These days as soon as a child has started learning ABC, I guess the teachers would do them a huge favour by telling them where they belong in the Indian Caste Market pie chart...Whether they belong to the Priveleged OBC,SC OR ST or stand the punishment of being born in the so-called-Upper Class.The child can appropriately apportion his time to studies ...and hardwork...as the Reserved child will learn the alphabets as OBC and the not-so-reserved kid will learn alphabets starting with ABC and a kid sitting in the cool confines of london,will have good fun seeing their poorer DESI cousins pettily fighting over seats on BBC.

In a Recent interview with Arjun Singh by CNN-IBN, the interesting point is that according to a government body itself 23.5 per cent of the college seats are already with the OBCs on their own Merit! so essentially after the 27% that also gets implemented,we would have 22.5 (sc/st) + 23.5 + 27 = 73% seats reserved ... and incase you can prove that you belong from anoter sick minority where the history of your ancestoral education is not more than class 5, lo Arjun singh, the Devta is always there to Reserve seats for you. I guess the POK people,Naxalites,Bodo Militants are the next set of people who would demand reservation...and Ya If Phoolan Devi and Veerappan were around,we would have also got a quota in their name for their land.

Arjun Singh's interview reveals that this septuagenarian can never think rationally and logic is something that has deserted him, and a dogmatic zeal to pursue the reservation seems his 1 point Agenda.This country is going to DOGS..All these ministers are puppets in front of the Votebank.I have lost my respect for reverd economists like P.Chidambaram,who also has dirtied his hands in giving his 2 cents gnyaan on Why India must have reservations.

I agree that Certain sections of the society are not so well to do and cant think of a secure life,when they start..or cant think of a convent education or cant afford coaching classes to ace exams.The solution is not to throw such people into the typhoon of the competitive world by forcibily offering him an IIM seat/IIT seat,and make him/her a half baked specialist,but to give him basic education...so that his quality of life does not remain miserable.

If the goverment keeps feeding them fish,, they will become fat and stil depend onthe goverment on eating fish,but if the goverment teaches them fishing and fending for themselves,the student junta doesnt mid competing for fishes in the Pond,but cant stand the fact that otherwise fishes are being given free,while they spend their time and energy searching for them in the Pond.

This interview shows the sadistic nature of a goverment thats obsessed with reservations,which terms the "striking medicos" as hype and doesnt even care about their Hunger Protest.I also happened to see on TV many people who passed away due to the striking medicos and limited medical assistance,which is sad....but hey, doesnt this prove a point that these deaths are more so due to the Goverments incallous and insouciant stand on this issue ?

These Politicians being jealous of money spinning insti's like IIT/IIM's are only degrading the quality of these centres by having half baked idiots coming inside casting aside a very concept called MERITOCTRACY.I am not saying that the persons from OBC/SC/ST are not intelligent,but the ones that seek the gap called reservation to enter is who I would call idiots who dilute the essence of quality Learning.Who knows a year from know JP MOrgan would not Recruit at IIM A , it may be a Tirupur garments JP MURUGAN who may come. Caste obsessed Morons like him dont know the difference between JP Morgan and JP Murugan.I appreciate his nature of fighting for what he feels are people deprived of oppurtunity,but when he poses senseless and baseless arguements to support his so called theory,that's when the blood boils.

The transition of learning will now sadly be limited from ABC to OBC and will sadly s

I saw a lot of comments on my earlier post on reservation which also generated quite a lot of response from various people.Just hope to elicit more opinions and vieews from People reading this.

Karan Thapar with Arjun Singh, Interview on CNN-IBN

Following is the interview by CNN-IBN, its a good long read, but well worth it!

Karan Thapar: Hello and welcome to the Devil's Advocate. As the debate over the reservations for the OBCs divides the country, we ask - What are the government's real intentions? That is the critical questions that I shall put today in an exclusive interview to the Minister for Human Resource Development Arjun Singh.

Most of the people would accept that steps are necessary to help the OBCs gain greater access to higher education. The real question is - Why do you believe that reservations is the best way of doing this?

Arjun Singh: I wouldn't like to say much more on this because these are decisions that are taken not by individuals alone. And in this case, the entire Parliament of this country - almost with rare anonymity - has decided to take this decision.

Karan Thapar: Except that Parliament is not infallible. In the Emergency, when it amended the Constitution, it was clearly wrong, it had to reverse its own amendments. So, the question arises - Why does Parliament believe that the reservation is the right way of helping the OBCs?

Arjun Singh: Nobody is infallible. But Parliament is Supreme and atleast I, as a Member of Parliament, cannot but accept the supremacy of Parliament.

Karan Thapar: No doubt Parliament is supreme, but the constitutional amendment that gives you your authorities actually unenabling amendment, it is not a compulsory requirement. Secondly, the language of the amendment does not talk about reservations, the language talks about any provision by law for advancement of socially and educationally backward classes. So, you could have chosen anything other than reservations, why reservations?

Arjun Singh: Because as I said, that was the 'will and desire of the Parliament'.

Karan Thapar: Do you personally also, as Minister of Human Resource Development , believe that reservations is the right and proper way to help the OBCs?

Arjun Singh: Certainly, that is one of the most important ways to do it.

Karan Thapar: The right way?

Arjun Singh: Also the right way.

Karan Thapar: In which case, lets ask a few basic questions; we are talking about the reservations for the OBCs in particular. Do you know what percentage of the Indian population is OBC? Mandal puts it at 52 per cent, the National Sample Survey Organisation at 32 per cent, the National Family and Health Survey at 29.8 per cent, which is the correct figure?

Arjun Singh: I think that should be decided by people who are more knowledgeable. But the point is that the OBCs form a fairly sizeable percentage of our population.

Karan Thapar: No doubt, but the reason why it is important to know 'what percentage' they form is that if you are going to have reservations for them, then you must know what percentage of the population they are, otherwise you don't know whether they are already adequately catered in higher educational institutions or not.

Arjun Singh: That is obvious - they are not.

Karan Thapar: Why is it obvious?

Arjun Singh: Obvious because it is something which we all see.

Karan Thapar: Except for the fact that the NSSO, which is a government appointed body, has actually in its research in 1999 - which is the most latest research shown - that 23.5 per cent of all university seats are already with the OBCs. And that is just 8.5 per cent less than what the NSSO believes is the OBC share of the population. So, for a difference of 8 per cent, would reservations be the right way of making up the difference?

Arjun Singh: I wouldn't like to go behind all this because, as I said, Parliament has taken a view and it has taken a decision, I am a servant of Parliament and I will only implement.

Karan Thapar: Absolutely, Parliament has taken a view, I grant it. But what people question is the simple fact - Is there a need for reservations? If you don't know what percentage of the country is OBC, and if furthermore, the NSSO is correct in pointing out that already 23.5 per cent of the college seats are with the OBC, then you don't have a case in terms of need.

