today the 17th was spent in the cool confines of my home . i decided not to go to college as the bloody atmosphere there is really boring and i thought i could do a litlle bit of studies in time 4 the so-called-midsems . The past few days have been pretty good especially after the hyderabad visit.

1 i've started to pay attention to my quizzical instincts and my vocabulary
2 i've begun to enjoy nights reading some papers rather than cover myself with the bedspread.
3 distinct and positive mood change w.r.t technical knowledge esp after the visit to IIT campus,Hyderabd where i learnt what a college was and here i am in chennai , living in my own lost world gearing myself to do my Masters in a reputed and cool institute .
4 become more mature in what goes out of the mouth , esp when i get angry
5 learnt to count 1 to 10 ( make that 110) whenever i encounter some real hooligans and cracked fellows from students to guys in the exam/attendance cell .
6 enjoyin music almost 3 hrs a day , with preservation of batteries !!!!!
7 typin my blog

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