The Good Life

I was just asking myself, what I wanted to do with my life and sometimes when I am honest with myself none of the answers match with the job description of my job. I admire the myriad consumer insights that my mind dissects whenever I am on the road, or watching a commercial, but what has really interested me is the spirit of long time world travel. Sometimes I ask myself, when is a good time to quit the job and do that, I realise that as long as I keep working, Murphy's law will keep giving you expenses and make you greedy with your money.

Secondly, What would be the impact on my career of a break for 6 months/year for activities that the world dubs 'frivolous and crazy'? Would it be tough for me to get another well paying job?

Thirdly, Do I need shitloads of Money for world travel?

Looking at these questions, I sense that somewhere down the line, education instead of enabling my mind, has actually blocked my thinking when it comes to a vocation. I guess when faced with a crisis, people innovate and try to find disruptive businesses that generates income. Why cant I think of what goes on in the mind of someone who has a food business, some one who is a bartender, some one who is a tour guide? I guess education has blanked me in making me a product manager who apart from high end systems, cant really think about what other facets in life can offer. I was thinking of the above 3 professions as avenues for meeting various people and also earning, and all of these 3 could be done while I am travelling. Living like a local in a different part of the world each year.

Do I really care that I dont have a house or a car of my own? Do I really care what my neighbour or relatives think of me? I probably dont and thats why I see an oppurtunity in chasing the life that one wants. I am beginning to get the feeling that the Life one wants is never far away. We just get entangled in the cobwebs of the mind, which has been trained to ignore thoughts from the heart.

In today's time, there are the outliers who have done this and are succesful in their lives, and given that the web is a lovely resource for connecting with people and shedding inhibitions, it shouldnt be a problem in finding such people. Its never too late to start living the life one wants. Myabe I should put faith in intuition and the heart a little more than the brain.

Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi, Yuhi Chala Chal..Kitni haseen hai ye duniya..Phool saare jamele, dekh phoolon ke mele...Badi rangeen hai duniya

Thhandi hawa hai thhandi chhaaon hai...Door woh jaane kiska gaaon hai....Baadal ye kaisa chhaaya....Dil ye kahaan le aaya.................................


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, well one can go for 'sabbatical' time off from work for some period of time. Many people in the world are doing this, first of all who created this 9 to 5 pm of working everyday, why people have to follow this pattern, what is learnt as rule or regulations of past.
People in general take a year off and travel or shift their career from what irritates them on daily basis, routine makes you feel tired, and I guess time to time we all need a break, as long as we have different avenue to opt.
Good luck with your travelling, you do not have to start travel world, one place at a time would do magic.

prabhu said...

That's a fantastic post, Karthik. Exactly the thoughts in my mind right now.

PilotPats -- Making a Pilot out of Pats said...

Thats a nice practical thought! I somewhere down in my mind think the same way! Would like to take a trip with you sometime.. Although we have never met in person before, it feels like i know you by just following your thoughts!

Kartik Kannan said...

Thanks Anon, Prabhu and Pilot!

Guess we should meet someday. Atleast Prabhu, I did meet up when I had been to California and enjoyed a lovely conversation!

Pilot. I think you are on my gtalk list. Shall chat up with you and see if we can make a trip.

Thanks for your comments and feedback on my article!

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