The Velachery MRTS Finally Opens!

This is where I got the train. The train starts at Chennai Beach station. This would be the fourth station in the Beach-Velachery route.

The Park Town station has very few paengers for the 6 46 am train.The passenger surge generaly takes place around 8 am. But the MRTS has by and large remained not that effectively used, due to poor transport services from the MRTS stations.

If you are confused where to stand, spot this board, as you will have to go to Thirumailai side to reach Velachery. This is the best form of commuting for people living in Velachery/Madipakkam/Adayar who would want to commute from the Chennai Central Railway station. From Chennai Central, one has to cross the road and walk over to the bridge and walk 50% of the bridge before a cutting that takes a person down to Park Town MRTS link. Instead if one were to walk eastward of Central station for about a 100 metres and go to the side opposite the Chennai central syburban station, one would find the Park Railway station which is the link for the Beach Tambaram Sector.

It could have well been renamed the Vodafone express, :-) it seems that commercialisatio has given way to colourful trains. I still love the green and red colour with a striped top, which is so reminscent of the way the local trains in Chennai have operated over the years.

As the train chugs into the Triplicane station,one observes an excellent view of the Marina beach from the top. Chennai's Marina beach never looked more attractive to me than the moment from the Triplicane Station. It takes roughly about 45 minutes from Beach to Velachery and about 10 minutes from Tidel Park, to reach Velachery.

Right now, there are a few autos waiting at the stand, but a 10 minute walk is what seems imminent to reach the Vijaya Nagar Bus stand. All in all a great and comfortable experience if you are travelling to Chennai via train and have to reach either Adayar/Besant Nagar/Taramani/Velachery/Madipakkam...which pretty much houses the bulk of the software employees.

Enjoy some more snaps of inside the train, and a few shots from the train in the rains.


Deepa said...

Got here from BB thanks to BA's post on it. Will the colour/paint stay this way for always? Is the ticket price same as old trains? Nice work- the write-up and pics frm Chennai.

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks for the compliments Deepa. Ticket price was 7 rs from Park to Velachery, so I assume its the same, as there seems to be no marked increase in price.

didnt understand BA and BB??

Deepa said...

bb-blogbharati where ur blog was linked by bombay addict is how I landed here in the first place. Thanks for the answers!

Srikrishnan said...

hi... really nice blog u have.. was nostalgic to look at images of the trains.. chennai truly is a heaven!!!

Ganesh said...

Thanks for your valuable information which will me useful for many. By the I would like to know from adambakkam balaji nagar 12 th street(Prime care clinic) how long this velachery mrts ? is there a good road?

Thank you.


Kartik Kannan said...

Its closer to Vijayanagar and Madipakkam, but guess 3-4 kiometres from Adambakam.

Sheks said...

Park Town is the third station in MRTS line and not the fourth.

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