noticed that the bread slices were getting toasted in just 10 seconds unlike the previous ones
As i took out the over toasted bread and kept it aside , too much of smoke had emanated in the kitchen , as i was too liberal with the oil and in the next few seconds I felt as I was in an imaginary heaven , with the kitchen filled with smoke thru out . It took some time to drive the smoke out !!!!

so there ended a comical day at the kitchen with 6 slices of over heated bread , being my dinner .

HURRAH!!! the labs are all over and this time it went off well . the only lab where I gelt a little uneasy was our mini proj lab , for which luckily the external didnt turn up , as our project on "design of database" was likely to be scrapped bcoz 8 other grps in our colege selected the same project and the External a couple of days back had rejected 2 projects in database because it all had the same concepts.

It was our on HOD who was the examiner and this guy started questioning us in a cynical matter , by just repeatedly asking the same question " IN WHAT WAY IS UR PROJ DIFFERENT" . for that Achut,arun,kishore and myself had to do a mini "ad-zap " where we projected our database proj as the best and why it scored over the others. it sounded like a bitter battle to defame the other grps who did the same proj , but hey , we had to to this coz , other wise we wud have been rejected .

so we had a nice experience in advertising and marketing , before we actually embark upon to pursue a management degree !!!!!


It's quite some time since I logged on to bloggers's coz my comp's giving me problems . I am just waiting for my univ labs to get over , so that I can copy the data on my system to a CD and then format the whole damn system which is replete with viruses from A to Z ............

My labs start on monday and go uptil wednesday . so i guess my next post will contain titbits from the lab .


well life's really cool , lying on the bed at home around 9 am when my head tends to droop if I was normally at college . I get to sleep more peacefully at home . no lecturer can disturb my slumber and ask me questions..

I am my own master till the 17th after which the real grind starts . My labs ,records and other college related stuffs are still to be finished . More than that since I bunked the test on Monday , I'l have to write it 10 times before entering class. That means i miss my attendance for whole of thursday (damn !!!!!!!)

I just hope I am able to cook up some reason for my attendance which is around 65 now, coz my univ exams are in jeopardy incase i dont have 75 .

jus praying Providence to help me out with this !!!



Well , just 3 days er......... 72 hrs remain between this very moment and my GRE exam . Jut got into the groove of rembering all those words.. I seem to be applying a management approach to it rather than an enginering approach. If i see one word in the book , I look for synonyms and antonyms , in my ENCARTA and thus by seeing one word I find 10 related ones. Efficiency is increased 10 times or by 1000% , but it is offset by the onerous task of rembering them , so the effiency funda goes haywire .....................

anyway , hoping that by wednesday , I am able to do justice to my GRE exam and join the leaugue of my fellow GRE takers like kishore,nirenjan and achut



It really pains when one pays 6500 rs to sleep during the TOEFL exam . I just did that , as I found some of the passages on the Listening section a little too boring and dry , so i decided to concentrate a little harder by closing my eyes and litening to the audio with rapt attention, but alas !!! as i shut my eyes , i dozed of for about 45 seconds and I missed out on the audio and the questions . This miserable feeling carried over to a couple of questions and that was enough to spoil my day .

I ended up with a net of 200-257 which wasnt bad , but it sure ain't a reflection of my true potential . looks like I have to forget it as a bad dream and get on with the next exam the GRE on wednesday .Till then ......................................................................................it's tata to blogging



Seeing the Chennai'tes react to the opening of BOYS was really depressing ,as I had just been to the movie a few days back and the movie is really cool and is all about college slang and the attitudes that float in todays generation . People in Chennai get too serious, forgeting that it is just a movie and it's meant for 3 hrs of entertainment .

Their logic of banning certain scenes of the movie( BY some PMK party leader ) seems highly skewed in favor of the vote banks . If people feel that BOYS is going to influence the youth of today to be rebelious , then they are in for a big suprise , coz todays generation is a much more candid ,intelligent and double faced generation (a-la jekyll and hyde) with one face at home and other with friends and the movie is just a reflection of the times of today .

This kind of political party interference has been going on in India for quite some time (WATER,ELIZABETH,....... to name a few) . India just dosent seem to be mature enough and still prefers the unrealism of goody-goody family soaps and movies with the same old formula uncle -aunty romance via villain to the sombre realism of lives . some of the good movies that have bucked convention over the years are HYDERABAD BLUES,ROCKFORD,YEH KYA HO RAHA HAIN, THULLUVATHO ILAMAI,BOYS, THE GURU,BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM, AMERICAN DESI and the whole genre of cross over films . these movies have leant a new touch to story making

when is India going to mature enough and be bold to watch movies that talk ingenously abt sex ? well my guess is as good as yours !!!

I guess India has to be cleansed of all these 60 something politicians and instead young blood has to replace them in creating a society that thinks straight and honestly . This infact might be a good GD topic to debate for cleansing India of it's ills that plague it currently .



Yesterday's Mc was really bad as i flunked terribly in the english section , and as usual quants and Lr were equaly bad , but the major casualties were in english that and that caused some alarms to be raised just a couple of days before my toefl exam

Currently I am in the process of filtering out B school applications and applying only to select schools, which i realistically feel I might make it thru . So i have finalised abt 15 applications , the prominent ones being MDI,MICA,IMT,IRMA,FMS,IIFT etc ,. I will be applying to probably a couple of A GRADE Schools also .

For the next 3 days I've decided to stay at home since I have my TOEFL on thursday( 9-11!!) and i've gotta complete my records and other sundries .............................


MC 7 RESULTS ARE SUPRISINGLY OUT EARLY my rankings and percentile are slowly improving , but if there's one section on the CAT that i dread it's gotta be quants .If i had done a few quants sums , my ranking wud have been in the order off 700-800 , but due to lack of quants prep my rankings hover between 1700 and 2800 .

anyways I guess quants will have to wait until sep 17 , when my GRE gets over . life presently is teally cool , with me learning so many new word origins and usages of the englisg language .

yesterday I had been to BOYS at udhayam theatre . the movie is a good time pass to while away 3 hrs ,and very specifically caters to the interests of teenagers . this movie is stricly forbidden for parents ( see the movie u'l know why !!)


felt really glad after writing mock cat 7 , as the main aim with which i went was to solve problems in data interpretation , suffiency , log reasoning and the verbal, coz my quants funda needs some heavy fine tuning .

the english section was pretty easy , today and thatz what probably gave me a decent score .

more on today later tonight as i have to log off now.......................


MAMOOL- is the name of the game !!

yesterday , while I was on my way to Sify, from Guindy station on my bike , a van was speeding ahead of me and I let him go , but all of a sudden the van driver probably wanted to disprove newton's laws by wanting to have a deceleration from 5o km /hr to 0 in a sec ( in other words he applied the brakes) . I was behind him driving at probably 30-35 km /hr . As the van applied it's brakes , I saw it and tried to slow down ,, but it was too late and my vehicle's mudgard slammed into his bumper, with the result being that my mettalic mudguard was bent ( resembling a rough sine wave !!!) and my headlights were shattered to pieces , but thank god i still was in one piece.

the police called aside the van driver and murmured something to him and much to my chagrin the van driver was allowed to go scott free and the police called me aside and told me that i just had to wait for some time ..... ???? why ???

coz they wanted to file a case of overspeed limit against me !!! I was shocked and i told the police guy "saaar , naa ponadhu 30 -35 thaan saar, yenna yen pudikareenga " .

on being told this the police guy , made me walk a little bit and proceeded to show me a road sign which said 30 km was the speed limit and since I myself had said that i was going at 30-35 , he said that was proof enough to book a case against me , which would be heard in the court the very evening ...................................................

damn !!! . then after some time , he said "take the vehicle and start it" and the that big oversized pumpkin sat on my bike behind me and asked me to drop him in some place . he all of a sudden got off my bike in some non-descript corner , where he asked ho much money do i have in my purse . ahhhhhhhhh........ I realized the guy meant business.

I bargained from 1500 to 750 to 450 -300 , and finally shelled out 3 new 100 rupee notes , but the guy's concience probably pricked him and he returned a note to me .

