i am back again after a brief interlude as i was busy preparing for those nonsencial practical exams.my mind is now at ease with just the theory exams to follow.i had a nice time in the evening playing cricket after something like 6 years !!.nutjin much seems like SATYAM IWAY is all set to close shop for the day so i gotta rush back 2 milestones(3.2 kms to be precise).there will be a lot more on my site once i get another internet comnnection.

so its goooooooooooood night to myself


Kishore said...

so you did n't have internet connection at home in 2002... Funny that you had written this like a letter starting with a "Hi".. LOL..

Kartik Kannan said...

I think my monsoon pack(VSNL) had just got over. Satyma Iway was like leopold cafe at that time to me. Loved hangng out there on their self proclaimed broadband.

Ya, approach to blogging then was so differnt :-) Seriously looks strange

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