Sales of Media at Cinema Theatres

Sale of ringtones/Audio CD's/Cassettes and memorabillia are generally assosiated with the retail format in a showroom specifically meant for selling a range of Musical collections like a Musicworld or through a book store like a Landmark or a Crossword. I have always wondered why these shops dont set up licenced outlets in cinema halls for selling music/ringtones as an additional channel on a revenue share basis with Theatres.

I am more likely to buy the Audio CD of Raavan after I come out of the theatre, if I found the movie or the songs a great experience, while I walk out from the hall to the parking lot. This pathway is monetised currently by painting the walls of some brand, but a more related monetisation is through the sale of media related to the movie being screened.

If I attend a Raavan movie, its high probability that I am a fan of Mani Ratnam's previous works or A.R.Rahman's previous audio masterpiences, which would command an impulse buy. This is a wonderful window of oppurtunity for theatres to also increase their revenue base, especially if the theatres have a national prescence. This platform could sell movies/audio CD's, pen drives of ringtones and MP3 Music(if piracy hurts, then put it in a DRM format).

I dont know if there is any entry barrier for Theatres to start this line of business, but I'd defintely be more curious to know more on this topic.


Anonymous said...

Neat idea, but now a days, everything is available on the Internet, I did not buy my Raavan audio CD, instead, I got music on youtube and one can listen to full songs. These iPhone are handy when it comes to youtube, you can listen to any new songs, you just need headphone. But your idea is very neat, good thinking!

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks Anon! Yes one can check stuff on Youtube, but I am talking about the impulse buy one wants to do, soon after the movie or before/during the interval. Key moments when it comes to preserving that feeling emanating from the movie, which can be used to make the movie goers consume real time content, when they need it. May be once 3G is common in India, this business may die due to digitally available properties.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reply, your thoughts are quite intellectual, it will take some time to sink in, by the way, I have read your post, most of them and I feel you are quite good as a writer, you should write in magazines, is there a magazine called 'Mumbai Beats', I heard it somewhere but can't ring a bell now. Your idea about 'Kartik calling Kartik' was amazing about Random trip. Amazing stuff, keep writing..
Also, Raavan's music was great, I also listen to Tamil version, if you click on this site, you will get free audio of Raavan (tamil) and it's very much legal site. Please check it out in spare time:


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