Arjun Singh: College seats, I don't know.

Karan Thapar: According to the NSSO - which is a government appointed body - 23.5 per cent of the college seats are already with the OBCs.

Arjun Singh: What do you mean by college seats?

Karan Thapar: University seats, seats of higher education.

Arjun Singh: Well, I don't know I have not come across that far.

Karan Thapar: So, when critics say to you that you don't have a case for reservation in terms of need, what do you say to them?

Arjun Singh: I have said what I had to say and the point is that that is not an issue for us to now debate.

Karan Thapar: You mean the chapter is now closed?

Arjun Singh: The decision has been taken.

Karan Thapar: Regardless of whether there is a need or not, the decision is taken and it is a closed chapter.

Arjun Singh: So far as I can see, it is a closed chapter and that is why I have to implement what all Parliament has said.

Karan Thapar: Minister, it is not just in terms of 'need' that your critics question the decision to have reservation for OBCs in higher education. More importantly, they question whether reservations themselves are efficacious and can work.

For example, a study done by the IITs themselves shows that 50 per cent of the IIT seats for the SCs and STs remain vacant and for the remaining 50 per cent, 25 per cent are the candidates, who even after six years fail to get their degrees. So, clearly, in their case, reservations are not working.

Arjun Singh: I would only say that on this issue, it would not be correct to go by all these figures that have been paraded.

Karan Thapar: You mean the IIT figures themselves could be dubious?

Arjun Singh: Not dubious, but I think that is not the last word.

Karan Thapar: All right, maybe the IIT may not be the last word, let me then quote to you the report of the Parliamentary Committee on the welfare for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes - that is a Parliamentary body.

It says that looking at the Delhi University, between 1995 and 2000, just half the seats for under-graduates at the Scheduled Castes level and just one-third of the seats for under-graduates at the Scheduled Tribes level were filled. All the others went empty, unfilled. So, again, even in Delhi University, reservations are not working.

Arjun Singh: If they are not working, it does not mean that for that reason we don't need them. There must be some other reason why they are not working and that can be certainly probed and examined. But to say that for this reason, 'no reservations need to be done' is not correct.

Karan Thapar: Fifty years after the reservations were made, statistics show, according to The Hindustan Times, that overall in India, only 16 per cent of the places in higher education are occupied by SCs and STs. The quota is 22.5 per cent, which means that only two-thirds of the quota is occupied. One third is going waste, it is being denied to other people.

Arjun Singh: As I said, the kind of figures that have been brought out, in my perception, do not reflect the realities. Realities are something much more and of course, there is an element of prejudice also.

Karan Thapar: But these are figures that come from a Parliamentary Committee. It can't be prejudiced; they are your own colleagues.

Arjun Singh: Parliamentary Committee has given the figures, but as to why this has not happened, that is a different matter.

Karan Thapar: I put it to you that you don't have a case for reservations in terms of need, you don't have a case for reservations in terms of their efficacy, why then, are you insisting on extending them to the OBCs?

Arjun Singh: I don't want to use that word, but I think that your argument is basically fallicious.

Karan Thapar: But it is based on all the facts available in the public domain.

Arjun Singh: Those are facts that need to be gone into with more care. What lies behind those facts, why this has not happened, that is also a fact.

Karan Thapar: Let's approach the issue of reservations differently in that case. Reservations mean that a lesser-qualified candidate gets preference over a more qualified candidate, solely because in this case, he or she happens to be an OBC. In other words, the upper castes are being penalised for being upper caste.

Arjun Singh: Nobody is being penalised and that is a factor that we are trying to address. I think that the prime Minister will be talking to all the political parties and will be putting forward a formula, which will see that nobody is being penalised.

Karan Thapar: I want very much to talk about that formula, but before we come to talk about how you are going to address concerns, let me point one other corollary - Reservations also gives preference and favour to caste over merit. Is that acceptable in a modern society?

Arjun Singh: I don't think the perceptions of modern society fit India entirely.

Karan Thapar: You mean India is not a modern society and therefore can't claim to be treated as one?

Arjun Singh: It is emerging as a modern society, but the parameters of a modern society do not apply to large sections of the people in this country.

Karan Thapar: Let me quote to you Jawaharlal Nehru, a man whom you personally admire enormously. On the 27th of June 1961 wrote to the Chief Ministers of the day as follows: I dislike any kind of reservations. If we go in for any kind of reservations on communal and caste basis, we will swamp the bright and able people and remain second rate or third rate. The moment we encourage the second rate, we are lost. And then he adds pointedly: This way lies not only folly, but also disaster. What do you say to Jawaharlal Nehru today?

Arjun Singh: Jawaharlal Nehru was a great man in his own right and not only me, but everyone in India accept his view.

Karan Thapar: But you are just about to ignore his advice.

Arjun Singh: No. Are you aware that it was Jawaharlal Nehru who introduced the first ammendment regarding OBCs?

Karan Thapar: Yes, and I am talking about Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961, when clearly he had changed his position, he said - I dislike any kind of reservations.

Arjun Singh: I don't think one could take Panditji's position at any point of time and then overlook what he had himself initiated.

Karan Thapar: Am I then to understand that regardless of the case that is made against reservations in terms of need, regardless of the case that has been made against reservations in terms of efficacy, regardless of the case that has been made against reservations in terms of Jawaharlal Nehru, you remain committed to extending reservations to the OBCs.

Arjun Singh: I said because that is the will of Parliament. And I think that common decisions that are taken by Parliament have to be honoured.

Karan Thapar: Let me ask you a few basic questions - If reservations are going to happen for the OBCs in higher education, what percentage of reservations are we talking about?

Arjun Singh: No, that I can't say because that has yet to be decided.

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Karan Thapar: Could it be less than 27 per cent?

Arjun Singh: I can't say anything on that, I have told you in the very beginning that at this point of time it is not possible for me to.

Karan Thapar: Quite right. If you can't say, then that also means that the figure has not been decided.

Arjun Singh: The figure will be decided, it has not been decided yet.

Karan Thapar: The figure has not been decided. So, therefore the figure could be 27, but it could be less than 27 too?

Arjun Singh: I don't want to speculate on that because as I said, that is decision, which will be taken by Parliament.

Karan Thapar: Whatever the figure, one thing is certain that when the reservations for OBCs happen, the total quantum of reservations will go up in percentage terms. Will you compensate by increasing the total number of seats in colleges, universities, IITs and IIMs, so that the other students don't feel deprived.

Arjun Singh: That is one of the suggestions that has been made and is being seriously considered.

Karan Thapar: Does it find favour with you as a Minister for Human Resource Development?

Arjun Singh: Whatever suggestion comes, we are committed to examine it.

Karan Thapar: You may be committed to examine it, but do you as minister believe that that is the right way forward?

Arjun Singh: That could be one of the ways, but not the only way.

