I am just back after attending REZITECH 2K2 the annual symposium (IT dept) OF SRI SIVA SUBRAMANIYA NADAR COLLEGE OF ENGG . their college looks pretty good in the way it has been built . but on the whole it was a disappointing day as I failed to qualify for the quiz and the informals. The quiz seemed a big jackpot as it was made as an online quiz with 3 choices . this system makes way for any tom dick and harry to qualify by fluke and that is what happened with 2 teams coming whose actual knowledge was tested in the finals , with they coming a cropper with 0 points .

Overall the event was I guess by a long standard was a grand …. FLOP . time management is something these guys must practice seriously to add to their repertoire of conducting the event . it is just that whenever I don’t qualify for the finals of a quiz I meet somebody interesting (like - badrinarayan -9th march –MIT). today it was a guy called suraj of HCE , who seems a fine quizzer full of josh and passion. Got to know a lot of tech trivia from him today while sitting next to each other during the quiz . tomorrow is ELIXIR2K2 of the EEE dept . it has ADZAP and some other interesting events , but I guess it is not possible for me to go as I have been roaming around all around tamilnadu for the past month and it is high time I hang up my quizzing boots and call it a day with regard to this semester . hmmmmm so it is back to college in the dull and drab atmosphere there in readiness of sitting next to the damn bloody dot matrix printer to print my record ………

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