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Jammy has been nominated for the best humour Blog on Indibloggies .Jammy has one of the most rib tickling comedy genre of Blogs and its pure fun checking what he is upto. Personally I feel ,its very tough to maintain a genre throughout, but Jammy is one of those folks who revels at it,without any redundant prose or decline in quality.

I am back from a non informed Blog sabbatical. I was away as my mind was going through hell in deciding a few life options, which taken now, would more or less determine a major career path. My mind is more clearer and am feeling at peace now. Not that life is easy, just that I feel more enthusiastic about certain actions of mine.

I have decided to dabble a lot more in my interests, primarily Cricket and travel.I dont have a clear picture of where I want to go, but lets see how inventive I get.

and ya.....

You wont have to come here and go empty handed. Am back to blogging...

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Durga said...

Hey K,
Welcome back.
So what's all this about "life options"?? U going overseas to do the MBA or what?

If u get time check out these podcastes by Suresh http://www.podbazaar.com/object/user/read/90071992547410183?k=7070ADC8AE987A8ACADCEE70A8801815
I've only heard the Random Ramblings ones in full. Plus a few on 'caste based reservations' is interestion under the 'Engum Arasiyal' section.
I've debated a few of Suresh's views on things. He can be intense but it's worth listening for it's entertainment value, at least.


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