Karan Thapar: What are the other ways?

Arjun Singh: I don't know. That is for the Prime Minister and the other ministers to decide.

Karan Thapar: One way forward would be to increase the total number of seats.

Arjun Singh: Yes, definitely.

Karan Thapar: But the problem is that as the Times of India points out, we are talking of an increase of perhaps as much as 53 per cent. Given the constraints you have in terms of faculty and infrastructure, won't that order of increase dilute the quality of education?

Arjun Singh: I would only make one humble request, don't go by The Times of India and The Hindustan Times about faculty and infrastructure, because they are trying to focus on an argument which they have made.

Karan Thapar: All right, I will not go by The Times of India, let me instead go by Sukhdev Thorat, the Chairman of the UGC. He points out that today, at higher education levels - that is all universities, IITs and IIMs - there is already a 1.2 lakh vacancy number. 40 per cent of these are in teaching staff, which the IIT faculty themselves point out that they have shortages of up to 30 per cent. Given those two constraint, can you increase the number of seats?

Arjun Singh: That can be addressed and that shortage can be taken care of.

Karan Thapar: But it can't be taken care of in one swoop, it will take several years to do it.

Arjun Singh: I don't know whether it can be taken care of straightway or in stages, that is a subject to be decided.

Karan Thapar: Let me ask you bluntly, if you were to agree to compensate for reservations for OBCs by increasing the number of seats, would that increase happen at one go, or would it be staggered over a period of two-three or four year old process.

Arjun Singh: As I told you, it is an issue that I cannot comment upon at this moment because that is under examination.

Karan Thapar: So, it may happen in one go and it may happen in a series of several years.

Arjun Singh: I can't speculate on that because that is not something on which I am free to speak on today.

Karan Thapar: Will the reservation for OBCs, whatever figure your Committee decides on, will it happen in one go, or will it slowly be introduced in stages?

Arjun Singh: That also I cannot say because as I told you, all these issues are under consideration.

Karan Thapar: Which means that everything that is of germane interest to the people concerned is at the moment 'under consideration' and the government is not able to give any satisfaction to the students who are deeply concerned.

Arjun Singh: That is not the point. The government knows what to do and it will do what is needed.

Karan Thapar: But if the government knows what to do, why won't you tell me what the government wants to do?

Arjun Singh: Because unless the decision is taken, I cannot tell you.

Karan Thapar: But you can share with me as the Minister what you are thinking.

Arjun Singh: No.

Karan Thapar: So, in other words, we are manitaining a veil of secrecy and the very people who are concerned...

Arjun Singh: I am not maintaining a veil of secrecy. I am only telling you what propriety allows me to tell you.

Karan Thapar: Propriety does not allow you to share with the people who are protesting on the streets what you are thinking?

Arjun Singh: I don't think that that can happen all the time.

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Karan Thapar: But there are people who feel that their lives and their futures are at stake and they are undertaking fasts until death.

Arjun Singh: It is being hyped up, I don't want to go into that.

Karan Thapar: Do you have no sympathy for them?

Arjun Singh: I have every sympathy.

Karan Thapar: But you say it is being hyped up.

Arjun Singh: Yes, it is hyped up.

Karan Thapar: So, then, what sympathy are you showing?

Arjun Singh: I am showing sympathy to them and not to those who are hyping it up.

Karan Thapar: The CPM says that if the reservations for the OBCs are to happen, then what is called the creamy layer should be excluded. How do you react to that?

Arjun Singh: The creamy layer issue has already been taken care of by the Supreme Court.

Karan Thapar: That was vis -a-vis jobs in employment, what about at the university level, should they be excluded there as well because you are suggesting that the answer is yes?

Arjun Singh: That could be possible.

Karan Thapar: It could be possible that the creamy layer is excluded from reservations for OBCs in higher education?

Arjun Singh: It could be, but I don't know whether it would happen actually.

Karan Thapar: Many people say that if reservations for OBCs in higher education happen, then the children of beneficiaries should not be entitled to claim the same benefit.

Arjun Singh: Why?

Karan Thapar: So that there is always a shrinking base and the rate doesn't proliferate.

Arjun Singh: I don't think that that is a very logical way of looking at it.

Karan Thapar: Is that not acceptable to you?

Arjun Singh: No, it is not the logical way of looking at it.

Karan Thapar: So, with the possible exception of the creamy layer exclusion, reservation for OBCs in higher education will be almost identical to the existing reservations for SC/STs?

Arjun Singh: Except for the percentage.

Karan Thapar: Except for the percentage.

Arjun Singh: Yes.

Karan Thapar: So, in every other way, they will be identical.

Arjun Singh: Yes, in every other way.

Karan Thapar: Mr Arjun Singh, on the 5th of April when you first indicated that the Government was considering reservation for OBCs in higher education, was the Prime Minister in agreement that this was the right thing to do?

Arjun Singh: I think, there is a very motivated propaganda is on this issue. Providing reservation to OBCs was in the public domain right from December 2005, when Parliament passed the enabling resolution.

Karan Thapar: Quite true. But had the Prime Minister specifically agreed on or before 5th of April to the idea?

Arjun Singh: Well, I am telling you it was already there. A whole Act was made, the Constitution was amended and the Prime Minister was fully aware of what this is going to mean. Actually, he had a meeting in which OBC leaders were called to convince them that this would give them the desired advantage. And they should, therefore, support this resolution. And at that meeting, he himself talked to them. Now, how do you say that he was unaware?

Karan Thapar: But were you at all aware that the Prime Minister might be in agreement with what was about to happen but might not wish it disclosed publicly at that point of time? Were you aware of that?

Arjun Singh: It was already there in public domain, that's what I am trying to tell you.

Karan Thapar: Then answer this to me. Why are members of the PMO telling journalists that Prime Minister was not consulted and that you jumped the gun?

Arjun Singh: Well, I don't know which member of the PMO you are talking about unless you name him.

Karan Thapar: Is there a conspiracy to make you the fall guy?

Arjun Singh: Well, I don't know whether there is one or there is not. But fall guys are not made in this way. And I am only doing what was manifestly clear to every one, was cleared by the party and the Prime Minister. There is no question of any personal agenda.

Karan Thapar: They say that, in fact, you brought up this issue to embarrass the Prime Minister.

Arjun Singh: Why should I embarrass the Prime Minister? I am with him. I am part of his team.

Karan Thapar: They say that you have a lingering, forgive the word, jealousy because Sonia Gandhi chose Manmohan Singh and not you as Prime Minister.

Arjun Singh: Well, that is canard which is below contempt. Only that person can say this who doesn't know what kind of respect and regard I hold for Sonia Gandhi. She is the leader. Whatever she decides is acceptable to me.

Karan Thapar: They also say that you brought this issue up because you felt that the Prime Minister had been eating into your portfolio. Part of it had gone to Renuka Chaudhury and, in fact, your new deputy minister Purandar Sridevi had taken over certain parts. This was your way of getting back.

