It Happens Only in Chennai!

Its Dal Tadka, and not Dal Dadka
Spotted this at Centerpoint, a restaurant near my office. Some of these hotels on OMR need to pay attention to their spellings, else they are going to drive customers away :-)

Centrepoint is a decent business hotel, with comestible food, that sometimes also borders on being tasty. After cooking the food right, the last thing they would want is a spelling to put them in bad light.

The worst I have seen till date is Dhantoori cuisine(Tandoori) in a hotel near Rajapalayam Railway station( small town in south Tamil Nadu).
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RSN said...

rajapalayam aa yengada sollu... veetukari aa ootalam!!

Kartik Kannan said...

One of the restauarants in the road leading to the railway station. Nanum Kattanum poi saptom anga

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