well the exams start on wednesday and i have a double header on thursday , so i am preparing like a maniac for both those exams.
i heard TV TODAY and AAJ TAK are covering BLOGGER's from Chennai tommorow evening at 5 30 at "amethyst" a joint near sathyam cineplex off peter's road ., but i guess with the exams coming up , going there is a bleak possibility..............

preparations are slowly taking shape , i 've taken 5 days ofor RMT and DM , but havent managed to allocate time for any of the other subjects , so i guess after the RMT exam , i have to really concentrate and push myself harder( easier said than done).

my telephone's out of order and my comp's moved to a new place , which dosent have a telephone line in that room. so any message to be passed on may be via e-mail to me.

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