Daman Again!

Last Tuesday was a holiday in Mumbai for some reason. Monday evening, I went from Mahalakshmi and met Vinay at Bombay Central and we decided to take the first train going north. We thought about Gholvad, but guess we missed out on the small station, and ended up in Vapi. We sat in the unreserved compartment and had some great conversations. I also got some time to catch up reading on Vagabonding.

This was near Nani Daman, and the ground reminded me of the AMI oval in Christrchurch, hexagonal in shape. Would have loved playing cricket at this old fort in Daman.

Daman has a portugese feel all over, pretty similar to Goa and Pondicherry.

That's the room where we stayed. Quite a plush room at 1000 Rs a Night. We thought it was good value for money.

I am attaching a Trip Cost sheet for people planning a trip to Daman

a) Ticket- 2nd class- unreserved- Bombay Central- Vapi- 50 Rs (192 kms)
b) Vapi- Daman Market (120 rs divided by number of people in the ambassador taxi)
c) Dinner (235 Rs for 2). Beyond 11 pm, the only place open is Ambica Bar where you get Veg and Non Veg food.
d) Travel from Bridge to Jampore Beach- 50 rs by Auto
e) Food at Chinatown Hotel- 250 Rs for 2. Thats the only hotel there
f) 15 sku's of sugarcane juice and coconut water- 200 Rs
g) Return Train to Mumbai- (Valsad - Mumbai passenger) 25 Rs
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