I had been to college last saturday to give some gnyaan to the present final years students about what the IT industry as recruiters expects from them,and what the students would need to do (like preparing for company tests etc etc ..technically and mentally ) to get into a good company.

The awareness levels were abysmally low and there has not been much of a change from the time we were there...except for the fact that the some new rooms have been built and the college is functioning more professionally than ever before doing away with the slave like customs u find in most chennai based engineering colleges(sathyabama,rmk,st josephs ...etc etc ) .

I will put up some of the photographs soon enough ..

It was great weekend ...with some of my friends as we enjoyed playing late in the night at besant nagar beach,got drenched fully in the highly salty water of the ocean ..and gorged heavily on some lacklustre food in planet yumm that got my tummy into some problem.I have now got fever and jaundice ..so am sitting at home. I guess I would report back to work only a couple of week's later..

will blog more often as thats my only break from sleeping the whole day waiting to get better.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon..

:( :( To hear that college didnt improve still.. how abt the staff atleast? Still uniforms huh??

Vivek Vaidyanathan said...

Get well soon

Aravind said...

Get well soon and try to eat healthy stuff....food poisoning is pretty normal in chennai

Deepa said...

Its the same everywhere...nobody really knows what is out there..till you actually get there..:)

Tom Naka said...

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Rasikan said...

Hey Kaachu!
Nice Blog!!! Havent been in touch with u in a long time dude! Heard u r now working at InfoSYS in India...Congrats! Well...I think its time for u to chop some girls now and get settled?

Rasikan said...

Buddy...I was never a fan of this blog system! Anyway...i have some picture collection...check it out at http://www.rasikan.net/gallery

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