Come September

Every year around September-October for the past 4 years, something interesting happens in my life. Basically, life throws a few inflexion points which can make or mar the one year ahead.

Sept-Oct 2007- Got selected in Dream Job on ESPN, Got a fat pay-internship at B school and a pre placement offer.

Oct 2008- Quit Cleartrip to join Hungama. This time it was a bad decision. Should have persisted with Cleartrip. Quit, as there was no work, and in this enthusiasm to get started I joined Hungama in a leap of faith. It was a year of working with morons, but meeting some interesting folks, who are great friends!

Sep 2009- Made it to The RCB FFC Challenge in Bangalore, but couldnt win. Nevertherless, confidence levels were high then

Sep-Oct 2010- Lets hope its something worthwhile and gives me the power to be happy after the change.

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Anonymous said...

Come September was a brilliant sweet movie, which I have never watched but my mom used to tell me story about it. If you happen to know that your title comes from movie, then you might wanted to watch it :)

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