There seems to be some sense of desparation , in the preparation this time. i daily keep a log of no of hors studied vs no of effective hours of studying . well all this bcoz i've always managed to miss the bus , as far as scoring is concerned in Madras university BE exams, partly due to my college's internal system and some "amazing" correction by Madras univ and ...... some laziness on my part.

today finished a chunk of RMT with the PERT,SIMPLEX, and sequencing stuff, got started on GRAPHICS programming in java. The only subject yet to untame is DSP, which is should be starting in all earnest in some time .

I am feeling like Saurav ganguly, a good player , out of form , being sorted out by the pace bowlers (MADRAS UNIVERSITY IN SEM 3,4,5) and handled some rough decisions by the umpires( APNA COLLEGE ) , always saying to myself " FORM IS TEMPORARY CLASS IS PERMANENT" and waiting for the right time to run into some form . well now the spinners are bowling (MADRAS UNIV 6TH SEM) and i guess it's time for KARTIK "ganguly" to aim for the stands .

till the next post , it's me saying a pensive BYE .

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