the past few days have been real fun , with some guest lecture or the other in the sense that we were spared the drudgery of college . today some one was to give us a lecture on VLSI , but unfortunately we had lab and so it didnt happen, but no probs tommorow all the teachers are going off to attend a seminar on core competency , so no classes , but...... the rule says that the class representative must handle the class. our class rep is too good a guy to take classes (your's truly!!!). so donno whether i may attend college bcoz the last time they conducted this so-called XPeriment , i was last seen on the last bench lazing with a couple of magazines and my ears plugged to my SONY .

today it was refreshing to see some progress made in our symposium plans as our HOD and the network administrator gave the orange signal , but the green signal is to be given by our chairman regd the event .

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