G R A F F I T I C O R N E R ..... ANYBODY!!!!!!!!!

the growing fad these days , in college and among my friends is that my sling or the plaster
of paris wounded round my hand has seemingly become the graffiti corner for many to scribble down their signatures or put up "get well soon" and "keep it up" messages . well now that the plaster is full of blue ink , i guess i must pen down my "autograph" on it , before the sling fades into oblivion ( or more precisely chennai's kooum ( thats where one's dustbin in chennai is disposed -a-la stored ) )

initially it was irritating , but now i've got used to it !!!!!!!

yesterday was the inaugural mock XAT at TIME which went of pretty much fine . i need to fine tune myself to the XAT FREQUENCY mode of preparation, which is a little different from the rest of the exams . for me it's more like india playing on home soil ...... so gotta prepare my spinning trio of quants ,verbal and gk to extract maximum on jan the4th . but for now i've to prepare and revise the basics for IRMA and symbiosis , the double header on sunday...

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