I still couldnt fathom why I was being charged money , when the fault actually lay with the van driver , but in Chennai one musn't complain regd this , other wise rubbing these frustrated policemen on the wrong side would have much greater repurcussions.(especially after hearing my TIME friend Kaustuban's earlier nightmare on the road , a couple of months back.)





just home after an accident with the bike , the bike's front portion is all screwed up , but me still in one piece.. more on it later


yesterday i happened to go to SSN college of engineering off Old Mahabalipuram road to participate in their ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION dept sym titled ORBITCE 03 . the symp was pretty good , with some decent competition .

well the best part being I won 3000 rs along with prasanna for presenting a paper there. I am just itching to spend the money for buying books, eating and so many other things.................

what was remarkable abt this paper presentation was i , like in earlier times showed no signs of being covetous nor was i cowering when i came across better presentations. so went with a very coy profile and at last won it in style.

I seem to have assumed an avuncular approach to life , as i see that these days i dont get excited or jump up at the mention of a symposium . so my credo of maintaining a coy profile worked for the first time .

our presentation was very simple with just a powerpoint presentation and a couple of pictures of the exp in the presentation. i thought that we were going to be derided by the participants there , but much to our chagrin we were awarded the first prize .
yesterday i happened to go to SSN college of engineering off Old Mahabalipuram road to participate in their ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION dept sym titled ORBITCE 03 . the symp was pretty good , with some decent competition .

well the best part being I won 3000 rs along with prasanna for presenting a paper there. I am just itching to spend the money for buying books, eating and so many other things.................

what was remarkable abt this paper presentation was i , like in earlier times showed no signs of being covetous nor was i cowering when i came across better presentations. so went with a very coy profile and at last won it in style.

I seem to have assumed an avuncular approach to life , as i see that these days i dont get excited or jump up at the mention of a symposium . so my credo of maintaining a coy profile worked for the first time .

our presentation was very simple with just a powerpoint presentation and a couple of pictures of the exp in the presentation. i thought that we were going to be derided by the participants there , but much to our chagrin we were awarded the first prize .


these days , i have joined the weekday batch for CAT which runs 5 days a week , which though is tiring , but atleast one attends the classes a little fresher than on weekends

I guess i shall call up Time and inform them reg my decision to swap batches , coz on sundays after the mock cats , i feel the need to sit down at home and analyse the paper rather than going to the classes with a jaded mind.
secondly saturdays being fully working , i cant avoid missing the 4 30 session , so i guess the weekday option sounds a lot better .

life for now , is moving at really a frentic pace with me clinging on to any dam,n word that i
come across coz my GRE and TOEFL are nearing and I have just started my preparation for it in a more serious mannner.


hmmmmmmm...............all the effort of getting out of college, having a tiff with HOD , all went in vain as the scheduled person at SIFY was really busy and couldnt schedule an appointnment.
i guess i'd have to make it some time next week , after the records,print outs and damn tests are over.

But the person at sify was really kind enough to offer me a project in a totally challenging environment, given the fact that it was on a subject that i liked -Cryptography(i've even presented a paper on that ) . my other classmates have also got their projects in other IT companies but half of them ,i heard are going to be doing the coding only at home .

life at college is real hell , with some trouble creators, posing unwanted trouble.
well all i can do is just put up a counter here and say ......................* * * days to get out of college .



i had my barium test yesterday and the reports said that i probably have some worms in my stomach and there is no sign of some thing called "acute appendicitis" as said by the previous doctor (my goodness !! what all they say to make money !) .

secondly there seems to be a long list of NO's to the follwing food items

1 bhelpuri,panipuri and assorted chaats
2 colas and related stuff
3 no more spicy tandoor items , no punjabi dhaba
4 only idly and dosai , with sandwiches
5 no pickles, curry ...........................

life cant be worse than this , as my tounge and stomach decided to divorce !!!

today i finally managed to clinch my final sem project at Sify in their safescrypt division , and by and large the HR people dont seem to encourage grps of 2 or three and prefer to take only the guy who comes thru reference . I guess thatz why achut and joshi had to miss an oppurtunity to do it along with me .

fine, i have no qualms of doing it alone , coz the challenges are greater and working in a corporate environment should do me a world of good .

tommorow its party time at music academy , with landmark quiz 03 . so hope to fine tune my quizzing frequency to quizzing mirchi @music academy wave (a-la FM wave )


i have my Barium test today which will confirm whether I need to go for an appendicitis operation or not. I hope not , coz i cant afford to bunk college anymore than what i have done this sem . secondly i also have an appointment at sify today in the evening .

Achut called up last night and suprisingly he started coaxing me to come to the symposium (usually it's the other way round)at SVCE, today and tommorow , but i guess going on thursday woud mark our first symp this sem , but again my attendance is slowly slipping below 75 , so thatz some cause for concern .

I finally booked my seat for the Landmark quiz to be held in chennai this independence day . it's just a litlle suprising as to how i got a confirmed seating accomadation as in the previous years , i booked around the same date and only got waitlisted seats . looks like there is a downward surge towards quizzing in Chennai .


Regarding the appendicitis scare that i received two days back , my father just crosschecked with another doctor showing him my previous reports and much to my suprise the doctor told that it was tough to conclude from these tests that i had to undergo an appendicitis operation. a so called -barium test had to be conducted to confirm the state of my stomach . so i still donno whether or not i am going to have an operation or not .

Today , our TIME institute director's address on selecting and choosing the various B schools , was very good and his little focus on AIMCATS being indicators to one's actual ranks was satisfying to the point that i can say that with a little more hardwork i may climb into national reckoning , vying with others for the top 10-15 b schools . not that my national rankings are so good , but atleast i find that out of every 100 guys , i am above 75 guys (percentile funda) , that gives me a good boost to work harder and longer at my table especially with reasoning and quants .

Today was a real hectic day for me , considering that i had to leave home at 8 30 am to reach my test centre by 9 05 am and had to quickly slip in 4 idlis ( the damn diet that i have to be becoz of a bad stomach) and reach the centre by 9 15. then from 10 to 12 I had entered in to a shading competition (oh ! by the way it's also called the CAT) . after the test i had to leave from adyar to T.nagar in this sweltering heat, and to add fuel to fire was to follow kaustuban's route to t nagar. preethy and I dumbly followed him thru his circutious route and both of us were going at the same speed , also had some problems catching up with kaustuban , who was blazing past us .

the seminar on institute selection got over and i had to shutlle back to adyar for my 4-8 pm classes , between which the call of hunger was unbearable ,so i had stop at sangeetha's at adyar and have a couple of idli's ,and after attending my classes in indices,calendars and cubes I just came back home now and saw my Mock CAT 4 scores. well as far as ranking is concerned i might still hold on to the "A" grade institution rankings , but my accuracy needs some fine tuning .

phew !!! it was a long day and i guess i wont take long to hit the sack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


today in college i expected a lull in sales of colas , after the CSE pesticides funda revalation, but much to my chagrin i found the canteen swelling with guys ordering every damn drink from coke.......... to mountain dew. well i too was a party to that.

well after the 7 hrs that i spent in a pvt hospital in adyar , it seems i have developed appendicitis and a bloody operation running to 3 days is to be done. well with my current atendance percentage one just hopes that i am able to steer clear of the magical number of 75 .
the operation may be any time next week.


my stomach has started giving problems and it's nearly 6-7 months since this is happening regularly , so i am bunking college to check what's up with my stomach .
so that means that i cant go to sairam engineering college tommorow for their symposium on friday and saturday . well when it comes to tradeoffs i dont like the feling losing an option , but thatz life and since this wud be my 12th leave this sem , i better be on guard with regard to my attendance which is sure to hit an all time low between the 2nd and 4th week in september , due to my GRE and TOEFL exams .


the city that never sleeps

yesterday i was waiting in central station for about 3-4 hrs tp pick me dad up from the station. I decided with so much of time in hand , i should have a good look at central station and it's adjoining areas . I was wandering from the higginbothams books stall to the end of the station traversing the platforms numbered from 2 to 6 . i found that this surely is a city in itself that is swarmed by people at all times of the day , with each person lost in his own small world of thoughts .

There are some cool fellas (like me) who do a last minute gallop towards the moving train , some sporting heavy baggage accesories , some group of children waving back to the parents on the eve of some trip of theirs, anxious parents sending of their son for higher studies, some people who while waiting for their train to bustle in, spend their time getting engrossed in worldy affairs all in the form of a magazine, some army JAVAN'S brushing general knowledge digest's to get selected in the government exams , some Iyer mami fuming that the sambhar or rasam from saravana bhavan didnt have the same taste as her culinary expertise , some old couple who didnt find a place to wait laying the bedsheet on the floor of the waiting room,coolies who rush upto u demading that u better give them the luggage !!, hundreds of people linded up in some hope that their waitlisted ticket is going to be reserved , some couples who are on their honeymoon and ..................... the list wud just go on ......... and on .............. .

