oh what a day!!!!

college was boring as usual , with me putting on my zzzzzzz.....ing shoes . the only bright part of the day was the seminar I gave today in college abt guided media in data communication and networks . I personally volunteered to do this yesterday as I felt I had to sprinkle life into the class with the teachers method making the class fully drab.

the second part being , the fact that since we at least have 1 free period a day , i keep the class engaged by conducting a quiz or a debate and this has been going all over this week. it just happened that 2 such classes ( quizzes) was managed by a new male staff. at the end of the quiz at 3 40 pm he came over and was so impressed with me , he said he likes me very much bcoz of my knowledge . He also said that i should try and participate in quizzes outside college in symposiums and walked out .

i was laughing within myself , coz the poor guy dosent know thats the only thing i do while in college ( going to symposiums twice a month) as the classes are ever boring .

Anyway at the end of the corridor i thanked him , and told him about my quizzical conquests and there was a big gleam across his face and he congratulated me and walked away .

i came home at 6 pm and my friend prassana came home with the CD of the new hindi flick " DEEWANGEE" and that kept me engaged for the night . the movie is one of the best murder mysteries i've seen in bollywood since GUPT and HUMRAAAZ. Akshaye Khanna and Ajay Devgan have played their roles to perfection in this movie and what a shiver it generated down my spine . i would rate DEEWANGEE a 8 / 10 on the richter scale of excitement ( if there was one )


college has started , and we have been given the shocking news that the internal marks of twenty have ben tampered with and that issue was the talk of the week. well in a way that will make me to work even harder to get higher internals and perform better( but cant still help brooding over the fact that i would be getting lower internals , all due to the idiotic academic cell). i guess the number of symposiums will be reduced this semester , as i have to start seriously thinking about my sinking BE aggregate ...........( which is set to hit an all time low due to this sem's internal scam). classes have begun in all seriousness and so have i ! !


well time has just flown by , coz college reopens tommorow . i guess it will take a week for the teachers and students to start comin in full flow . anyway i dont mind a few free periods ............


i am just back from watching AMERICAN DESI at SREE . it'a cool movie abt a guy called krishna gopal reddy( rather ...kris , that's how he calls himself) who cant stand the fact that he is an indian and mocks at the relegious practices . he finally ends up in a engg school where his room mates are supposedly indian's!!!! . soon he gets used to the environment in college with the same old story( boy meets girl and happy ending , along with a dash of a weak and sour villain) . but on the whole the movie is avery good comedy movie giving an insight into the lives of indians pursuing higher studies abroad , with all the distractions...................( that really inspires me to work harder on my GRE ! ! !).


well madipakkam dosent get any better , with the rains , it's back to square 1 with the rain water upto 1/2 my car tyres in the ground floor . now where am i gonna retreat to ?????? i cant stay here coz i feel really bored and restless . i've been COUCHPOTATOing for the past week and my brain is totally drained of what was there inside . i cant go out to buy some snacks nor can i go to any VCD shop to kill time ... well life is sickening to say the least .

my only escapade from these rains in this holidays has been my prescence at my friend achut's sisters wedding . there i met up with some of my classmates and and some of his and we boys had a nice time there ! ! ! . but all that lasted only for a couple of hours as it was getting late and i had to return home .
some of myclassmates have scheduled a meeting( inspired by me of course) tommorow regd our symposium , which i gotta attend , but the state of water here is alarming . the only i can attend that is to go bottom less( like topless ! ! !) coz i have to wad thru all that thigh deep water ( just jokin !).


regd my amazon adventure in my previous blog , my area MADIPAKKAM and Velachery are totally submerged and full of floods all due to the reversal of a small lake's flow towards our direction . the water level from 2 feet has now gone down to a few inches ( thankfully) . since i couldnt stay put in this wretched place without current , i had to make a small shift in the dead of the night( 4 30 am) from my place to my cousin's . i had to wade thru dirty water for abt 2 kms as all the bus and auto services inside madipkkam were suspended . got an auto some time later and went to central along with dad , only to see that my mother had arrived an hour before and was waiting for us since 5 ( we reached at 6) . after that i went over to the suburban section and took a train to perambur .

phew !! just cut a long story short!! .

today is DIWALI and the mood was pretty high in the morning in tide with the explosions generated by the crackers . well now i know what it is to feel like staying in in a place like Iran or Kashmir as the blasts that u can hear from every corner of the city are a daily realistic phenomenen in such places . ok enough of rambling , gotto go and have a 2nd session with the crackers ! !


well i am just thru from an AMAZON ADVENTURE wading thru the waters ( upto two and a half feet ) and the various insects,frogs and snakes . i had gone to central to pick my mom at 6 am and i left home at 4 45 am . more on the adventure later . any of u guys who wanna contact me , pls do so at my cell number as i am not staying at my place due to the waterlogging. i will be today at my cousin's house at perambur and tommorow......... ( MUSAFIR HOON YAARON NA GHAR HAIN NA TTHIKANA...)

my plans for today is to come in the evening to Satyam or BCL and spend some time there . so if any of u guys happen to be there , i'll see u there

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