Princi's said no that evening , but there is some light at the end of the tunnel ....... our so called assisgnment tests havent been announced and so have the mid sems . so the possibility of attending the symposium at Amrita is still open . looks like i gotta lot of coaxing 2 do ..
heading a symposium is said to be a matter of prestige in all colleges , but in mine it's a pain , coz most of the guys feel it's a waste of money and time . well if they kept themselves at that it would have been not too bad , but there are some guys on the prowl who are looking to loot some money thru the symposium .. just wonder what these guys will do in life if they cant be honest at this level .

well tommorow , i have quite a job to do , which requires setting up some rules so that no cash is looted ...

till then it's ciao

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