i am back to blogging(call that cybernation) freed from the clutches of college hibernation (dats wat i specialize in after lunch zzzzzzzz......) .looks like i've got one more symposium to attend ain SSN on the 28th and thats it , i might have to call it a day this semester@symposiums!!! . i've performed pretty well this year qualifying in the finals of all the quizzes(except the LANDMARK quiz) i've attended .
i am just back after seeing MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE - it's a film worth watching surely as i literally got involved in the story . kareena as usual stole the thunder with her **** looks and rani was beautiful at the same time in certain angles i would rate her cute . i've got this habit of rating chicks as eiter cute or beaautiful --cute means she looks good for the few secs that i watch her and beautiful means she is always watchable and evervlasting in quality!!!!

more on beauty funda later , i've gotto go home ...........

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