God In Town, and I am not!

With God in Town, and not being able to go, is a yucky feeling. Not having any reporting work for the IPL(as in having stadium entrance passes) is also making it tough. Buying tickets for matches, does not seem to work out, as the tickets are either priced too high, or are never available. Cricket is slowly moving towards a phase, where they are alienating themselves away from the millions of fans who give away their time, to watch their GODS. The Parthasarathy temple, the Kapaleeshwarar temple and the likes around that area of Mylapore and Triplicane are going to lose a few of their devotees to Sony Max and Chidambaram stadium, especially when GOD is here.


Anonymous said...

very true.

@n)an@ said...

yeah, it feels really frustrating. i recently missed a match in ahmdbad, not bcoz of ticket unavailability but due to someone's stupid marriage, which my mummy wishd me to attnd. so i know how it feels..

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