It is indeed amazing to see that the gamut of life present here . I it was as if i was undergoing a course in seeing the time machine of the human being from being a kid to being a 70 something grandparent. seeing such viccisitudes of life certainly got me thinking as to pen down my experience tu all u people . I just got a feel of the frenetic city life and got a first hand access to see the various emotions and joy (encapsulated like a cricket highlights package) that go into making a train journey and i certainly had a visit down memory lane after my brief sojourn at Chennai central .

Seriously, however dirty Indian railway's may maintain itself , i guess my love for travelling in trains (with some one to talk to also!!) and making friends , wud never be eroded, by any level of modernisation.I would rate it a much better hangout than Ispahani centre and Spencers plaza . I like India for whatever it has , and accept it in it's present form , simply because i have a wanderlust for travelling and it's rubbed off in me writing this little piece.

If any of u have such interests in train journeys or anything that captures emotions or a fine xperience , pls do mail me at katchu21@gotmail.com , kartik_kannan@rediffmail.com


college these days is fun and it is on these days one has to cash it on these days , by coming to college and getting ur attendance. again we had a seminar in the morning , on certain management issues in the industry , which i felt was preety good, but the guys at college spoilt it by clapping the speaker ( or rather packing him off ) .

It is for this very precise reason that these days i dont take much interest in bringing any guest speaker to the college . I am prtesently blogging from the dishnet terminal at chennai central as i have to wait here for another hour or so , to pick up my father .

today i had a wonderful train journey from avadi to central along with a guy called b.karthik , who happens to be my classmate. there are numerous guys like him in our college who are getting freed from the clutches of a monotonous life before college ( only padips and tv) . he was recounting how he now likes to go and buy clothes for himself , as his clothes were earlier bought by his parents . he said that only in final year now , did he get to know what dress sense meant (after the ban of the uniform ) .

it's always fun , when u talk with friends on a long train journey , and he told me the info that our class was getting geared up for a tour to cochin and munaar in Kerala . I earlier had a lovely experience attending the partnership summit in hyderabad with my friends and of course that visit to amrita .


college as usual was kuthoo today with the first half spent in the cool confines of the computer lab , where the internet connection on my computer kept getting disconnected , and connected and ............ till i gave up !! . the second half was no sooner begun by sampath sir, we were asked to assemble in the auditorium for some function ( some senior going to australia- so bon voyage function) .

got some respite from the cat groups , that most of the guys attempt the questions on the CAT , only those that are familiar. i just wondered , how many guys could solve complex problems in just half a minute !!!!


There comes some point in life which may be called the "INFLEXION POINT" at a time when changes are rapid and newer techniques for success are called for .Life beyond the inflexion point may be either 10 times more rewarding or 10 times worse the current state. people who accept that times are changed and they need to reinvent themselves generally sail past the problematic "inflexion point " and the other's struggle to keep afloat , start to straggle and soon become a part of history . I thought this could just be a theory applicable to only companies , but realized that the student comunity offers more challenges while competing at that level .

well take for instance the CAT exam , every time I take a mock CAT I realize that my methods of solving a problem or practicing vocabulary are obselete by IIM standards ! ! ! and the national wise ranking would seem to suggest that my straggle is worth a serious look . It is during these times of tumult one has to keep courage and slowly but steadily reinvent strategies that are used in solving problems . at the end of the day , the guy who has succeeded , probably showed a little more grit in hanging there for a longer time with failures and raising the bar when it mattered .

One discovers all these thoughts only after a severe self reprimand when one sits down to do a logical analysyis of where the activities in life are taking him . All thats been said above is not by me , but my other half( not the better one ! ! !) my concience .

I find that currently i may hardly be a force to reckon with when it comes to tackling the combo of THE FAMOUS 6 (QUANTS,DS,DI,RC,VOCABS,LR ), but i've gotta go and sharpen my axe before i can slay the demon called CAT ! ! !

PS: till such time i slay the CAT , i have to get past the two smaller demons (but costlier by 1200 % than the CAT) , called the GRE and the TOEFL enroute to the CAT.

any of u people who are down and out preparing for these entrance exams , can share their current state of affairs with me and on this sobby article .

till then

it's sometime since i blogged . life currently is on a high reading many articles and being on the cat groups on yahoo , keep u awake like a hot rod on the arse .

my stomach keps me giving problems day in and day out , i donno why all of a sudden it's grumbling.

just booked for the TOEFL exam on the 11th of september .

well i seem to be jumping topics like hell , showing my desultory nature

err............ i am starting to blabber , lemme blog later


I am going mad at college , all due to some arseholes like BM( try and guess ) . Once college (BE) is over and i've got my certificates , I'l make it a point to thrash him black and blue .

There is absolutely no atmosphere at college and hanging out a 80% dumb crowd makes life even more sick . there are only few guys whom i can call decent enough to mingle with .

any more posts , and i will sound like " I am washing my dirty linen " on cyberspace


just as my friends ashish and kishore do i 've decided to jot down my experiences in hunting for a project .
It All started at ISG , where they do not offer student projects and the same at some unknown company . We are writing a test in a company at nungambakkam(name with held due to intense project competition !!!!) and today we landed up at tidel park.

last week 6 of my classmates(without me ) went to tidel only to be chucked out at the entrance itself , today we managed to improve by crossing one hurdle . that being the entrance . unless and until u know somebody inside , life is hell at tidel coz , each company has it's own security mechanism and see's guys like us , unwanted elements.

one cant even go into the lift as one has to clear a security zone ,which can be crossed only if u happen to have the company's swipe card and access card. lucliky we managed to go into sify , who asked us to come on friday .

but the only thing that went off well was our (myself,achut and joshi) lunch at the food court centre in pizza corner outlet at tidel , ground floor . we had a cheese pizza each and that kept our hopes alive of getting a project here. all the companies are ready to give a project as long u dont expect them to give u a place and computers to do it on.
their motto seems to be :DO WHAT U WANNA DO WITH OUR NAME ON IT (at home obviously), BUT GIVE UP ON THE IDEA OF DOING IT HERE.

Well , beggars are nor choosers and i guess , we've gotta be happy with whatever we get . lemme hope every thing goes well on friday .


finally the list of 10 is complete for the delhi trip and now everything depends on the P&P dept to sort out the money we guys have to pay for the marketing summit that we are scheduled to attend in Delhi on the 20th and 21st of august 03 . The only advantage of being in the college that I am is I have untramelled access to any of the CII events across the country and that is really cool .

the next two weeks are going to be all the more tiring as I have to hunt for companies for my project and the next 14 days we have our assmnt tests and mid sem exams ........ and most importantly that is precisely the gap i have to complete my quants portions for my mock CAT on aug 3 ...... That is some hectic work ..


i am currently immersing myself in this deluge of words from Economic times, Times of India and of course the 15th edition of Barron's GRE .

I find that my english which was stagnant for some time , is now facing an exponential increase in usage as well as knowing the meaning .... but it's gotta take some time to reach CAT level (probably a couple of more weeks) .

In college , we have to submit a mini project scheduled all too suddenly to be done in a month , other than the main project , and it is just getting a bit too cramped . but i guess i know my prorities , i am just gonna do the documentation and concentrate on my GRE/CAT preparation and leave the coding part to my fellow GRE candidates of my group Kishore and Achut coz they are more competent than me when it comes to the nitty gritties of the tech world


just feeling a little low as i see the competition for CAT , getting bigger and bigger. i've just gotta go at my own pace and see where i stand rather than rush with things . Our Chairman came and addressed us , saying that we dont do the events professionaly , as expected by the mngmnt . He said we should cll top level biz IT honchos for seminars and stuff rather than some local guy . It was nice to hear that at least some one in VT was talking like this , but given the current state of people working under them , I shudder to think this is gonna take a long homecoming .


Kareena kappor's latest quote went like this " I have only 2 friends, one is god and the other is Sooraj barjatya( the maker of MPKDH) . I cant help thinking in a similar vein as i keep fretting over something called a CAT exam on my blog. CAT seems to be my best friend and biggest enemy ( mock cat 1 !!!!) . A few days of sustained hardwork , i guess would drive away the CAT blues. (easier said than done) .

These days I am feeling empty at college , as no tech symposium posters are on the notice board . I am waiting for some respite from the drudgery of school ... err.... College.

