Life is like walking on a tight rope as for now as I have just got the news that all the B school entrance tests are going to be unified. So that is some cause for worry.

19 days to go , or 19*24 hrs to go and decide my fate . I have now started to enjoy this as I realize that the difference between doing excellent and bad , is all in the mind. last nights 4 hour session on geometry by Raghunath sir , just elucidated that.

regular practice and exam oriented shortcuts are just the need of the hour .

The next 10 15 days are the ideal test of my managerial skills , as I have the task of walking on a tight rope seeing the goal of reaching a destination called the CAT which is some distance away ,shrouded by clouds and in between that are the other B schools , but since a thick cloud cover or haze of doubtis there I cant see it .

My bag on my back are my university end semester exams and the final sem project , and the resources available are 24 hrs in a day , with the only villain being sleep , which seems to be the only factor that can stop me in my tracks ..

well for all that fundu imagination .............. pls just a visulisation .......... I havent gone mad ...............

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