Heading to Bengaluru

Today is the D-Day for the final Audition for the Royal Challenger Blogger Contest. I have a 8 50 am flight from Chennai. My team comprises of Kunal and Dharma from Chennai, who play the part of a fan and a photographer. It's been a good 3 weeks since I signed up for the contest, and frankly I seem to be more interested in following a team in the IPL, than randomly watch a match. I was a confused Indian, not being able to decide between whom to Support (between MI and CSK). RCB is the team, who I have the hots for at the moment.

Will update with pictures, soon on my blog.


Kunal Janu said...

I think it's time you write another post! I came to your blog and read: Heading to bengaluru. Assuming you are actually flying to the city for watching tonights match.

I also think it's time you remove the 'badge'


cadbury said...


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