Life is really moving at a frentic pace , thanx to the email revolution and the Bschool revolution as day by day , i keep seeing the voluminous mail i get from the CAT groups saying 3 hrs a day study , is not enough !!!( one struglles to make 2 hrs a day here) . I notice 1 thing for sure, this competition is either going to elavate me to the zenith of something called success or I may have to take to alms !!!!! in front of some "PERIYA KOIL".having only CAT in mind is a sure risk , as the nature of these Bschools admission is unpredictable , so i've been thinking abt a back up as my GRE EXAM( strictly only as a back up ) .

so waiting for life to unfold it's uncertainty's in the months to come ,but one thing is for sure , these moths of slogging is surely going to help me and i must conclude with a positive bent of mind , that I will make efforts to lock horns with the CAT and take it head on


phew!!! this is just where life begins for me . I am just getting 2 know the competition that is there for CAT , and belive me it's mind boggling. I still belive that I can make it to the grades of top b schools , by consistent hard( or smart) work . Just 1 mock cat is over and that pin prick is enough to get me going . I am blogging from Avadi , as i had some xerox work left and xerox works 66.67 % cheaper here than in the city .

I had my MOCK CAT on sunday and found that I was "mocked"by the CAT. attended college after bunking 3 days . well these guys in college( egg jam cell ) made me write the test paper 5 times forcefully bcoz i happened to miss the test yesterday.

thankfully tommorow is a holiday ,and that leaves me some time to get working on CAT.


The last 2 days had been spent sleeping over my CAT material ,pillow and biscuits.
These days , I seem to lie down whenever the phenomenen of sleep hits me !!!

I have an all India mock CAT tommorow , but seem to be wasting my time in shuttling between my driving school and home , all for those extra classes in driving maruti coz my est is scheduled in a couple of days .
I feel so releived at being offered no post in our symposium, coz CAT pressure is really getting high. from here on my blog will be a dedicated CAT /GRE blog with special usage of those unheard words. it's a kinda practice for me in terms of usage and for the reader too.


Life's really boring for now , as in college , practically nothing happens as far as three subjects are concerned. regularly due to lack of staff we are dumped in our peripherals lab .
How long will this go ? Well 60000 rs toward my engineering education just seems to be going down the drain.

Well , something to pep me up is the general quiz , hosted by the E&I dept in our college on tuesday. the prelims are tommorow . I only hope and pray that I qualify for the Finals and go on to win my 5th succesive VEL-INTRA QUIZ( so far it's 4 out of 4) , bcoz this time we have around 150 teams in the prelims .


Kiruba's speech yesterday was really good in the sense that he combined practicality , with a tinge of humour every now and then to ensure that we were all awake . The best part probably was the mini adzap session we hads with each team trying to put it across each other .

Today was a really long day at college as most of the time was spent roaming here and there collecting names for the symposium . The headache has just begun and it getting bigger with guys like selvakumar , arun and of course , the idiotic class B CSE final years , behaving kiddishly. to add fuel to the fire is our very own ARRY , messing up things .

The better part of the evening was spent in mount road , in Altosys , a software company , hunting for projects , along with achut


I happened to ponder , as to what was the most foolish thing I ever did amongst all my shenanigans , and the numero uno feat was ...............................................

I tried doing a "madhavan" /"vivek oberoi" humming "endendrum punnagai(alaipayuthe)/ "oh humdum suniyo re(saathiya) with the music blaring on my walkman as I drove the bike at 50kmph one fine day , All of a sudden the music was interrupted by a thud and my ears being given a jerk and i realised that the walkman was probably loosely attached to my pants, and it fell down on the road ...............

Many vehicles missed the walkman , by not much, but it was scratched here and there , bcoz of the fact that it fell down at such a speed.

To this day I regret that as my SONY walkman , still dosent have the radio functioning bcoz of my act ! ! !




Sometimes when we see succesful people going about in a Mercedes Benz or in a Ford Ikon it dosent take us long us to say" what a lucky guy" . What we actually seem to be missing to see, is just the effect of years of sweat and toil behind the guy , who seems to be travelling in a luxury car. Such is the power of perseverence , that it can be looked as a tool that can combine hardwork, dilgence patience and consistency and transform into a potent form of something as as sweet as the nectar of success.

Perseverence in itself a virtue that encompasses insistence ,hardwork,resolve,determination and diligence and finally this capsule when rigorously followed over a period of time , results in oppurtunities for mankind to excel himself in .Generally mankind measures the virtues of life in a very objective manner and perseverance being the stepping stone to success , automatically becomes a very high priority among the virtues of life , in such a way that all the other virtues tend to tag along with the important virtue of perseverance . So to say perseverence becomes the very hinge around which the door of human virtues moves back and forth , time and again.

We shall see an example of perseverance in shorter and longer perspectives .Take for instances day-to- day instances like the recently concluded World cup that was won by Australia where Australia easily won all the matches it played . It seemed very easy to sit back at home and say that they won because they were lucky .. but a behind the screen look tells us that they worked 7-8 hours on their fitness, batting and bowling and being mentally tough. Even though they were caught in a couple of dicey situations , they some how managed to wriggle out of it due to sheer grit and determination to succeed .Thus perseverance is purely of an offscreen activity that projects the person involved in hardwork in a better light on the screen .

Now , take for instance the very case of writing this article , which requires a certain amount of dedication to sit down and organize the thoughts and ideas and jot it down on paper and then later to rearrange the ideas in such a fashion to make the article look readable . This hardwork is spread probably over an hour and if the teacher who goes through this article finds this piece if writing interesting enough and she gives an A grade to me , probably somewhere among the last benches one would find frustrating rumours doing the rounds " what a lucky girl....................." . so the next time you see some thing flashy or good , try thinking how much of dedication and hardwork went into making it so good and with that I would like to conclude that , yes Indeed , Perseverance is the hinge of all virtues

2nd week since college reopened and still we are no where , as far as the initial objective of completing the portions well in time , is concerned. we dont seem to be having staffs to manage the department as 3-4 of them have decided to take a week off and the newer recruits seem totally out of place . Sometimes it really pinches me that to hear this drivel in college(or rather none) , I actually burn a hole of 60 000 rs anually in my parents pocket. I guess my engineering is highly screwed simply because of the lack of competitive flavour , in students and the lack of a proffesional college like atmosphere, which makes me really lackadaisical at my work .

Just as the system of PERCENTILE scores go in most entrance exams , the benchmark for judging the beauty of a woman would be Aishwarya rai , undoubtedly .... and this comes on the blog , coz I am watching "HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM" one of the films that catapulted her to fame in 1999 .
her lovely green eyes ,slim and tender figure, ladylike way of speaking ..............................it just goes on and on and on...............on . a little further on this topic , my blog for all u know may be tracked down by sushma swaraj(or Ravi shankar) and would meet the same fate as the banning of FTV .
well if any female wanting to apply if they feel they are in the 90 percentile category , lets make this blog as the medium of communication ...! ! ! !


today my stomach played truant from 4 in the morning, so couldnt go to college . it was a pity that the ache left me sleeping till 9 am , after which it was GAYAB. today's leave gave me ample time to work on my CAT preparation .


Today I had a first hand Glimpse of what goes thru the mind of a recruiter. I had been to India Software Group , to get some advice as to what recruiters expect from freshers as well as tech guys who apply for jobs, along with kishore of my class . I am really thankfull to kiruba who made this possible along with the HR manager Ms Sandra. and their recruit Ashish . They were very forthright in giving their views and gave a clear picture of how to go about hunting companies and getting down to orient ourselves better to get a internship during our 8th semester.

came back home , in a very happy mood wiser from the meeting with these corporate people . it's late 11 now , but i guess for a CAT aspirant , there is nothing called "proper time or raghukalam " as I have to write a mock CAT right now from 11:30 pm to 1 :30 am ...... phew quite a schedule ...........


I spoke to soon, err ............blogged too soon , about my new HOD whom I had praised in the last blog turned out to be a 1 day wonder ! ! ! today the guy not only had me in splits , but got on my nerves as well . This was with response to a question on "availability" in distributed computing ?
( more of general term "availability" than in technical jargon ). I happened to answer " the amount of optimum resources required at a particular time to either be supplied or......" . I said it in this form because i didnt want to use the word "availability" in the definition as it would look cheap from an engineering student's point of view .(some thing a la MS ARVIND'S definition of BANDWITH : width of the band !!!) My HOD stared at me and said that I always make it a point to say some thing that is precisely wrong .

