Feeling One With the Road

I was pleasantly happy, at my first Road Trip with my new car. I plan to do more of these trips around Chennai. There are so many beautiful sights to see in the roadside villages, the mountains, the lakes and the lovely greenery all around. I've earlier done a road trip to Mahabalipuram twice, but this trip to Tirupati was nice. Mahabalipuram, feels like an extension of Chennai, so it doesnt really add to a Road-Trip experience. I have a few holidays coming around April. May plan for another road trip. It also helps, that my wife can drive on the highway, so I dont feel too tired also.


Gopal V said...

Congrats.. So what car did you buy ?

Kartik Kannan said...

Well Gopal. Not exactly New. I bought it last September. Its an Indigo Manza

Gopal V said...

Interesting.. I have a indica vista myself !

Plan for Yelagiri, Horsley hills, Talakonna etc (in and around madras) you can do over a weekend..


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