Arjun Singh: No one was taking over any part. This is a decision which the Prime Minister makes as to who has to have what portfolio. And he asked Mrs Renuka Devi to take it and he cleared it with me first.

Karan Thapar: So there is no animus on your part?

Arjun Singh: Absolutely not.

Karan Thapar: They say that you did this because you resented the Prime Minister's popular image in the country, that this was your way of embroiling him in a dispute that will make him look not like a modern reformer but like an old-fashioned, family-hold politician instead.

Arjun Singh: Well, the Tammany Hall political stage is over> He is our Prime Minister and every decision he has taken is in the full consent with his Cabinet and I don't think there can be any blame on him.

Karan Thapar: One, then, last quick question. Do you think this is an issue, which is a sensitive issue, where everyone knew there would have been passions and emotions that would have aroused has been handled as effectively as it should have been?

Arjun Singh: Well, I have not done anything on it. I have not sort of what you call jumped the gun. If this is an issue, which is sensitive, everyone has to treat it that way.

Karan Thapar: But your conscience as HRD Minister is clear?

Arjun Singh: Absolutely clear.

Karan Thapar: There is nothing that you could have done to make it easier for the young students?

Arjun Singh: Well, I am prepared to do anything that can be done. And it is being attempted.

Karan Thapar: For seven weeks, they have been protesting in the hot sun. No minister has gone there to appease them, to alley their concerns, to express sympathy for them. Have politicians let the young people of India down?

Arjun Singh: Well, I myself called them. They all came in this very room.

Karan Thapar: But you are the only one.

Arjun Singh: You are accusing me only. No one else is being accused.

Karan Thapar: What about the Government of India? Has the Government of India failed to respond adequately?

Arjun Singh: From the Government of India also, the Defence Minister met them.

Karan Thapar: Only recently.

Arjun Singh: That is something because everyone was busy with the elections.

Karan Thapar: For seven weeks no one met them.

Arjun Singh: No, but we are very concerned. Certainly, all of us resent the kind of force that was used. I condemned it the very first day it happened.

Karan Thapar: All right, Mr Arjun Singh. We have reached the end of this interview. Thank you very much for speaking on the subject.


Deewar Reloaded

Got this a forward from my Friend.

Met up with Harsha Bhogle Yesterday

I had travelled to Bangalore to attend the Sportbuzz Sports Quiz

More on this in the evening.


Of Chicks, Girls and Ladies…

When I sat next to Swati, my bench mate in Class 2 , I only knew that she was different in the sense that she had longer hair than mine and had a voice that was quite different from mine. Of Course in later course of time, thanks to half baked Biology lessons and the internet, one got to know much more about the mysteries of the human body and the 12 year old disguised secret that children come out of the bellybutton of the human Body. Even though there was more physics than chemistry Involved, in all my learning’s I learnt along the years that the female Psyche was so much more different and had various shades to it, just as the color Black is made up of 3 colors, namely Blue Red and Green, the female psyche has 3 colors to it, namely the Chick, The Girl and the Lady.

As I grew up , some intelligent guy said the proverb” Beauty lies in what you see and Perceive” and based on the study that has ta0ken me 23 years to figure out, Here goes my dissertation on Identifying the stereotypes playing the above mentioned Roles.

What makes a Female attractive? Is it the Chick Factor? Is it the Childish, Prudish, Girlish pranks or is the Ladylike divine maturity that they exude? Well a bit of everything and the selective amnesia that we have which makes we guy to focus on things that we derive maximum ROI(Return on Investment).

The Chick

Now these species are typically found all over the planet, thinking themselves to be Socrates who engineered a mastermind brain, but actually are a set of confused female species who basically embody 4 types of personalities.

Who they want to be?

Who they actually are?

Who they are the way others see them.

Who they are the way they see them (not being Honest).

The Chick, is actually a modern day rip off of the revered Kabir, whose 2 line Dohas are inscribed on their chests, more so in the humble aim of passing on Social Service Information that lies emblazoned along the accentuated contours of their chest, giving it a visibility that not even a 1000 square feet hoarding on Ranganathan street would give. Guys, the Loyal Clients that they are, always want to read the message that is being put forward to them, even at the risk of shamelessly staring directly at the Trigonometrically shape of a female’s chest. The Chick wants the guy to read it and pass a comment or two ,but would also get angry and uncomfortable if the guy takes a tad too long staring as he would eat into his time of complementing her. For the hunger craven,- Forcibly -Hormones -controlled-I –gotta-Settle-and-then-think-about-Girls Junta, this exercise of the eyes is a welcome respite from the monotonous hum drum of life, but little does the guy know that there is a very thin line to toe between staring and getting kicked/Respected.

The Chicks are out to prove their interest forcibly to the guys and the girls surrounding them, so that they become noticed and make a huge splash, with everyone talking about them, only to finally comment the politically correct and banal line “I Neither Believe in Gossip nor do I encourage it”.

The Chicks also believe in speaking whatever crap comes to their mind without screening their thoughts based on the audience that their oratory skills are being tested to. There are times when they are so busy figuring out what to do while they have no work, so that others feels that they are busy. The common “Chick-thing” is to run the fingers through their hair as if to show the guys admiring from behind the gateway to experiencing Bliss and while one hand is on the hair the other 5 fingers are busy holding a Gizmo mobile, speaking for eons on the mobile until the battery revolts and plays truant by ending the conversation. If incase both the hands are free, then one is spent on sending SMS and the other to hold the device.

So these class of girls are typically the types who want to make a splash in whatever they do, and when they make the splash, they expect the whole world to see and talk, but not gape as there is a hidden time out after which the girls resort to exercise the Indian legal law of Eve Teasing or harassment. They typically spend most of their time thinking about what they want others to think of them and how to bridge the gap between reality and a “wannabe”.


That’s the second class of Females who haven’t yet graduated, to be a Lady and have made the unconscious choice to be a girl because of their thoughts, actions and structure.

This is the typical class where a Mechanical engineer would hoarsely shout “Under Construction” and move on. An interesting characteristic of such species is that they would love to make a splash in the most silent way, so that people around don’t object to their splashing, but the girls would love to have people asking “oh my dainty darling” what a quiet jump and why so” .These Girls love to get attention but pretend as though attention is never their motive and they have other greater things in life to achieve like studying hard for the next days test or winning their managers appraisal by burning their midnight oil(or monitors) churning out hajaar lines of code.