I was still left wondering what could be the perfect answer to such a question , but that was interuppted by the same question , forwarded to one of those Andhra girls , who sheepishly smiled and after bilnking into the sir's face , said a stunner "SAR ( sir in Andhra slang!) AVAILABILITY is what iiis available" and belive it or not , the sir in response to this congratulated the girl by saying it was a brilliant and precise answer , much to my chagrin .

He then turned to me and said , that i should learn from her , how to be precise and I was fit for nothing!!!! . I got bugged by that statement and retorted back saying that "Any tom dick and harry can answer in that way" to which he turned his face ( I guess he had got an over-dose of a language called English , and decided to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL by facing the blackboard .

Well just as life is like two sides of a coin , my better part came in the CAT classes , later in the evening where I did the english test much better than I had expected to do and my preparation on the CAT front is getting slightly more organized , so that feeling at the end of the day , left me smiling at the vagaries of life that strikes a person in all magnitudes all too suddenly !!!!!


College has finally started and so has boredom.The heat in Chennai is just too much and today , since the staff meeting was supposed to take place , we were dumped in the computer lab , which did not have the AC functioning and the door too was bolted. We were told that the AC was functioning , despite repeated requests from the guys ,as were literally getting wet with sweat.
The classes have not begun in full swing and there is always this sense of idling around in class . We have a new HOD and i started liking him for 1 reason , he was the first HOD in veltech , who has spoken about conducting a symposium , addresing us on day 1 and he also becomes the first HOD to spot me napping in the class ! !

our symposim is slated on the 8th and 9th of august this year which may clash with the symposium of Amrita engg college, coimbatore . (not that it's going to deprive us of our crowd for our symp) , but we would love to be there in coimbatore attending their event than organizing our's in the midst of all kinds of troubles , that crop up here in the course of our symposium in the form of budget allocation........etc etc .
We had a lovely time last year , when we( achut and myself) qualified for the finals of their national level techquiz but came 4th out of 5 in the finals after closely fought rounds and to really lap it up we were enjoying nature at it's best as the college is surrounded on all sides by mountains and the mist covers the college till 9 in the morning . we had a royal time in ooty a day later , with 6 of us deciding to take a break from college .

well i am really interested at the prospect of doing something for our symposium , purely from a technical point of view and also managing the whole event . i guess none of my current 4th year batchmates are going to be that interested in this as they dont realize the latent oppurtunity that lies within of this being a platform to test our programming skills practically . well I guess I'l have to take up the mantle , this time again , hopefully with the secretive support of 2 -3 mates of my class

secondly last sunday i happened to attend a math workshop for solving the CAT , which also had succesful guys from the IIM's speak to us. i met quite a few engineers , who like me are in a way intested in their engineering , but somewhere along they played the fool, enjoying life the way they wanted, paying little heed to their engineering , and of course made their way into the IIM's . hope i too follow their path of making to the IIM's after a not so enjoyable bout of engineering !!!!


Yesterdays CAT entrance class , was really an eye opener for me in many terms , the topic of compound interest seems to a litlle tough to manage when learning for the first time , but i found Compund interest pretty interesting , especially the sums which had to deal with more of logic than pure substitution of formulae. I've gotta work on that Today.

I am waiting for june the 2nd the day , i will step into college for my 4th year , coz our college is propsing to have a 7day working week( then what's a week !!! ? ) . under that Sunday will be functioning !!!

I hope all these info are only rumours and College returns to normal mode of working ...............


These days , the sea breeze sets in by 3 pm and after 4 pm , my place, Madipakkam has become a not so bad place to live.
The air that gushes across is heavenly and cool , and just an exposure of 1 hr to it can lull one to sleep. last night when i was sleeping and enjoying the breeze , all of a sudden my dream was cut short by the monotonous ring tone of my friend nirenjan .

I totally forgot about him , until he called me up , and we were yacking about blogs, "MPEG" and crap from 10 to 11 . Ihad a nice time yacking from 10 to 11 ........ until we decided to call a day and he LOGGED OFF TO BED( he's a real techno junkie )while i switched on the telly , to watch the aussi-windie match and heaved a sigh of relief after the windies finally beat the Aussies.

Yesterday i just noticed the amount of literature I have in my Attic [ SPORTSTAR editions from 1990 to 2003 ], 3-4 years of INDIATODAY and WEEK and loads of geofreey archer, sidney sheldons' and management books by imminent authors , that i often wanted to buy in lANDMARK , so i have decided to organize my very own LANDMARK to make the books more accesible .
currently i am browsing under the cool confines of this POWERFUL air conditioner at BRITISH COUNCIL LIBRARY( some kind of a refuge from the relentless heat!!!!)


These days , every morning at 6, I am at the driving school , a couple of kilometres from my place .
A very interesting guy there is the Owner/Chief instructor of the School. He teaches me Maruti 800
This guy's job day in and day out is to plead a 100 times between 6 am and 8 am , to press the clutch while putting the gear, taunting the learner in a harsh tone while driving, go to the RTO's
office to get liscences for his trainees and come back at 3 in the afternoon for further classes between 3 and 7 pm.

Now for a beginner it's a little tough to synchronize the gears and the accelerator within 2 or 3 days of the introduction. there are little nunaces to be learnt in car driving like pressing the clutch , while nearing a speed breaker , sensing people coming to the left hand side trying to overtake and a host of other's which are generally not thought primemost by a beginner as he concentrates only on making sure the vehicle moves in a straight direction and is able to drive on the road.

The Instructor , who is a seasoned campaigner in driving , dosent realize this and starts to raise his voice" EENA YA POREENGA, KOLAE PANRUTHUNU MUDIVU PANTIYAA" amidst a couple of instances of patience. It feels comical to see many 40+ Men being subjected to this , as they are not used to be in submission !!!.


this post is being made at 3 :3 0 in the morning , I am forced to browse at unearthly times as the speed at night is much better than during the day and also bcoz the cost is less on a dial up. have to go back to bed before i get up at 5 30 again to go to the driving class , where iam expected to attend an extra class in gears .........................


I had been to the cinema theatre(melody) to watch the latest flick titled "ARMAAN" starring preity zinta,anil kapoor , gracy singh . the movie hall was filled with just around 20-30 people only. i guess Hindi movies in Chennai are like sellling sweaters in Chennai very few takers !!. the film is a good one , but i guess it wouldnt make the money as Mumbai has planned a big theatre strike and Chennai wouldnt allowe it be more than a couple of weeks.

timing of the release here might cost the film dearly some thing like all the movies that were released during JAN end thru FEB and MARCH , where people were glued to their telly's watching cricket .

Whats more is that Amitab Bachan is getting a taste of his own medicene , as he with his KBC made people sit at home , and give a damn to the movies . now he is in a predicament where the wrong release time is not giving him a HIT , but i guess the icon he is , he dosent need a hit to tell us he is still thete.
well Chennai is a tough place to live in . every 5 minutes that i step out of the house i sweat profusely and i have to go in and take a bath again . I am hardly venturing out after 8 am,coz the sun blazes down and the humidity is very high . finally my music system is in place and has just come after being in cold storage ( under the garb of a repair).


I have enrolled myself for a 4 wheeler driving course . so i get up pretty early and the classes start at 6 30 am where i am pushed into a 800 Maruti along with 4 other aspiring learners. among them is a girl doing her 2nd year MCA , whom i find extremely irritating .
She is what i would call the exact chennai girl who goes more by the statistics of marks rather than enjoying life . she studied her school and graduation in a school called Prince Matriculation in Madipakkam (Chennai) , which churns out fagged out students with marks in the higher rungs of 98.................100 and claims 100 % results .

well I am not against the marks , but the way in which girls from the state board school of thought behave. just imagine the school expects parents to daily sign in the diary that they studied from 4 am to 6 am and did not go out anywhere in the evenings . secondly boy -girl interaction is limited inside their so called "campus" as that might come in way of they missing 1 or two marks scoring a sad 290 out of 300 rather than a brilliant 295 out of 300. the level of strictness is very high and these people who run such institutions wreak havoc in the name of discipline and these idiotic students follow them blindly like slaves all in the pursuit of that extra one mark, which put them on the success highway of engg/medical , but are disabled in handling life and seeing the sunny side of life .

