generally I am not an ardent devotee of any particular god , but circumstances have come in life where I , within my mind have started praying for so many things to happen for me , as these are places where effort matters only upto 20 % and luck takes precedence over the rest 80% .

these small things can literally make or mar my life , so here i am clinging on to faith to make things go smoothly , at least to a 75 % level of what i want .....................

These are literally small trivial things , but it's just that i dont want to publicise it , just for the fear that the process might be thwarted by the evil forces of the internet..

so any wellwishers visiting my blog , please pray that I succeed in my small mission .
if u wanna know what it's all about , well u can get to know about it in a period of 2 weeks ,--- these 2 weeks literally i am gonna live life in the fast lane ...........

I know the post seems to vague , but it's my state ofmind at this point and u will find relevance once i post the reason a couple of weeks later.

till then tata..................

adios amigo

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