Why Girls remain girls is as much a mystery to them as it is to Bush as to why he is called Stupid. The Girls typically are confident young things, who just lack the confidence to do things the “Chick “ does. They are a lot better than the chicks in the sense that they don’t get unrealistic but somewhere down the line, they make the twain meet by having similarities with the “Chicks”, by way of having lots of feelings towards the opposite sex, but get pretentious, when things move to the next level, by saying the clich├ęd Kuch Kuch Hota Hain Line “I have seen you only as a Friend” and subject the poor love lost boy to even asking him questions on which Color Rakhee should he tie. That brings an abrupt end to the story that was about to take off. After a few abrupt ill fated take offs, the GIRLS when they finally are about to graduate to a woman (in terms of getting married),play the safe line by marrying someone their dad’s choice, who ultimately happens to their dad’s friend, who dad could never corner in his childhood days and now going by the motto “ If you cant beat them , join them” attitude to establish his status.

Ladies :

These are the veterans who have gone through all of the above and decide to pass on their valuable knowledge to their daughters and nieces to coach them on various Do’s and Don’ts and warn their daughters with the all famous line “All guys just want one thing ***”

They are the veritable sources of information on who’s married whom and how A is flirting with B while B when contacted evinced His/her interest for C who apparently is out of a relationship with D, so just took a liking to A. These complex 4 dimensional equations are solved day in and day out by these class of Women. They also look forward to engaging in mutually beneficial discussions on how Radaan Chithi could have taken a lesson from the Bahus of Ekta Kapoor,opulent sob fest.

Sobfests and Saas-Bahu fests are the order of the season, as this seems a course that they are so much hooked on to, that the husbands would do anything to have them joining them in their mutual quest for amorous pleasure on the bed, even to the extent of not watching India Pakistan Cricket on ESPN and not watching Schumacher wheeling around.

In the evenings when the husbands are slated to arrive they decide to be a little pious and seek solace in the nearby temple, to pray to the lord almighty to grant their sons and daughters tickets to the US of A , get 99.9 percent in the rest of the exams, how to behave as if hormones and toys never existed, and keep a track on the latest software engineers who are nubile and ripe to graduate from being a chick/Girl to a woman.

In the spare time they divide between passing comments on the unfavorable section of Chicks and Girls to ward off competition for their kids, coaching them just as an Aussie coach would have you swear the butts about the opposition.

So that’s what my dissertation has analyzed about women apart from the fact that they can potentially be damn distracting, eat a lot of your time, make your moods vacillate up and down…make you believe that the liberty punch line “of walking in the air” and as some wise person said “cant live with them, cant live without them”. This article just explores the mind of the Indian woman in a sarcastic manner and is not intended to displease anyone, but is written taking into account whatever I have seen.

Bouquets or Brickbats on this are welcome.


My Take on Sledging

Quite a lot of these sledging incidents have happened over the years.The best I can remember are listed Below and my comments on them are after the incidents (marked in italic).

The Prasad Vs Sohail Incident :Hero to Zero in 3 easy stepsChasing India's score of 287-8, pakistan got off to a flyer of a start, Amir Sohail and Saeed Anwar went about tearing the Indian bowling attack. Pakistan looked all set to win as they reached 110 odd for the loss of just 1 wicket within the 15 overs.

1. Play a Great Shot: Amir Sohail was completely bent on demolishing the Indian bowling to pieces, charging down the track to the faster bowlers (if u can call Prasad that) in this particular case he came down the ground (a good 4-5 steps, anymore and he would have hit Prasad too) and slashed the bowl over vacant off side area... the ball disappeared into the fence in a flash ... what followed has since been etched in the memories of every cricket fan in the subcontinent

.2. Act Oversmart: Amir Sohail is no Miandad. But he tries to be,and fails miserably. Sohail after hitting the shot pointed his bat the area where the bowl had disappeared and then towards Prasad apparently gesturing where he will send the next one.Its not everyday that you see a batsman sledging the bowler, and Sohail was about to learn just why

.3. Get what you called for: Sohail attempting to repeat the shot (albeit with his feet stuck to the ground this time) made room and exposed his stumps, and his weakness, and in return lost his wicket and his face.As the wicket lay uprooted, Prasad returned the favour to Sohail, pointing to the pavilion this time. The comeback was truly remarkable, almost a miracle .... Prasad has bowled thousands of deliveries and taken hundereds of wickets in his career but, it was this one granted him a place in the History of Indian Cricket .. for ever... the ghost of Miandad's last ball six was exorcised, once and for all

Aussie- style Bashing
McGrath Vs Brandes: In a showdown of best pacers of two countries, Brandes made up for his complete absence of batting skills by some displaying some great sense of humor and presence of mind.Aussie paceman Glenn McGrath was bowling to Zimbabwe number 11 Eddo Brandes - who was unable to get his bat anywhere near the ball. McGrath, frustrated that Brandes was still at the crease, wandered up during one particular over and inquired: "Why are you so fat?"Quick as a flash, Brandes replied: "Because every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit."Even the Aussie slip fielders were in hysterics.

Viv Richards v Greg Thomas:This incident took place during a county championship match between Glamorgan and Somerset.Glamorgan quickie Greg Thomas had beaten Viv Richards' bat a couple of times and informed the legendary West Indian ace: "It's red, round and weighs about five ounces, in case you were wondering."The very next ball was given the King Viv treament and smashed out of the ground, into a river - at which point Richards piped up: "Greg, you know what it looks like. Now go and find it."

Sachin Tendulkar Vs Abdul Qadir:The year was 1989, the little master had recently made his debut in Pakistan. Sachin not even old enough to get a driving licence Sachin Tendulkar was facing the best bowlers in the business. As the Pakistani crows jeered and mocked Sachin holding out the placards saying ""Dudh Pita Bhachcha ..ghar jaake dhoodh pee", (hey kid, go home and drink milk), Sachin sent the then young leg spinner Mustaq Ahmed hiding for cover (he had hit two sixes in one over. The frustaded mentor of Mustaq Ahmed the legendary Abdul Qadir challenges Sachin saying "Bachchon ko kyon mar rahe ho? Hamein bhi maar dikhao` (`Why are you hitting kids? Try and hit me.`).Sachin was silent, since then we all have come to know that he lets his bat do the talking. Abdul Quadir had made a simple request and Sachin obliged, and how. Sachin hit 4 sixes in the over, making the spinner look the kid in the contest. The over read 6, 0, 4, 6 6 6, David had felled Goliath ... and a legend was born.

Ian Healy Vs Ranatunga:Ian Healy's made a legendary comment which was picked up by the Channel 9 microphones when Arjuna Ranatunga called for a runner on a particularly hot night during a one dayer in Sydney... "You don't get a runner for being an overweight, unfit, fat c*nt!"

McGrath to Ramnaresh Sarwan:Sarwan, the West Indies vice-captain, and McGrath went toe-to-toe in an ugly shouting match in Antigua in May 2003, The incident was sparked after Sarwan, on his way to a match-winning second-innings century, reportedly reacted to lurid taunts from McGrath by telling him he should get the answers from his wife, who was recovering from radiation therapy for secondary cancer. The details : McGrath: "So what does Brian Lara's d*ck taste like?"Sarwan: "I don't know. Ask your wife."McGrath (losing it): "If you ever F*&king mention my wife again, I'll F*cking rip your F*fing throat out."