I started laughing at her state of affairs , and a heated debate continued with her which left me exasperated ...... there's more to come on my blog , where i would take a moment or 2 to higlighten the exact typical chennaiite girl .


today was spent with vinushankar at home . he brought home a b>"juicy mango"< , which we are about to eat .


what's up with chennai ?
all of a sudden chennai 's max temp go's to 31 degrees and there is no glimpse of the sun for the past 3 days. chennai is like ooty with sunshine curently . this weather is ideal to switch on BRYAN ADAMS and keep listening to enjoy the atmosphere.

well i had a bi monthly bill running into 2-3 k regularly as the no of calls made by my family + my extragavant ventures on cyberspace would take the telephone bill soaring and make my parents stare at me when the telephone bill came home.
but now thanx to the new policy of the telephones depatrment (BSNL) the pulse at night is 10 minutes long and i can now get to some proper browsing . earlier with the 3 minute pulse i had to download any article i needed to read and read it offline and even then run a bill into the 2500+ range .

now it's fixed at 750 bucks and thankfully it has reduced the frown on my parent's face and dosent neccesarily burn a hole in their pocket ....
I had this thought today about the feel good factor that dominates most IT companies today with posh buildings, tinted glasses and more of glass as the wall than the traditional cement. 10-15 years ago , i remember my mother's office had one sick and noisy fan , and some dour tables as the lunch room and of course the dull economic single coat painted walls , but today all that has been replaced by some buildings that make the work environment a different zone . hats off to the inventor of such a corporate strategy , who sensed how much this feel good factor could increase productivity at work .

there are some companies who belive that a relationship between an employer and an employee is as good as a husband and wife relationship (no flirting funda here) in the sense that the keyword in a relationship is "TRUST" and some companies like Satyam go a step further by having a policy of not maintaining any "attendance register" as they belive that their employees wouldnt cheat on them ..... way 2 go


well i've settled well into the holiday mood with 3hrs of solid sleep during daytime and 3hrs spent with my girlfriend ( my walkman) on my terrace from 10 pm to 1 pm . had been listening to some smooth piano instrumentals , which i had purchased in spencers the other day .
had a sumptuous feast at pizza corner with a big 6 slice cheese pizza and 4 garlic bread slices all by myself . all this courtesy my mom's complimentary ticket coupons that entitles me for food anywhere in a TICKETED restaurant .)

I am on the look out for some companies to get some training and basic knowledge of the practicalities of the software environment.so if any guy who happens to check this blog , have any influence in a IT company pls mail me at katchu21@hotmail.com and lemme know .


it's taken some time after the exams got over for me to post my thoughts . well the day the exams got over , my friend prassna and i rushed from college to seek solace in studio 5 (satyam theatre) from the hot sun. we bought tickets for lord of the rings 2 , which was supposed to be a continuation of the first movie ...... and that's where boredom started. i could figure head nor tail of what was happening in the first one hour as monkeys, bearded men, monsters heroes villains all looked alike . every now and then people did the war march from one place to another .. the crowd was fed up with the movie sans a handful who were engrossed into this "magic" film.
the movie was all the more strange bcoz it had no heroine ( thats one reason the crowd was angry! ! !) . even i was waiting with unabated breath to see some beautiful lasses since i had paid 70 bucks for watching that drivel .

the other 4 days were spent couch potatoing . i find that there is nothing worth watching on TV these days . i managed to see BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM AND BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY , both of which were entertaining .


well 4 gone , 3 more to go ... whenever the exams turns up , my laziness tends to increase and a sudden premonition seems to grip me post 9 am on exam days . it is due to this "PHOBIA" that i tend to forget answers , try and think as if i were penning down a poem . and write slowly , thereby wasting time . the paper's in RMT, ACA and CC/CN were all easy , but i guess with a little more reading before the day of the exam ,and avoiding the 9 am disaster syndrome i could acquit myself better.

i am blogging after a long time .. so happy to be back in cyberspace.


well the exams start on wednesday and i have a double header on thursday , so i am preparing like a maniac for both those exams.
i heard TV TODAY and AAJ TAK are covering BLOGGER's from Chennai tommorow evening at 5 30 at "amethyst" a joint near sathyam cineplex off peter's road ., but i guess with the exams coming up , going there is a bleak possibility..............

preparations are slowly taking shape , i 've taken 5 days ofor RMT and DM , but havent managed to allocate time for any of the other subjects , so i guess after the RMT exam , i have to really concentrate and push myself harder( easier said than done).

my telephone's out of order and my comp's moved to a new place , which dosent have a telephone line in that room. so any message to be passed on may be via e-mail to me.


There seems to be some sense of desparation , in the preparation this time. i daily keep a log of no of hors studied vs no of effective hours of studying . well all this bcoz i've always managed to miss the bus , as far as scoring is concerned in Madras university BE exams, partly due to my college's internal system and some "amazing" correction by Madras univ and ...... some laziness on my part.

today finished a chunk of RMT with the PERT,SIMPLEX, and sequencing stuff, got started on GRAPHICS programming in java. The only subject yet to untame is DSP, which is should be starting in all earnest in some time .

I am feeling like Saurav ganguly, a good player , out of form , being sorted out by the pace bowlers (MADRAS UNIVERSITY IN SEM 3,4,5) and handled some rough decisions by the umpires( APNA COLLEGE ) , always saying to myself " FORM IS TEMPORARY CLASS IS PERMANENT" and waiting for the right time to run into some form . well now the spinners are bowling (MADRAS UNIV 6TH SEM) and i guess it's time for KARTIK "ganguly" to aim for the stands .

till the next post , it's me saying a pensive BYE .


I a, just short of going nuts, i tend to put in as many hours of sleep as i study . here are some stats

i got up at 3 15 this morning , studied upto 5 15 , got up at 7 , read the news paper till 8 and studied upto 10 30 am. then came back at 12 pm and slept till 2 pm , until a phone call woke me up and studied for an hour upto 3 , and slept from 3 to 5 pm. .......

bugged with such a schedule tonight , i've gotta pull up the socks and do some serious studying. i some times fall asleep whenever i am too involved ,


well the SS lab went of fine , but todays lab was a tragedy , as i couldnt get the output after doing the program for about an hour . was so shattered coz the network connection to the server didnt work and i didnt even have the chance to show the last minute - output . came home in a dull mood sleeping throughout the journey from avadi to velachery .

the next few days are damn importnat as i have to gather all my books , sit tight in one place and gear up for the coming theory exams. till then it's ADIOS AMIGO


My mind seemed to be in a pensive mood throughout the day, i was struggling with the lab programs coz most of them had some typo errors in them so was waiting for the official set of programs (tested and debuggged) to arrive via e-mail. my SYSTEM SOFTWARE lab is on monday, but i have booked myself for some engagements on saturday< blogger national discussion panel meet> and free CAT math shortcuts in Loyola on Sunday from 10 to 1 . no guy in my college would be attending these meetings , coz they apart from studying , follow the least risk policy as they dont want the schedule to be crowded. a typical VEL guy would be scoffing at me for attending "unwanted" things , instead for studying for the lab. so this kind of a feeling a year back would grip me and i ould just think from a "VEL" menatality and not go for any extra actvities. but i am happy that i have freed myself from the clutches of that type of thinking and am acting according to my heart.

so gotta come home and do some coding for the lab, while i attend my TIME CAT class . Kishore and ashish would not be comin for the meet tomm and that's kind of sad , bcoz these are teh very few guys in our college who have some spirit , when it comes to enjoying and freaking out. Arvinfd said he might make it , but his coming is a big IF .


hmmmm jus saw a MICROSOFT ad saying " buy 5 liscenses get the 6th liscence free".It's sad to
know that such a big software company is doing all these bargaining stuff, as it is not able
to tackle the menace of piracy. well me being a S\W engg , i can feel the pain and the sleeepness
nights that goes into making a software, but what do students do to to help the cause?

a biz of a different genre - buy a cd , GET ALL THE S/W FREE and to avoid online support
(botheration rather) CD KEY'S are given as incentives every month to keep the "customer" happy
my lab exams are round the corner and i have just started to dig deep into the underlying code,
and discovered i am on the tip of the ice berg as far as portions are concerned. so gotto step
on the gas and do a "ricky ponting " tommorow to finish the portions .


