So Little Time, So Much To Do

I've always got the feeling that, I have a lot to do, but dont find the time. How true is it? To an extent it is, but its also true, that by scheduling it, one can achieve it. But its a Monday morning, and with the excuse theme, I'd like to say that a lot of activities are mood based, and only when done in the mood, can you actually enjoy and do it, as opposed to doing it like a task. It could be reading Lonely Planet's travellogues, or researching a place on the Internet, or reliving some old cricket scorecards, but it requires the right mood to really enjoy the activity. When I have time, I am looking to complete some task that has a defined completion time, as that wishlist backlog is huge. I then need to start prioritising my hobbies, which is bad, as hobbies are not meant to be slotted and calculated in time spent. Its about meandering aimlessly and enjoying the journey as opposed to running to reach a destination. Yet another week, starts. Lets hope I am able to balance sanity and insanity.


Anonymous said...

"reliving some old cricket scorecards"

-haha, monday morn i was looking up Ind-Pak(Nagpur 83), Ind-Pak(Jalandhar 83), Ind-WI(Madras '83) trying to gauge the match-turning partnerships from the Fall of wickets.

Hope you are doing great! :)


Kartik Kannan said...

Nice! I am doing well. How are you Prabhu? Do you still go to have that lovely fruit salad spread on Saturday mornings at Sunnyvale?

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