Ravi shastri v/s Mike Whitney:Its common knowledge that Indian's usually don't resort to sledging, and the Aussies swear by it. In this rare ocassion the tables had turned and it was the Aussies who were at the receiving end.Shastri hits the ball towards Mike Whitney (the 12th man in the game) and looks for a single, this guy gets the ball in and saysWhitney: "If you leave the crease i'll break your f***ing head"Shastri didn't bat an eyelid before replying : "If you could bat as well as you can talk you wouldn't be the f***ing 12th man"

Team mates Sledging :England were playing Pakistan and, at what turned out to be a crucial moment later on, Frank Tyson managed to get an outside edge off a Pakistani batsman after the batsman had been frustrating them on a hot sweaty day. The ball went right through the hands of Raman Subba Rao who was standing in first slip and through his legs. After the over Raman heads over to the bowler and says, "Sorry Frank, I should've closed my legs." Frank Tyson, who didn't find any of this amusing, quipped back, "No, you bastard, your mother should have.

Cricket has always been regarded as a gentlemans game,but somewhere down the line,the issue of competitive spirit and fist pumping came about after some advances in Basketball where they had jingoism as fashion.The Pakistanis and the australians,if you closely notice are at the forefront of such rough behaviour,that goes to be classified as ungainly and unbecoming of a cricketer,especially if you have played cricket the english regimented way.

My quick take is that just as a coin has 2 sies to it, I will analyse the arguments for and against it.Sledging is a lovely and natural way to express a sportsman's hidden frustrations and inner feelings which tend to get manifested in a fist punch,a oblique sway,or a war cry which the bowler competes with his alter-ego which keeps reminding him about his weak points and the failures. The Aussies and the Pakis were probably the proponents of such jingoistic feelings, teaching teams to emote..or actually more than just emote.The other teams have just picked up from where the Aussies and Pakis have left.Nevertherless most emotions that are prevailing today are in a sense copied emotions.....when we think of love and switzerland..we really dont feel like we are chartering new territories in feeling the warmth of togertherness but following a proud trail along the beaten path of Love that is told the Yash Chopra Way :-) .

Showing of emotions is important to maintain the game's intensity,may it be a bowler like Akthar exulting with a devilish zeal and monstrous stare or a batsman like dravid pointing fingers at the pavillion after getting to a personal landmark after a drought of runs, but it tends to get ugly when Bowlers start firing expletives at Batsmen at the drop of a hat. I guess it sends a lot of bad signals to young cricketers who watch them and try to be a clone of their idol. I guess it pays to be some one like Sachin to ignore the taunts and go on to bat as nothing has happened,but to me personally the best cricketer who has handled sledging in India has been Saurav Ganguly..who has crossed the line many a time,but has ceased to be a hyprocrites like Drravid or Sachin have been in terms of playing a politically correct image,but has gone on to singlemindedly crush Steve's tantrums and image in the 2001 and 2004 test series that we played against the Aussies.

So I Conclude by saying that emotions is fine,but using that a tool to mentally disintergrate oppositions is a highly immature way to play cricket Professionally.
Data Source for sledging based incidents : http://kinizone.blogspot.com/


Got a New Partner !

That is what the Sony Ericsson W550i WALKMAN PHONE is all about?

Network: GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900
Announced: 2005, July

Dimensions: 93 x 46.5 x 22.5 mm
Weight: 120 g

Type: TFT, 256K colors
Size: 176 x 220 pixels
Dedicated gaming buttons
Wallpapers, screensavers

Type: Polyphonic (40 channels), MP3
Customization Composer
Stereo speakers

Phonebook: 1000 x 24 fields
Photo call
Call records: 30 received, dialed and missed calls
Card slot No
256 MB shared memory

No 3G
Bluetooth, v2.0
Infrared port

Messaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (NetFront)
Colors: Vibrant Orange, Orchid White, Universe Blue (depends on availability)
Camera: 1.3 MP, 1280x1024 pixels, video, flash
Java MIDP 2.0
Walkman media player
FM radio with RDS
Image viewer
Picture editor
RSS reader

Standard battery: Li-Po 900 mAh (BST-37) Stand-by: Up to 400 h
Talk time: Up to 8 h 30 min

Networks GSM 900 GSM 1800 GSM 1900

Available colours Universe Blue Orchid White Vibrant Orange Sizes 93 x 46.5 x 22.5 mm 3.6 x 1.8 x .9 inches

Weight 120 g 4.2 oz

Talk time (up to): 8 hours 0 min ; Standby time (up to) :375 hours 0 min

And mourning for this


Got this email forward recently.

I dont know , who wrote this, but I just cant help laughing at the satire meant here

I think we should have job reservations in all the fields. I completely support the PM and all the politicians for promoting this. Let's start the reservation with our cricket team. We should have 10 percent reservation for Muslims. 30 percent for OBC , SC /ST like that. Cricket rules should be modified accordingly. The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player. The four hit by an OBC player should be considered as a six and a six hit by a OBC player should becounted as 8 runs. An OBC player scoring 60 runs should be declared as a century. We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like Shoaib akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our OBC player. Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to an OBC player. Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal. Also we should have reservation in Olympics. In the 100 meters race, an OBC player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters.

There can be reservation in Government jobs also. Let's recruit SC/ST and OBC pilots for aircrafts which are carrying the ministers and politicians (that can really help the country.. )Ensure that only SC/ST and OBC doctors do the operations for the ministers and other politicians. (Another way of saving thecountry..) Let's be creative and think of ways and means to guide INDIA forward... Let's show the world that INDIA is a GREAT country. Let's be proud of being an INDIAN..May the good breed of politicans like ARJUN SINGH long live...


Shubh Shubh Bolo

I happened to see the missive officially directed to Sehwag by the BCCI and was appalled at the double standards of the board.The Decesion to reprimand sehwag,as he spoke his mind out was ok ,as long as Sehwag was breaching the code of conduct.But when there is hardly any written code of Conduct, I strongly feels,the Board's decesion (Read Niranjan Shah) of reprimanding sehwag bluntly does not convince me at all.

The Board has no media policy at all and never chooses to learn from its past mistakes.There have been so many instances where the board has acted a tad too late, over comments by players,and after allowing the house to burn they come and issue a policy that no one should play in the house , when the damn house itself is burnt.(supposed to be an analogy- i seem to revel in some geeky analogies these days... so dont mind). I remember Jimmy Amarnath(Mohinder) calling the selectors a pack of fools and the BCCI acted on it only after the issue had sperad like wildfire. Similarly when the Ganguly Chappel spat broke out in Harare and the Chappell e-mail leaked out, the Board was mulling over whether to get into the fray or simply keep giving press resports like this.