Well the bubble had to break some time after it flew like a gas filled balloon across the grass laden fields of SouthAfrica. The Indian bubble strayed a little too long near the colorful kangaroo , which decided to have a peck at the bubble and made sure that the balloon never took off from the ground , something akin to the kangaroo viewing the bubble as a dangerous insect to be crushed instantly before it inflicted the venom of pain.

well how does it feel to play second fiddle ? in a team game it's always the problem of sharing
the defeats or victories amongst ur mates. the rise to fame of an individual is dependent on the fortunes of the team , and the individual some times gets his place in the sun, but a team victory is always hailed as priority . Isnt this concept of team sport killing brilliant individuals like Sachin tendulkar,Brian lara......... just because the other ten that make the
team are mercurial in their execution.

Imagine that WORLD CUP of cricket is similar in stature to the WIMBLEDON and a player of
Sachin's stature is playing in his first "wibledon finals " whereas his other sport counterparts like Tiger Woods and Pete Sampras have already climbed the great wall of fame winning in innumerable finals . some times sport is cruel when team work is involved . i can fully empathize with the feeling of Sachin , as i echoe the same sentiments , languishing for that perfect team to make the transition from the nadir to the zenith .



well our model exams have finally ended that is a big sigh of relief as the exams for me and many of my classmates would start the xam gazing into the paper as if it's a huge hospital bill , begin scratching our head ........., slowly we remember that "oh this was probably taught when we were roaming around in that college attending ..... symposium. 9 30 is the time i shoot out theb answers on the 30 pages booklet. every time i write an answer i feel guilty that i am expanding it by a factor of 5 , leaving big gaps between lines ( call that neat ) and by the time i finish 2 essay questions my steam runs out . i have to refresh my memory and extract the bits of xtraa info that is there among the hidden files in my H drive( hypothallamus). during model exam i essentially have no hard disc only a RAM which registers the info scanned from 7 am to 9 20 am . so the RAM needs to be refreshed , so i do a CTRL ALT DEL and close my CPU by shutting my eyes for abt 20 minutes . thsi process is repeated for every answer that is after 10 30 am.

the system scan after a hard fought battle to recover data , crashes at 12 pm , when the memory is switched of from data in the text and new data about what the CPU ( my brain) is to doa fter 12 30 is entered ( like where to eat , what to eat........what should be the playlist on my SONY player this evening in the bus .

well this CPU just needs an upgradation to a hard drive from RAM , and that will be installed from march 31st temporarilly upto april 30th ( scheduled date of egg jams).


i've just recovered from from a severe stomach ache that i had over2 days , with frequent bouts of vommiting . donno whethet it's due to food poisoning or some thing that i drank . my stomach suffered from acidity .......... felt like ONGC had opened it's branch right here in my stomach and had all it's "industrial waste" let out thru my mouth( vommit).

another slender factor that spoilt my mood was the prescence of Mandira Bedi , the world cup anchor on SONY TV . her comments are so childish and it definitely puts SONY in a spot of bother , comparing to the analysis probided by ESPN STAR.
Mandira Bedi is proffesional in dropping her neckline , which she thinks will have viewers glued to SONY MAX, but i guess the viewers are all hardcore cricket fans and they dont need to see Mandira's treasures to watch the MATCHES.

tommorow our model starts , and i am yet to touch the books as i was unwell over the past 2 days .


finally the lab record is over in time , thatz suprising coz i finish it in 14 days days after time of deadline , but now it's over quickly, thanx to anand and co as we did the print outs at his place , rather than fight for the solitary printer ( the comp that has all the programs with all the neccesary files , next to a working printer) in college with 240 potential candidates to have their codes etched in B4 shets


can some one pls tell me how do i get a proper counter on my site and a comments page coz my blog setting says that the code in the settings shouldnt be greater than 500 characters
yesterday , we heard some big changes made in the coll internal system. heard that a pass /60% in the class testas would give us full marks and there are marks to be added for people winning in symposiums . SONE KA SUHAGA is what it can be described , but one has to keep the fingers crossed as the academic cell is yet to confirm it.

yesterday was a legalised bunki from college. it goes like this

the 1st period was boring , so i stealthily took the HINDU from my classamate and browsed thru the second page , where i came across an ad showcasing MAC,ADOBE and HP along with a seminar . o got the permission and beliveit or not the college transport dept alloted us a TATA SUMO to ferry us upto avadi . the MAC and APPLE were amazing in looks as well as functionality .came home to see the "indian buterfingers show " and woke up this morning to the good news that India had beaten kenya .

well i'm pumped up about the blogger meet tommorow and i wouldbe having 3 guys from my college comin there
myself , kishore and ashish rai


this year my birthday was celebrated by attending the double header quiz at M I T chrompet , where as usual i qualified in the finals of the tech quiz as well as general quiz , but didnt win . i have called quits when it comes to attending symposiums bcoz my college is just not supportive , as the teachers keep on fuming that i hardly stay in class , and have got an impression that i am a bad boy( so childish on part of my teachers) . the teachers dont probably know what symposiums mean , and think attending symposiums just an excuse to freak out and bunk college, esp my lab incharge who has taken a new dislike for me.

but as far my future is concerned , i still have no firm holding in my mind as to whether i want to do my MBA or try my MS abroad.
doing MS has become very routine and instead of investing a fortune abroad in doing a mundane coding course living in an alien world , there are many good institutes in India offering better PG programmes like the IIIT'S AND IIT'S , and on the other hand i am pretty interested in diong an MBA .
so ...i guess a nice tune to hum at this time OF LIFE would be shaan's "TANHA DIL " which has the lines "JAANE YE RAAHEN AB LE JAYENGI KAHAN..................?????


well these days the AD world seems 2 be getting ridicilous , with the SAMSUNG BIO TV and the RELIANCE AD featuring sehwag .

i guess the indian entreprenurs know a thing or two to exploit the mind of the naive AD watcher in India.


B A D - N E W S

we have college for the next 3 sundays to compensate 3 holidays given by the college sometime this semester. tommorow is the debut class , donno how many of us will turn up. hmmmmmmm............... i guess it will be the attendance hungry crowd ,plus the studious dumbos .

yesterday we had been to SRIRAM ENGG college in VEPPAMPATTU (along the bangalore railway line track). people here redefined what a symposium is and how it can be conducted as at 9 am there was no one at the registration desk, we were the only soul’s in the auditorium.they had a rotten , blaring audio set playing all the “GAANA” tamil songs , making me wonder whether this was a symposium or a tea shop, and this cacophony continued till 11 am .

then at 11 the prelims started (thankfully) in the dungeon like rooms . we had a nice easy prelims where we scored 18.5 points out of 25 , being the second in the prelims. I surprisingly didn’t qualify /win in the other events like mock interview, poster design ….

The quiz finals was very well conducted , as the questions were very innovative . we were leading the quiz throughout but one round and 1 question spoilt all that and the tables turned , with the IT DEPT TEAM (vel tech) of lokesh , lakshmi narayanan and saravana kumar gaining the edge over us in the final tally by coming 2nd with 55 to our’s
(3rd with 45 points) . as far as poster design was concerned , I after seeing the parallel posters being designed by other contestants, felt we would win by an astounding margin , but the judges thought otberwise …………

well over all a bad day as CSE dept of our coll was thumped 3-0 by IT dept (our coll) .
it feels as if Tendulkar( me!!!!) was given a bad decision against Pakistan(IT) when India(CSE) we were definitely toasting to victory , except in c-debugging .

the most comical part of the evening being that only 30 students ( all from sriram coll) remained in their auditorium , as none of the participants , sans 1 or 2 stayed for the valedictory function.

So I guess from now I shall hang up my boots when it comes to participation at known B-grade colleges as the atmosphere is just not stimulating and secondly exists the possibility of the results of events being fixed .


jus back after attending E-luminate this time , the only things of note i managed was to get a MRF BAT AUTOGRAPHED BY SACHIN and make it to the last 4 of the mock interview . more details later


Well , I’ve decided to sanyas from any participation in events at college , so I guess this is the last time u will see me brooding and washing my dirty linen on cyberspace .every thing is magnified and is so bloody false , totally devoid of quality , whenever it comes to any event at college. The girls ( sorry!!! That’s what the certificates and ID cards recognize them as that class of species on earth) who participated in the partnership summit , literally are the object of this blog . each one , rather than focusing on the topic were focusing on putting a century of “vels” and “rangarajans” (sponsored my Microsoft powerpoint ) and were an absolute zero , when it came to the topic and understanding .

