Panting for Breath!

I notice whenever I run a little fast for more than 20 seconds, I pant and I struggle to breathe. I feel I just need to rest for a long while to get my breath back. I feel the same happening with corporate life. Right now, even though the running generates a sense of excitement, its the moments when I pant,  that a lot of questions hit me. Do I mutely ignore and start running or do I spend more time waiting for breath to catch up? 

I feel I know where the answers will come from, but I just dont want to face the answers, as the questions itself seem to have made me uncomfortable. 

Conventional life is boring, and when you try and break away from the routine, there's always something at the back of your mind asking you to return back to your convention. 

I guess I will go through such moments as I am slowly getting exposed to the realities of life. The time for pausing life  just got over, time to hit the play button and RUN home.... Byculla-Thane Fast Local chalo chalo!


P Murlidhar said...

Happy Birthday dude...
May God grants all your wishes on this special day...

Get out of that offiec asap and Enjoy rest of the day :)

workhard said...

Hi, i think its some kind of insecurity that all us have that wants us to stay in our comfort zone. Thats why its considered more of a risk to leave the conventional lifestyle and break all traditions and rules

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