Reporter : Whats with the email, that people are talking about ?

BCCI "which email are u talking about,I havent receieved any email from chappell,that talks about 101 ways why Ganguly will not fit into the Indian Team"

Reporter: Oh , We only knew that some mail, was sent ! thanks for the info on the content

BCCI" What content: The BCCI president's house does not have email facility, and even though Chappel sent me the email 3 days back to my Inbox,I havent checked my mail in the last 1 week.

Now thats's professionalism for BCCI. On one hand Sehwag is Bluntly told, to shut his mouth and sit like a dodo and just play cricket if he wants to and one the other hand, Prannoy Roy , the Indian News Behemoth NDTV's head honcho, gleams with Joy after Signing Dhoni for a year for "important match views and exclsuive specials/opinions of Dhoni" .Isnt the board treading a dangerous line by allowing a player like Dhoni to have untramelled acces to the media,where he becomes all the more prone to give statements that may prove controversial and I wont buy the Logic that NDTV wont question him on Controversial Topics.....after having paid the moon to have Dhoni exclusively for them.

Moreover coming back to the Sehwag issue, I see no wrong in what he said, all he did was to bring up the issue of player burnout ,as the Indian team has ben playing high quality cricket a little too long now...and just fears to think of the day, when India may start the world cup without a star studded team,with half of them nursing injuries. If the same had happened in Australia, I bet the players would have been the first to shield the victim, by their Players assosiation. Infact the aussies now break for a 4 month long break to help the lpayers rejuvenate for the ashes and the worrld Cup following that.

The Indian,board if it had got a break of 4 months would have definetely tried fixing up 2 inconsequential tri series involving USA,India and Zimababwe and TV channels in their quest for TRP(Television Rating Points) would have given the series a Hype that transcends the Ashes.

My Views are simple,the board is functioning like an autocratic ruler,and all is not well with the selection comitee headed by Kiran More,whose stupid acts have been masked by India's victories offlate.More went on to speak to the media that Ganguly would never be selected...and isnt' this a serious offense coming from the mouth of the Chief selector,which the BCCI chose to duck away from ?

The Board needs to have former players with a shrewd cricketing sense like Shastri,Gavaskar,Srikkanth,Manjrekar etc and not asses like Kiran More,whose whims and personal rivalries have marred many a players career. A revamp needs to happen,wheer a Board is constituted that listens to its players and functions as a healthy family and not give autocratic instructions and behave like despotic Indian Rulers.

Your views and comments on my observation are welcome.


First Love : "exploring" the next level

My Sony "cassete" walkman, has endured me for the last 9 years,and so have I ....across 3 diferent Sony Models,but I belive the time has come to take the relationship to the next level by going digital.So My mind is confused over choosing the two options that I have.Do I buy an I-POD or do I go 4 the Sony MP3 Player.Am looking for a place I can review both the devices at the same time,with the same song.So am trying to get things arranged that way,so that I can review both of them and decide.

Inbetween all that lies the approval Process through my dad,as he feels I have spent enough of dough on Gizmo Gadgets for a life time, and I should save money for the rainy day (To travel in boats ? huh ? ).

Any gnyaan from people seeing this, is largely welcome,as I need to know the peculiarities of the product before I buy it,rather than learn the caveat's after my purse has borne the explosive hole of 10k...

My Budget is around 10 k...for the music Player.. so interesting times...let the swayamwar begin


The 49 ' er

Elections are here , thats what people say...but as a independent citizen of this country, do I actually have a mandate that can change the way I want Leaders to lead or evn chose , who I entrust in leading the nation.All I see around is horrible ads that talk about how each Political party leader makes a fool of himself commiting to promises that they cant keep.Now that people are actually talking about these promises,makes me think, that the majority of people who vote,dont really have an eye on how India can transform into a nation that can visions like "2020" envisage.These rural Majority are easily swayed by obnoxious schemes that are aimed at helping them acquire personal things,which arent of any use to the country.Now tell me , If Jayalalitha says .."Thaalikku thangam" (every managal sutra gets proprtionate Gold) and Karunanidhi says 'veetukku veedu Colour tv (Colour Tv in each house),Arent these idiotic Politicians making people more selfish for a personal cause,eliminating things in the larger interest of the nation or the state.

Screwed Policies like Reservation appeals to the lower strata of society which is uneducated and the so called Backward classes as they find a cushion to rest back upon, wheres thousands of aspiring meritorious students who slog are given the axe,by not getting seats in colleges despite their academic scores,as the caste reservations end up as a road block and these meritorious people get dejected and it doesnt take a big effort to make them anti-national elements as money is promised temporarily by pursuing crooked nefarious activities,and given the competition in the current dog eat dog world..."get it " by hook or crook seems to be the catchphrase in these modern times.

I may not have the luxury, neither to understand the economics of a government nor to estimate the cost benefit analysis of these flurry of “free” offers from the 2006 election "Champion". Believe me, after seeing several elections; I know that they are not going to keep up their words.I remember the case of a Rajasekara reddy who took over from Chandrababu Naidu, with the USP as "he will work for the farmers giving free elctricity and not so much for the development of the already cash filled cyberabad.Same with SM Krishna in Karanataka,as Karnataka seems to have floundered after Dharam Singh came on Board.

When these Politicians cannot keep up their words, Then why do we have this drama? Do they have a choice? Do i have a choice? Well Only Time will tell.Movies like Mudhalvan,Yuva,Rang de Basanti would only be distant memories.Even though Lok Paritran , has also jumped into the dirty gutter of politics...it should be a few years before whic we know whether they have jumped to clean it or beome part of the gutter(which I hope..they will not).

But Coming to,why the political parties behave like this, I don’t think they have a choice because they are competing in a race. Everybody wants to perform better than their honourable competitors, they can’t win a lay man's confidence by talking about their vision, mission, strategies, accomplishments, strengths, plans, policies etc., simply because the common man working on the field's don’t care a damn about it. .When a person's basic needs are at stake, do you expect the people (who are fooled by election gimmicks like free this and free that ) to think about you, the society or the government. Come on, Give me a break! All they care about is their basics - food, clothing, TV etc(Ok Roti , Kapda and MAKAN got replaced by TV..as this is the age of educating women with Free Dose of SUN Tv serials..as proclaimed by teh DMK).

Just as some one on the web put it,I am echoing these lines as he says it ...and also the fact that I may go for the 49 option or choose the Lok Paritran.

My political heroes like some of my cinema leaders understand this clearly. They quickly grab my attention, make me happy for the moment and keep themselves busy with their business. I will wait for the next release, sorry election. I got used to this.

As always Cinema is politics, Politics is Cinema. I don’t know to separate them. We create leaders in cinema and heroes in politics.
Wait a minute, i have another choice - '49 o'.