FRUSTRATION – this is the one word I can use to describe my curent state of affairs . yesterday the 1st of February , spelt disaster in many ways than 1 . we( myself,kishore,prasanna,aanand) were supposed to make a presentation on the PARTNERSHIP summit we recently attended in Hyderabad.
We started working on this from the 28th evening(jan) by going to vishwa’s place , staying there uptil 1 am and working with him on his”workstation” ( if I could call it). We literally worked 2 nights without proper sleep , in the meelee of driving down the old mahabalipuram road at 10 the previous night just to “ burn”(CD-WRITING) our presentation cd at nirenjan’s place , typing the report in the middle of the night and of course having improper eating times. I was home alone for the past 2 days , so I couldn’t serve the guys any hot food , and we had to literally do with whatever was available .

We had reviewed so much of material on google apart from the papers and the papers were strewn about the place . we were literally like maniacs working throughout the night so to make our presentation the best by a long margin , with even my computer showing it was mad as the cabinet was open for 2 days with the wires all bunched like noodles( to facilitate swapping of disks .

As the day started , we found out that our chairman , who was to arrive that didn’t come in the morning and the judge for this happened to be a lecturer called kartik( the guy doesn’t even know how to create an e-mail address) who was so thrilled by seeing a color screen (powerpoint in our language ) that he awarded high marks whenever he saw color slides and he never paid heed to what the speakers spoke and some of the speakers manually read what was there on the slides.

Our presentation consisted of an intro –more of an appetizer , done in 3DSMAX , which seemingly required large processing power , RAM hungry and wouldn’t condescend below 128 mb ram on a good p3 .The comp given in the audi was a rotten P3 with 64 mb of ram . our video presentation become a doubly slow slide show and that robbed 4 minutes of our speaking time . aanand gave a shaky but acceptable intro , but this was just the tip of the ice berg . kishore started of with his speech in a rather tense tone and just couldn’t live up to the pressure and it looked as if his brain had locked his mouth from opening and speaking . he was speechless for about 20 seconds and I guess those were signs of tension due to competition , but I guess with a litlle bit more exposure to speaking at quality events both aanand and kishore can acquit themselves much better than what happened yesterday ( TECHNICALLY speaking it takes some time before the “potential” energy is converted to “kinetic” energy .I’ve been in such positions before at school in my 6th and 7th standards where my legs would shake whenever I go on the mike before a crowd . the tension is apparently , what the audience will think of me ? am I going in the right direction ? these doubts tend to strike out whatever bits of confidence one has and yesterday’s mishap can probably be attributed to that fact that the chairman was not present to see our presentation and our INTRO didn’t work on the rotten P3.

Soon sensing the situation worsening I did a CTRL-ALT-DEL operation and asked kishore to come back to his seat midway thru his silence and I started the presentation on his behalf and also mine . just to” rub salt on the wounds already afflicted” the guy in charge of changing slides forgot to change the slides and out of the seven slides I had only 1 was shown .(WAY 2 GO!!!!). Prasanna came and spoke pretty well , even though one could see him stammering once or twice . I was waiting for our misery on stage to end .

The only consolation came later in the day when the chairman announced reimbursements to only 25 candidates out of the 120 who attended, keeping in view of whomsoever who spoke well on stage and made a good report and so rs 600 was credited in prassana’s and my account .

I’ve learnt a lot from this mishap .

1 I SHOULD NEVER COMPETE IN VEL-INTRA EVENTS AND SPOIL MY STANDARD AND MOOD ,but I would definitely attend all possible seminars conducted by the CII(Confederation of Indian Industries ) as it gives a lot of Ibndustry level interaction with many business honchos and u get a glimpse of the ethos that drive the companies .


Last 2 days were Pongal celebration time and all my mom's side cousins came home and with all my contemporary cousins and some siblings around, their voice and the atmosphere was enough to bring the roof down . this is the only part of festivals i dont like( the noise) bcoz all my cousins come home as my grandparents stay with us ansd so it's a big family reunion on festive occissons .

exactly a week ago i was in hyderabad in one of my mom's friwnds (parvati aunty) place along with kishore,prassna and anand . she is around 45 years old and lives with her 80 something old mother .she has no kids and it's just the two of them . so when we guys stayed there for 2 days , she was really made busy with all the tasty cooking and other arrangements. at the end of our stay while we were leaving she and her mother felt very happy that we had stayed there and they felt as if their house had sprang upto life , amidst all these years of quiet and lonely existence .

i really felt great that i had lifted some one's spirits and made them happy . the reason i am putting this post is that , i realize the importance of a family reunion ( despite the noise) to keep the mood up .

i guess it's 12 am so gotta go and read ........as per my new schedule and sleep within the first few lines of opening the page !!!!!!!!!!
today the 17th was spent in the cool confines of my home . i decided not to go to college as the bloody atmosphere there is really boring and i thought i could do a litlle bit of studies in time 4 the so-called-midsems . The past few days have been pretty good especially after the hyderabad visit.

1 i've started to pay attention to my quizzical instincts and my vocabulary
2 i've begun to enjoy nights reading some papers rather than cover myself with the bedspread.
3 distinct and positive mood change w.r.t technical knowledge esp after the visit to IIT campus,Hyderabd where i learnt what a college was and here i am in chennai , living in my own lost world gearing myself to do my Masters in a reputed and cool institute .
4 become more mature in what goes out of the mouth , esp when i get angry
5 learnt to count 1 to 10 ( make that 110) whenever i encounter some real hooligans and cracked fellows from students to guys in the exam/attendance cell .
6 enjoyin music almost 3 hrs a day , with preservation of batteries !!!!!
7 typin my blog


today is day 4 in hyderabad and the mood is still on a high all due to the attention i seem to be deriving here :courtesy asking questions to the panelists . nuthin big , but it is these small tokens of praise and appreciation which accelerates the adrenalin'o'meter to it's rightful levels . last night was really boring coz we went to a restaurant called "snowy ....." anticipating a quiet environment , but the hotel food was so bad , that we had to partially abandon the enemy(food) before it ate our stomachs , < rather than we eating it>

jus happy to see ind at last winning ............


hi folks . i am presently in HYDERABAD attending the patrnership summit . today and yesterday have been interesting . here's a brief post on the happenings .
try checking the url www.ciionline.org and u would come across some one called Shaffer , who happens 2 be the ambassodor to India . yesterday i asked her a question as to how could India cooperate with the US with regard to solving Pak's internal problems , with the thing being that Pk has killed so many indians and left an indelible scar . so it deserved to be nuked . she replied saying that what i told would deepen the crisis and would lead to the world being a little volataile . but she fully couldnt answer my question , so i felt elated as I had proved my point . A little later i went and spoke to her personally at the end of the day and she seemed to talk in a very polite manner with a nice smile and told me she repected the Indian revengeful feelings but she asked me to imagine myself as a indian relations minister and analyze the solution . even then i told her that why should india help pakistan gain lost ground when all the pakis regardles of any talks still keep blasting different parts of India .

she thought for some while , but a CII guy came to her rescue saying she had to go for dinner and alas there ended my brief sojourn ...................................WELL THE ONLY GOOD THING BEING WAS THAT I WAS SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE (ONLY A FEW) WHO CONGRATULATED ME . the other consolation came when i asked the question when the chairperson told her" this is the answer the youth of india is waiting to know " . so at least some one took my question serious !!!!!

but today was even more exciting in the sense that , this morning one MR Richard haas , again one of the ambassodors spoke on US'S great help to India in the relations wrt Terrorism . that guy was going on "gapsa " wuttifying , so what in did was ask another question : INDIA HAS SUFFERED MORE DEATHS DUE TO TERROSRISMS FOR THE PAST 20 YRS AND HAS BEEN SILENT ABOUT IT . IT HAS NOT RESORTED IN ANY NUKING OR RETALIATION TO THE PAK ATTACKS . BUT THE US WHEN IT WAS ATTACKED JUST ONCE (9/11 ATTACKS) IT WITHOUT ASKING ANYBODY , STARTED THE NUKING OF AFGHANISTAN , THUS ESCALATING THE TENSION.


that question as soon as i finished , received a warm round of applause from the distinguished audience and the lunch session was all about handshakes with so many people (students as well as corporates) . so just got pepped up and a known figure!!!!

prassana today asked george fernandes a question on nuclear threats by pak to india on which geoprge's reply was a total anti=-pak answer saying musharaff was a mad and irresponsible man who makes stupid statements and probably is risking suicide as if he puts a bomb on india , india will still survive , but pak as a nation will be history !!!!


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