For the un initiated ....the "Forty Nine O " is as follows

"In a particular constituency, if a voter dislikes all of the candidates competing there, then he can show his dislike to all of them by registering for 49’O. This option is available since 1960.

Steps for doing this:
1. While registering the name at the time of voting, convey to the booth officials that “I want to go for 49’O”.

2. Register your signature in the 49’O form available there.

Now, if the number of 49’O count is larger than that of the winning candidates total vote count, then a re-election is called there."


When Summer was expected with open arms

Today I happened to have my lunch at Spencers Plaza,being bored of Lunching in Saravana Bhavaqn,Sangeetha,Vasantha Bhavan...and the other ubiquitous lot of hotels around my office.There I saw kids and college students happily roaming about ...not looking at their watches and having lunch as the working population does.Lunch More so is a nice outlet for pent up feelings and talking about life in general and hardly does it involve about how god the food is or how many different items,we would be trying out.

Work has become so much enmeshed in our lives that it is semingly becoming difficult to switch off,even if we head somewhere else.As I was observing this younger sect of the population shopping at Spencers,I was reminded of my College days, when roaming with friends around various Chennai Shops and markets in the summer holidays was quite the norm. One had time to go about shamelessly window shopping for hours and sitting on the steps of Spencers for hours talking all things under the sun. Spencers these days is seen by me as a place where only landmark and Pizza hut exist.Either I go in for a quick glance at the books or I go in to munch some new offer at the food courtwithin a constrained time limit.Gone are the days of idling around Spencers.These days an inordinate hurry is what is pulling me in and out fo wherever I go.

The Good old school days ....had so much on the agenda,but so much enjoyable too.... I used to get up early ...by around 6 or 7...read Newspapers,books and sit down on my corridor with my friends for some indoor games and then a short nap in the afternoon with tons of Pepsi and Cokes(Gosh ! I had Pepsi for headaches in the season of Dil Maaange More times,that was seemingly my best excuse to sneak in a Pepsi). Then after the siesta,my set of friends would start knocking each other's door...and would start the intense " Mohalla Matches " with each one aping a cricketers batting or bowling actions.I still remember me modeling my action on Allan Donald and just to look as menacing as him with the war paint look, the poorest substitude I could get to a Zinc Cream would be a fair and Lovely Cream...all over the two sides of my nose...and damn applying the sweat...over the nose all over one side of a rubber ball,expecting it to "reverse swing" :-).

Seems really funny,when I look back to those times.... and April-May generally meant matches in Sharjah ...and Indo Pak Cricket on the dreaded Friday which India would Invariably lose.Those Days Sharjah Cricket had its own charm in the days when matches used to start at 11 am Indian time...and watching INDO PAK matches was special..because of the kind of aggressive sentiments that were assosiated with such matches.I guess the best tournament was the 1996 and the 1995 series in Sharjah ..which had some lovely matches.Though I still remember Sharjah for the Inaugaral season 97-98 which had floodlights and coloured clothes...the earlier matches with white flannels evokes special Respect.

To come to think of it, I used to even follow the English county season to full detail....and here I am today...I happen to know of an India Pak encounter in the UAE..only a couple of days in advance. Surely times have changes...and I see that the relaxed atmosphere of the yesteryears has given to way to tougher, hurried competitive times...

Now Am I complaining? A bit of yes and No... Yes ..as I see that I would love to be in the idolatary world of an R.K.Narayan and guess what, thats how I spend my weekends at home.I sleep a lot, move about slwoly at my pace ...pamper myself over a few old books and stay in a lost world...where I forge what I do over the week...

A bit of no ..as I too want success,fame,money.and hapiness and am willing to work hard to get where I want in this competitive world,but why the mind really keeps on thinking about this topic is probably because of teh paradigm shift in the way my mind functions contrastingly over the week and on the weekend.There is this need for respite from the maddening hurry of teh first five days,which makes you papmer yourself over the weekend into a cocoon,a lost imaginary world...where idolatory rules.

Has anyone experienced similar feelings? pls do letme know ..by commenting below


Elections Round the corner

Given the fact that the elections are round the corner and u see so much of party gimmicks each giving "tv free , rice free,......" .I wanted to apprise people of a new party thats being floated called the Lok paritran(which, I hope most of u must have heard of ).

The party is expremely positive about its prospects in Mylapore, T Nagar and Mudugulathur(Ramnad District). And this was well beyond their wildest expectations when they decided to contest in this elections sometime back.

This is not a group which would pack its bags and return back to the United States after this election. They are well aware of the hardships involved in starting a political party and contesting elections. If they just wante to flirt with politics, they would've rather contested as independent candidates

They are eyeing the Gujarat elections in 2007 and the Delhi assembly polls in 2008. This TN election is to gain visibility and acceptance among the electorate by virtue of their policies.

They are very clear and prepared on what to expect and the obstacles they may have to face from other well established political parties.

They realize that they may not have solutions to all the problems faced by the people but are determined to find out the solutions and are keen to implement them sincerely.

Lok Paritran is in urgent need of Volunteers for helping them out.I do plan to make some time out and help them in the run up to the elections this week by acting as a volunteer.They need a lot of people to help them with the volunteering and I was wondering whether you could pass this message to your friends and whomsoever is interested can contact (Karthik at 98405 25103 or yoganand at 98407 07464 ).

Though the help extended would be small,and You would have to brave the summer heat of 40 plus, You would actually be making a bold step ...tostop tolerating arseholes like AIADMK and DMK who are nothing short short of power hungry rowdy hooligans who are out to fill their coffers...and make fools out of us.

Watching movies like Rang de Basanti,yuva would bear fruition only when we start putting the right foot forward to help such movements (as in the case of helping Lok Paritran).

So decide...folks.... a few steps in the brave sun , can make you avoid that all to familar feeling of choosing betwen the devil(AIADMK) or the deep sea (DMK)....anymore.

Looking forward to your coopertaion in starting to cleanse India of the sick Politicians.....

PS: MORE INFO AVAILABLE AT http://lokparitran.org/
Paid a Bribe Recently ?

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End of an era-

Well if Rang de Basanti, did succeed at eliminating one of India's evils, it was the grounding of the MIG range of flights,that happened yesterday.It took the IAF so many years to do that,when lots of lives of pilots were lost,due to some perennial technical snag in what was believed to be India's Killer flight.The MIG range of planes was India's secreet stratigic weapon for quite a few decades,and yesterday evening,the IAF Chief,Mr Tyaagi decided that the MIG series were of no use to India anymore in terms of cost and strategy.Agreed the IAF fel some kind of emotional Bonding with the plane,but they should ward off the insouciant image that they(IAF) tend to potray, inspite of the deaths caused by some of the MIG range of planes.

The MIG-25 series had far lesser casualties over the years than the MIG-21 series and that probably explains the fitting reception it got before it was laid to rest at the IAF Museuem.

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